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Dream Act and Immigrant Youth

Anti-DREAMer Nebraska Republican Uses Racial Slur In Front Of Fourth Graders

Looks like the Republican Party still has some more tweaking to do when it comes to that whole Latino outreach thing. Yesterday, Nebraska State Senator Bill Kintner used the racial slur “wetback” during ongoing debate over a bill that would finally grant driver’s licenses to Nebraska’s DREAMers. Considering a good number of those DREAMers are probably Latino, … Continue reading »

DREAMers, Immigration Advocates Celebrate In-State Tuition Victory In Arizona

Arizona DREAMers celebrated a second victory this week, after the Arizona Board of Regents unanimously voted to grant DACA recipients in-state tuition at Arizona’s public universities. Just two days ago, a Maricopa County Superior Court Judge ruled that DACA recipients were indeed eligible to pay in-state tuition at Maricopa County community colleges. As Juan Escalante … Continue reading »

Arizona Judge Rules DREAMers Can Get In-State Tuition

An Arizona judge has ruled in favor of undocumented students, putting to rest a lawsuit filed by former Attorney General Tom Horne arguing that undocumented students should not be allowed to pay in-state tuition at Arizona colleges and universities. Back in 2013, the Maricopa County Community College District sought to challenge then-Governor Jan Brewer’s notion that undocumented … Continue reading »

DREAMer Astrid Silva Joins Diaz-Balart To Discuss Her Immigration Roundtable With Hillary Clinton

Earlier today, Nevada DREAMer Astrid Silva appeared on José Diaz-Balart’s “The Rundown” to discuss her immigration roundtable with 2016 Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton. Silva was one of the six immigrant activists — all of whom are either DACA recipients or have relatives who are undocumented — who shared their personal family stories with Clinton. During … Continue reading »

DREAMers Want To Serve America in the Military but Steve King Says No

Ironic Since King Avoided Serving His Country Yesterday, the House Armed Services Committee passed the FY 2016 National Defense Authorization Act, which included an amendment from Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) that would allow DACA recipients to serve in the military. You’d think that policymakers from all political ideologies would support military enlistment for those who are willing … Continue reading »

Texas DREAM Act Repeal Effort is Running Out Of Time

Time is running out for Republicans in the Texas State Legislature, and that is a very good thing. After a rollercoaster of speculations, the repeal of the Texas DREAM Act seems to be less likely by the day. Early last week, America’s Voice reported how Republican Senators were slowly mounting their opposition to the measure: … Continue reading »

GOP-Led Bill To Repeal Texas DREAM Act Appears Stalled, For Now

SB1819, a bill to end the Texas DREAM Act, which has been a priority of Republican Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, appears to be losing some momentum. At the time of this writing, SB1819 is not present in the Senate’s intent calendar, a possible indication that the Republican majority has yet to gather the votes it … Continue reading »

Rand Paul Runs Away Again, This Time From Immigration Reform

File this one away for the next time Rand Paul claims he’s pro-immigrant. From Right Wing Watch: Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul recently sat down with the far-right outlet WorldNetDaily to discuss immigration reform, an issue about which he has been all over the map. The Republican presidential candidate, who stated in 2013 that any legal … Continue reading »

Opposition to Texas Dream Act Repeal Effort Grows

Despite Opposition from the Left and the Right, Texas Legislature Moves Forward with Efforts to Repeal State Dream Act Opposition to the Texas Dream Act repeal effort continues to mount.  In recent weeks, a growing and diverse coalition of voices have come together to speak out against SB1819, a bill that promises to terminate in-state tuition … Continue reading »

Juan Escalante: Fight for the Texas Dream Act Continues

Cross-posted from Huffington Post: The battle of the Texas Dream Act continues. A bill known as SB1819, sponsored by Texas Republican Senators Donna Campbell, Tom Creighton, and Lois Kolkhorst, is headed for the Senate floor to be heard and voted upon. A priority of Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, who promised to repeal the law that has served … Continue reading »