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ICYMI: Jamelle Bouie: “What We Have Unleashed: This Year’s Hate Crimes Connected to Trump”

In a new, must read piece, Jamelle Bouie of Slate documents the steady, Trump-inspired rise in hate crimes and violence nationally. His piece on this year’s hate crimes concludes: We are living in an age of political racism and mainstreamed hate, where white supremacists act and organize in the open, so we are now also … Continue reading »

Trump’s Racist Rhetoric and the Spread of Hate

Taking Stock of Hate Fueled Events in Oregon, Texas, and Across the Land During the 2016 campaign, Donald Trump inspired acts of bigotry, intolerance, violence, and harassment with such disturbing frequency that we started tracking them on a Trump Hate Map.  While nativism, racism, and accompanying harassment and bloodshed have a long and sordid history … Continue reading »

Texas Republican: “I Called ICE” on Protesters, Threatened to “Put a Bullet” in Colleague’s Head, as Advocates Rally Against Texas’ SB 4

Texas Republican House Rep. Matt Rinaldi called hundreds of peaceful protesters at the Austin state capitol today a “disgrace” and said he’d called immigration authorities on them, according to multiple sources. “Fuck them,” he said. “I called ICE.” He also reportedly threatened to “put a bullet in one of his colleague’s heads”. When Democratic Rep. … Continue reading »

Reported New DHS Assistant Secretary David Clarke is Full of Wingnut Comments About Immigrants, Blacks, and Muslims

Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, has announced that he’ll be joining the Trump Administration as the newest DHS Assistant Secretary. He would be reporting to Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly and working as a liaison with state and local law enforcement and governments. The position does not require Senate confirmation. Clarke is bad … Continue reading »

SPLC: Center for Immigration Studies Is Definitely a Hate Group, Not Mainstream

Every year, the Southern Poverty Law Center releases its annual “Year in Hate and Extremism” report, which this year found 917 hate groups operating in the United States. For the first time, included on that list was the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), the “think tank” arm of the anti-immigrant movement that puts out misleading research … Continue reading »

Evidence of Trump’s Repeated Efforts to Prioritize White Nationalism

As we’ve written about before, Donald Trump and his administration are pursuing a blatantly white nationalist agenda, one that places great weight on white identity politics and is trying to thwart the current trajectory of American demographics. We see this in Trump’s two Muslim bans, designed to keep a whole category of individuals out; his indiscriminate … Continue reading »

Trump, the Center for Immigration Studies, and the Tanton Network: The Implementation of a Decades-Old Agenda

Trump has only been in office for a couple of months, but already his mass-deportation agenda is already well-defined. As we’ve written about before, Trump — led by Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller — is out to make America white again, by 1) indiscriminately deporting immigrants, and 2) changing immigration laws and policies to prevent … Continue reading »

White Nationalist Bookclub? Steve King Recommends Reading Steve Bannon’s Favorite Racist Novel

Yesterday, Steve King continued to demonstrate his overtly white nationalist worldview and offered reminders why Republicans’ refusal to disavow King is a stain on the party of Lincoln. Steve King advocates for shockingly racist novel On a conservative radio show yesterday, Rep. King laid out a zero-sum game view of race and America, noting that … Continue reading »

A Primer on Steve King’s Latest Comment of the Week: “We Can’t Restore Our Civilization With Somebody Else’s Babies”

Rep. Steve King (R-IA) is at it again and in the news for incredibly racist remarks, this time saying that non-white Americans are all basically “someone else’s babies”. We in the immigration reform movement are well acquainted with Steve King and his antics, so here are some quick links on what you might need to know … Continue reading »

ICYMI: Univision on How Stephen Miller “Went from Pestering Hispanic Students to Designing Trump’s Immigration Policy”

Stephen Miller, the former Jeff Sessions staffer and current Trump policy advisor who was the lead author of the immigration and Muslim/refugee ban executive orders, made the rounds on Sunday talk shows yesterday. His appearances were widely-panned, The Washington Post assigned “bushels of Pinocchios” for Miller’s falsehoods, and it was painfully clear that Miller is neither ready for prime time … Continue reading »