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Leading Anti-Immigrant Groups — Including Border Agents And Breitbart — Arrange Trump Campaign Event At Border

Leading Republican Presidential candidate  Donald Trump — who is also currently the nation’s leading anti-immigrant voice — will visit the U.S./Mexico border and meet with Border Patrol agents tomorrow, several have news outlets confirmed. “I’ve been invited by border patrols and they want to honor me, actually, and thousands and thousands of ’em because I’m … Continue reading »

Must-Read Rolling Stone Piece: “The Summer Of Killer Immigrants, Brought To You By Bill O’Reilly”

Despite the fact that research has shown that immigrants are actually less likely to commit crimes than native-born Americans, some on the right have exploited the tragic death of Kate Steinle in order to rile up the nativist wing of the GOP. Leading the pack has been Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump, but, as Rolling … Continue reading »

NYT’s Charles Blow: “Donald Trump Is Exactly What The Republican Party Deserves”

As his fellow Republican Presidential candidates struggle on how to respond, Donald Trump’s racist comments about Mexicans continue to reinforce the party’s xenophobic brand among Latinos and immigrants. And while voters nationally disapprove of both Trump and his remarks, GOP primary voters absolutely love him and the rhetoric — and this could spell huge trouble … Continue reading »

So Much For That GOP Latino Outreach: Trump Shares Stage With Embattled Sheriff Joe

Donald Trump’s trio of campaign stops over the weekend included a Phoenix rally with none other than embattled Sheriff Joe Arpaio and former State Senator Russell Pearce, author of Arizona’s notorious “Papers Please” law. So much for that “tone it down” phone call from last week, Reince. Arpaio praised Trump onstage for “getting a lot … Continue reading »

Arizona GOP Senator Flake Calls On AZ GOP To Withdraw Sponsorship Of Trump-Arpaio Event

With praise from Jan Brewer tucked in his Made-In-Mexico pocket, Donald Trump is trekking to Arizona for a rally with Sheriff Joe Arpaio tomorrow — and at least one prominent Arizona Republican is already dreading what is sure to become an immigrant-bashing-palooza. GOP Senator Jeff Flake, who as a member of the Gang of Eight … Continue reading »

ICYMI: La Opinión Editorial Board: “Trump is Not Welcome in Los Angeles.”

As the controversy over Donald Trump’s racist, anti-immigrant comments continues, the editorial board from leading Spanish language outlet La Opinión is weighing in ahead of Trump’s trip today to the conservative Friends of Abe organization in Los Angeles. The full editorial entitled, “Friends of Trump,” is available online here and also follows below: “Donald Trump’s visit to L.A. today … Continue reading »

“The Trump Effect”: Driving & Defining the GOP Debate, While Rest of GOP Field Cowers

It is now clear that the fallout over Donald Trump’s racist anti-immigrant remarks will not go away quietly.  Trump’s comments, and his ongoing defense of them, continue to drive the political news cycle and reinforce the Republican Party’s brand image on immigration issues in the process, while his fellow candidates struggle in response.  This is … Continue reading »

3 Key Points on GOP & Immigration Following Trump Gaffe, International Reaction

With the fallout over Donald Trump’s racist comments moving into a broader discussion about the role of immigration in the 2016 Republican primary, here are three key points to remember: GOP Field FINALLY Weighs in on Trump, With Some Supporting and Others Opposing.  But Two-Week Delay Reinforces Party’s Anti-Immigrant Brand Image: After staying silent for two … Continue reading »

Trump Tweets — Then Deletes — Disparaging Remark About Jeb Bush’s Immigrant Wife

You’d think angering millions of Latinos and getting dumped by a long list of companies would scare some sense into Donald Trump, but it looks like he’s just tripling-down on his ignorant remarks instead — and getting increasingly personal. This past weekend, the leading Republican candidate for President tweeted — and then deleted — a disparaging … Continue reading »

Trump & Anti-Immigrant Shock Troops Filling GOP Leadership Vacuum on Immigration

The controversy over Donald Trump’s racist, anti-immigrant comments has moved to center stage of the 2016 Republican presidential race.  As the New York Times described today, “Republicans have struggled with the question of immigration overhaul for years, trying to balance a hard-line stance with the need to appeal to Hispanics.  Now they have to say whether they … Continue reading »