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Elections 2012

In Virginia and Georgia, Changing Demographics Will Impact Immigration Debate

The demographics in two southern states that have been safe bastions for the GOP are changing. And those changes will impact elections and the immigration reform. Virginia is considered a purple state at the presidential level. In 2012, President Obama carried the state and former Governor Tim Kaine was elected to the United States Senate. … Continue reading »

E.J. Dionne: Because of Changed Politics, "This Is Immigration Reform’s Time"

You’ve heard it from us over and over: there’s a new politics of immigration reform, shaped by the 2012 elections. That new politics means immigration reform, including a path to citizenship for the 11 million, is under serious consideration in Congress. The Democrats promised it. And the Republicans need it. E.J. Dionne, one of the … Continue reading »

Latino Leaders & Republican Pollsters Agree on Something: GOP Needs to Change its Immigration Ways

Latinos and the Republican Party haven’t seen eye-to-eye much recently.  However, leaders of prominent Latino-focused organizations and leading Republican pollsters each made news yesterday and reached a similar conclusion: the Republican Party needs to play ball on real immigration reform or else pay an escalating political price.  There’s a consensus that changing demographics and the … Continue reading »

Updated Race Analysis, Polling, and Interactive Map Offer Three Ways to Grasp the Power of the Latino, Asian, and Naturalized Citizen Vote in the Upcoming Elections

Today, America’s Voice releases updated analysis and polling that highlights the crucial role Latino, Asian, and other voters who care about common sense immigration reform will play in next week’s federal elections.  In addition, an interactive map from Latino Decisions and America’s Voice Education Fund reveals how changes in Latino vote turnout and candidate selection … Continue reading »

Latinos’ Support for Obama Solid in Florida

Cross-posted at Latino Decisions, Latino Vote Matters, and Daily Kos: With the election less than two weeks away there has been a great deal of speculation about the Latino community’s support for President Obama, particularly in Florida. Most recently, an Interactive Voice Response survey, or “robo-poll,” conducted on October 10-11 by Florida International University showed that 50.7% … Continue reading »