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Driver’s Licenses

In California, More Than 500,000 Undocumented Immigrants Now Have Driver’s Licenses Thanks To New Law

In the face of Congressional inaction on immigration reform, states and local governments are taking their own steps to better improve the lives of the nation’s undocumented immigration population — and there’s no better example of that than California. 12 states and Washington, D.C. currently allow undocumented immigrants to legally drive on our roads. But in … Continue reading »

In California And Nebraska, Driver’s License Victories Are Changing Lives Of Hundreds Of Thousands Of Undocumented Immigrants

One small piece of plastic is drastically improving the lives of undocumented immigrants who call California and Nebraska home. In California — home to nearly three million undocumented immigrants, or about 25% of the nation’s undocumented population — 443,000 undocumented immigrants have received driver’s licenses under new state law, and thousands more have applied. State officials … Continue reading »

Update: Delaware Governor Signs Legislation Granting Driver’s Licenses To Some Undocumented Immigrants

Delaware might become the next state to provide undocumented immigrants with driver’s licenses. Earlier this week, the State Senate passed SB59, a bill that would provide undocumented immigrants who meet certain requirements with a valid driver’s license. After receiving an overwhelming majority in the Senate, the measure passed with just one dissenting vote, the bill … Continue reading »

Immigration Leaders From Around Nation Join AV For First-Ever “Dignity Days” Conversation

Yesterday, America’s Voice launched the first-ever “Dignity Days,” a virtual discussion to highlight the efforts from immigration leaders who are spearheading local and state immigration victories around the country. As Republicans have both failed to pass comprehensive immigration reform, and then blocked President Obama’s 2014 immigration actions shielding millions of immigrant families from deportation, activists … Continue reading »

Big Victory For DREAMers And Their Allies In Nebraska

Earlier this week, the unicameral legislature in Nebraska passed a bill that lifted the ban on driver’s licenses for the beneficiaries of President Obama’s original DACA program. This made Nebraska the last state to take that action. This was a significant victory for the immigrant community and its allies. Not only did the bill, known … Continue reading »

Anti-DREAMer Nebraska Republican Uses Racial Slur In Front Of Fourth Graders

Looks like the Republican Party still has some more tweaking to do when it comes to that whole Latino outreach thing. Yesterday, Nebraska State Senator Bill Kintner used the racial slur “wetback” during ongoing debate over a bill that would finally grant driver’s licenses to Nebraska’s DREAMers. Considering a good number of those DREAMers are probably Latino, … Continue reading »

Juan Escalante: List of States Considering Driver's Licenses for Undocumented Immigrants Grows

Cross-posted from Huffington Post: While in-state tuition for undocumented immigrants continues to be a hot issue, particularly in states like Texas, state legislatures across the country are now dealing with a new immigration related issue — driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants. Proposals that allow undocumented immigrants to gain access to driving privileges are not new. … Continue reading »

On Immigration, Hillary Clinton Engages in Some Straight Talk, While Marco Rubio Engages in Some Double-Talk

Clinton Leans in on Driver’s Licenses; Rubio Tries to Have it Both Ways on Executive Action When it comes to immigration on the 2016 campaign trail, we’re interested in having candidates from both parties clear up confusion by moving past vague talking points to announce concrete and positive immigration positions.  For Democrats, we’ve been calling on them … Continue reading »

Immigration Advocates Take Fight For Reform To State Houses

While the GOP-controlled Congress may be dithering when it comes to passing permanent relief for immigrant families (unless, of course, it involves nearly shutting down our nation’s security over immigration action and an endless series of hearings featuring leaders of the anti-immigrant movement), there’s a flurry of positive activity happening in state legislatures all across … Continue reading »

46,200 Immigrants Apply for California Driver's License in First Few Days

In Washington, DC, the hot topic on immigration involves the newly sworn-in Republican Congress and whether they will really continue to alienate Latino voters by pushing for more ways to kill executive action. But in California, it’s a completely different story, as tens and thousands of immigrants have begun applying and testing for driver’s licenses, … Continue reading »