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DREAM Summer

Ivan Rosales, a DREAMer: Will You Donate to DREAM Summer?

Because I’m undocumented, my options for scholarships and work experience have always been limited. But last year, I was selected to participate in a unique program called Dream Summer, which provided me with a summer internship at one of the top national social justice organizations, leadership training and a $5,000 college scholarship. The scholarship helped … Continue reading »

Give DREAMers the Gift of Education

DREAMers led our movement in winning our biggest victory in 25 years—protecting over a million young people from deportation with the deferred action policy!  In this holiday season, America’s Voice Education Fund wants to say thank you to these inspiring leaders. Will you contribute $5 to thank a DREAMer by helping her go to college and … Continue reading »

Un CÍRCULO de apoyo para los Soñadores

Hace poco escribí sobre los efectos psicológicos que experimento por ser indocumentada. Ahora quería saber lo que estaban haciendo otros jóvenes indocumentados para crear espacios donde los Soñadores puedan hablar de sus experiencias. Con la ayuda del DREAM Resource Center, Imelda Plascencia creó un grupo de consejería de Soñadores  para tratar el tema del estrés … Continue reading »