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New Omnibus Spending Bill Would Leave Detention Bed Mandate Fully Funded

Republicans are supposed to be reaching out to Latino voters, but last year all they did was stall on immigration reform, pass the enforcement-only SAFE Act out of committee, and give Steve King a vote on his amendment to deport DREAMers. This year isn’t looking much better.  Senate Republicans this week clamored to bar certain immigrant families from accessing child … Continue reading »

Wall Street Journal: GOP Donors Pushing Republican Donors to Support Immigration

All year, we’ve been warning about the grave political and demographic danger Republicans will find themselves in if they fail to pass immigration reform this year.  According to the Wall Street Journal yesterday, Republicans who oppose immigration reform may also find themselves in financial trouble–with their own Republican campaign contributors who are not happy that … Continue reading »

Business Leaders Tell Congress to Remember Immigration Reform

Commentators this week have been worrying that between Syria, the debt ceiling, budget negotiations, and other issues this fall, immigration reform–which Congress and the Republican Party desperately need to pass–has fallen by the wayside. This week, more than 100 businesses–among them some of the nation’s largest companies–have sent a letter telling the House not to … Continue reading »

Bibles, Badges, and Business Hold Events Nationwide for Immigration Reform

Bibles, Badges, and Business–a project of the National Immigration Forum–has been busy this August, holding dozens of events in key districts around the nation to push for immigration reform.  The effort brings faith, law enforcement, and business leaders together in order to persuade members of Congress that immigration reform is important to our moral communities, … Continue reading »

Editorial Roundup: How Immigration Reform Is Needed to Help Economy

This past week has been an extremely busy one for immigration advocates across the nation. From civil disobedience in Washington to grassroots rallies held in swing districts, the country’s news outlets have had a lot to cover in the way of immigration. A rally this past Friday in Representative Steve King’s district brought hundreds to … Continue reading »

House Democrats Hold "Special Order" for Immigration Reform Today

It has now been three weeks since the Senate passed a bipartisan immigration reform bill with a path to citizenship by a 68-32 vote, with the House still appearing disinclined to make meaningful action anytime soon. Today, a number of House Democrats are taking a stand on the House floor to speak on the economic … Continue reading »

Ezra Klein: So Jeff Sessions' Opposition to Immigration Isn't About Poor Americans At All

Since the CBO score applauding the economic merits of immigration reform came out yesterday, Sen. Jeff Sessions has been working hard to try and discredit the score by claiming that its analysis is all wrong. “CBO did not provide enough information to assess the assumptions it made about the educational background of illegal immigrants and … Continue reading »

Roundup Reactions to CBO's Score of Immigration Bill: 'This Isn't Just a Good Report. It's a Wildly Good Report'

The Senate Gang of 8 immigration bill received good news yesterday when the CBO reported that the legislation would save the country $197 billion in its first decade, and an additional $700 billion in the next 10 years after.  Here’s a roundup of some of the commentary today on what the score means: From Ezra … Continue reading »

197 Billion Reasons to Support Immigration Reform (and 700 Billion More the Following Decade)

The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, reacting to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) scoring of the Senate’s immigration bill: The CBO score shows that there are now 197 billion reasons for Congress to do the right thing and pass immigration reform this year, and 700 billion more reasons over … Continue reading »

Thanks to Jeff Sessions, CBO Scores Immigration Bill for 20 Years, Finds It Reduces Deficit By Almost $1 Trillion

Congratulations, Jeff Sessions–you got your wish! For weeks now, the junior Senator from Alabama — and leading anti-immigrant voice in the Senate — has been complaining about the upcoming Congressional Budget Office score for the Senate Gang of 8 bill.  The CBO usually scores a bill for 10 years, which Sessions didn’t think would be … Continue reading »