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US Chamber of Commerce, AFL-CIO Release Shared Principles on Immigration Reform

A major development on immigration reform today between labor and business: Today, US Chamber of Commerce President Tom Donohue and AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka released this joint statement of shared principles today.  Their joint statement reads: The United States will always be a nation of immigrants who have contributed greatly to the vitality, diversity, and creativity … Continue reading »

AFL-CIO Launches Campaign for Immigration Reform: "Road Map to Citizenship is Essential to all of America’s Workers"

Today, leaders from the AFL-CIO hosted a press call to announce their campaign for immigration reform. From the press release: Comprehensive immigration reform with a road map to citizenship is essential to all of America’s workers, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said in a telephone press conference today, as he an Maria Elena Durazo, chair of … Continue reading »

Forging a New Consensus on Immigration; Faith, Business, Law Enforcement Leaders Call for Immigration Reform

Earlier this month, the US Chamber of Commerce announced that it was making immigration reform—with a roadmap to citizenship—a top priority this year, and today, Chamber president Tom Donohue joined faith, law enforcement, immigrant rights, and other business leaders to call on Congress to speedily pass immigration legislation. Donohue opened the press conference today by … Continue reading »

US Chamber of Commerce Makes Immigration Reform With Path to Citizenship a Top Priority

Immigration reform is the #1 (non-fiscal) legislative priority this year, and everyone’s getting onboard–including business interests and the Chamber of Commerce.  From the Associated Press today: The president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce says the organization is joining forces with labor, faith organizations, law enforcement and ethnic groups to push for comprehensive immigration reform. … Continue reading »

Univision's Jordan Fabian on "Why the GOP Should Deal With Immigration"

Over the past week, there’s been an avalanche of punditry and discussion about the new, post-election politics of immigration reform. Much of the focus has been on the Republican Party’s serious problems on the issue, caused by chronic catering to its anti-immigrant nativist wing, led by the likes of Rep. Steve King (R-IA), Rep. Lamar … Continue reading »

New Report Reveals the Economic Benefits of Passing the DREAM Act

What would happen if the United States were to grant a pathway to legal status to an estimated 2.1 million eligible youth in our country by pass­ing the DREAM Act? That’s the  focus of a new report released by the Center for American Progress and Partnership for a New American Economy. The report reveals that … Continue reading »