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Trump & GOP Field Insist on Building Berlin-Style Wall Despite Net Zero Unauthorized Migration

  Eduardo Porter of the New York Times Explains Idiocy of This Approach As Donald Trump continues to steal the immigration spotlight on the campaign trail, Eduardo Porter, Economic Scene reporter for the New York Times, marshals the real facts on immigration.  While Republicans insist on “border security first,” before any immigration reform plans can be enacted, … Continue reading »

USA Today Editorial: “Getting To 100% Border Security Sounds Good Only On The Campaign Trail”

GOP Contenders Talk Walls and Fences While Majority of Americans Want Common-Sense Comprehensive Reform Leading GOP candidates – and political journalists covering them – would be wise to read the just-published USA Today editorial entitled, “Lost immigration lesson: Getting to 100% border security sounds good only on the campaign trail.”  It takes down the myths behind the … Continue reading »

Key Immigration Facts & Questions Ahead Of GOP Presidential Debate

For additional details, contact and please check out the America’s Voice 2016 content, including detailed candidate tracking information, at It’s an article of faith on the Republican campaign trail that the border is out of control and that immigration enforcement is lax – hence, we are experiencing a spike in illegal immigration.  In fact, none of … Continue reading »

Vitter-Flake Bill Tries To Turn Trump Rhetoric Into Law

Trump Effect Will Be on Full Display at Senate Judiciary Markup Tomorrow  Republicans in Congress are working hard to turn Donald Trump’s campaign rhetoric into law. Last month, House Republicans passed a version of Trump’s vision in a party line vote, and tomorrow Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) is poised to start the same process in … Continue reading »

While Donald Trump Goes to the Border, the Trump Effect is on Display in Congress

If We Are Going to Have a Debate on Immigration Policy, Let’s Move from Gotcha Politics to Real Solutions While the Donald heads to the border today, the Trump Effect is on display in Washington.  The GOP is following Donald Trump’s lead by staging votes on piecemeal anti-immigrant measures in Congress while blocking a comprehensive solution … Continue reading »

Obama Administration Threatens To Veto HR 3009, The “Donald Trump Act”

In a statement earlier today, the Obama Administration threatened to veto House Resolution 3009, anti-immigrant legislation also known as the Donald Trump Act. “This bill fails to offer comprehensive reforms needed to fix the Nation’s broken immigration laws, undermines current Administration efforts to remove the most dangerous convicted criminals and to work collaboratively with State … Continue reading »

4 Key Border Facts That You Won’t Hear From Donald Trump Or His Fellow Republicans

Donald Trump is driving the Republican immigration policy agenda – and defining the GOP’s brand image to Latino voters in the process.  As Donald Trump heads to the border tomorrow—on a personal invitation from Breitbart and the local Border Patrol no less—we  present a review of actual facts that belie the “out of control border” meme that is an article of … Continue reading »

Actually, There is Plenty of Room for President Obama to Maneuver on Deportations

The Washington Post editorialized about immigration reform this weekend: IN BLOCKING immigration reform in the House of Representatives, Republicans have frozen in place a system that much of the nation, and many in the GOP, regard as an exemplar of American dysfunction. Hence the irony that so many Republicans stand ready to rise up in … Continue reading »

In Passing Immigration Reform, Republicans Cannot Afford to Wait

After spending all of last year rotating through a litany of excuses for why they couldn’t pass immigration reform (including President Obama, the Democrats, the fiscal crisis, the legislative calendar, and immigration reform advocates themselves), House Republicans have cycled back to the beginning, once again using their hatred for and distrust of President Obama as … Continue reading »

Suzy Khimm: Nearly All Border Security Targets from 2007 Immigration Bill Have Been Hit

This week, eight Senators unveiled their plans for immigration reform, and one thing noticed by many advocates was the continued emphasis on border security. For many, it’s a replay of the 2007 debate, which was mostly focused on border security and immigration enforcement. As Suzy Khimm at the Washington Post notes, while the 2007 bill … Continue reading »