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Eric Cantor

Irish Immigration Advocates Push GOP To Support Reform

This weekend, our allies at the Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform held a meeting in Virginia to plot their strategy to push reform. Via John Stanton at Buzzfeed: Immigration activists may have found an unusual ally in the daunting bid to convince Republicans that comprehensive immigration reform must happen: the nation’s 40 million Irish-Americans. “We … Continue reading »

Not Enough: Cantor Speech Changes Immigration Tone, Not Policy, While Boehner Won't Answer On Citizenship

As the House Judiciary Committee holds its first hearing on immigration reform, the two top Republicans in the House are talking about the issue. In a widely publicized event, House Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor is giving a policy speech today at the American Enterprise Institute, following an interview today with CBS’ “This Morning” where the Congressman previewed his … Continue reading »