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In the Midst of Melania Mania, the Party of Trump Capitulates to the Normalization of Racism

Pieces from Dara Lind and Brian Beutler Unveil the Ugly Truth of Today’s GOP Day one of the Republican Convention may have been overtaken by Melania Trump’s plagiarized speech, but most of Monday’s program featured raw expressions of anger, racism and xenophobia. The theme seemed to be “they” (read: black, brown and Muslim people) are a danger to … Continue reading »

ICYMI: Philip Bump: “Donald Trump’s Hard-Right Position on Immigration Has Outlived Its Political Usefulness”

Yesterday, the Republican Party engaged in the kind of racially-charged demagoguery for which the Trump campaign is notorious. In fact, a major theme seemed to be that brown, black, and Muslim people are a danger and a threat to the Republic. In a new piece for “The Fix,” Phillip Bump of the Washington Post explains that while the anti-immigrant … Continue reading »

Latino Republicans Shamefully Backpeddle on Donald Trump Criticism

Latino Republicans who have railed on Donald Trump and his racist comments for months are shamelessly back-peddling and endorsing him for President. One high-profile Latina Republican even scrubbed her Twitter feed of anti-Trump tweets after getting hired by the RNC as Director of Hispanic Communications. Recently, she even went on national television to declare that … Continue reading »

After a Year of Immigrant-Bashing–Including During Today’s Convention—Trump to Undertake “Hispanic Engagement Tour”

Given His Collapse In The Polls With Latino Voters, It Appears That Calling Mexicans Rapists And Immigrants Criminals Is Not Winning Him Many Converts Over the weekend, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus discussed Donald Trump’s plans to launch a Hispanic “engagement tour” following the GOP convention. That will be interesting. Donald Trump launched his campaign over a … Continue reading »

RNC Convention Organizers Finally Admit Donald Trump’s Extremism Has Cost Them Big Bucks

Republican National Convention organizers are finally admitting what we’ve suspected all along: Donald Trump’s candidacy has cost the event financially big-time. Back in January, RNC spokesman Sean Spicer — who in true Trumpian fashion has taken to trolling a Latino journalist on Twitter — reassured reporters that a potential Trump nomination wasn’t affecting donations. “We have … Continue reading »

America’s Voice Reacts to Selection of Mike Pence as Republican Vice-Presidential Nominee

Lynn Tramonte: “Gov. Pence is signing his name in indelible ink onto Donald Trump’s dark and divisive vision for America.” The following is a statement from Lynn Tramonte, Deputy Director of America’s Voice, reacting to the selection of Mike Pence as the Republican vice-presidential nominee: “While Gov. Mike Pence has his own extreme history on immigration … Continue reading »

Ohio Authorities Prepare As Extremist Groups Trek To GOP Convention

With the GOP convention just days away, Ohio authorities “have been collecting intelligence on extremist groups to identify any possible threats,” reports the New York Times. Among the extremist groups expected to rally around Donald Trump in Cleveland are white nationalist groups American Freedom Party, Blood and Honour and the Traditionalist Worker Party, which, along … Continue reading »

“Brexit” Leader Will Attend Next Week’s GOP Convention, But Won’t Say Who Invited Him

TIME reports that on the heels of a controversial UK referendum that has been widely tied to anti-immigrant and anti-refugee sentiment, British politician and “Brexit” leader Nigel Farage will attend next week’s GOP convention in Cleveland. Farage won’t say which Republican leader or leaders invited him to the convention, only conceding that “it was not … Continue reading »

NYT: Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign Has “Electrified The World Of White Nationalists”

A new profile from the New York Times takes a disturbing look at how Trump’s bigotry-fueled campaign has “opened the door to assertions of white identity and resentment in a way not seen so broadly in American culture in over half a century.” While refusing to disavow the support of David Duke or posting anti-Semetic memes would … Continue reading »

Trump Surrogates Drop White Supremacist Sponsor From Cleveland Rally

Media Matters reporting has forced Donald Trump surrogates to drop a white supremacist sponsor from an upcoming pro-Trump rally set to happen during the GOP convention in Cleveland next week: Media Matters reported this week that a “unity rally” featuring several Trump surrogates scheduled to be held in Cleveland on July 18 was being co-sponsored … Continue reading »