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Dream Act

Costs and Consequences of Ending DACA: CATO Economic Study and Personal Testimonials Show Benefits of DACA and Pro-Immigrant Policies

One of the first immigration battles of the incoming Trump administration centers on the future of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and the more than 750,000 young people it benefits. Despite DACA’s popularity and unqualified success, President-elect Trump, with the near-unanimous support of fellow Republicans, pledged to revoke DACA work permits and expose DREAMers to … Continue reading »

Why DACA and Policies Protecting Young Immigrants Benefit America and Should Stay in Place

One of the first immigration battles of the incoming Trump administration will center on the future of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and the more than 750,000 young people it benefits. DACA is an unqualified success, helping to drive economic growth, bolster job creation, keep families together, promote education and community integration, and … Continue reading »

Center For American Progress: “Ending DACA Will Cost States Billions of Dollars”

A new report from Silva Mathena at the Center for American Progress highlights the devastating impact the termination of DACA would have not just on Dreamers, but on all Americans. The human costs are immeasurable. If Donald Trump ends DACA after taking the oath of office next Friday, the more than 750,000 young people who have enrolled in the program will be … Continue reading »

Nebraska Law Enforcement, Business, Faith Leaders: “Retaining DACA Is The Right Choice, Morally And Economically”

A coalition of more than 60 Nebraska leaders, including leaders from the state’s civic, law enforcement, business, faith, and health communities, signed a public letter in support of the state’s DACA recipients and their families. “We strongly urge you to preserve DACA so that these important community members can continue to work hard as teachers, … Continue reading »

In Testimony Calling On Senators To Reject Sessions, Medical Student Denisse Rojas Writes “DACA Was The Answer”

Denisse Rojas, a medical school student and DACA recipient from California, writes in a personal testimony how the program transformed her life and called on members of the Senate Judiciary Committee to reject anti-immigrant Jeff Sessions’ nomination for Attorney General. Denisse, who was present at yesterday’s Senate Judiciary hearing, writes that DACA “was a relief to so … Continue reading »

Dreamer Opens Second Sessions Hearing: “My Name Is Oscar Vazquez, And I Am Proud To Be An American.”

Oscar Vazquez, a formerly undocumented immigrant and US Army veteran, opened Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions’ second confirmation hearing today with powerful testimony about his contributions to the United States. “My name is Oscar Vazquez,” he said, “and I am proud to be an American.” Oscar Vazquez, a former DREAMER and Army veteran, spoke about … Continue reading »

Dr. Yuriana Aguilar, A DACA Recipient: My Parents “See The American Dream Fulfilling In Me”

“Will America be a stronger country if we deport Luis,” Sen. Dick Durbin asked during a floor speech last week, “or if he stays here and becomes a high school teacher?” A quick watch of Sen. Durbin’s speech makes the answer crystal clear. Luis, a DACA recipient, volunteers as a tutor when he isn’t busy … Continue reading »

Voices In Nevada, Oklahoma Continue Ongoing Support For Dreamers And DACA

In ongoing support for Dreamers, University of Oklahoma President David Boren has added his name to a letter from more than 550 college and university presidents calling on US leaders to uphold and expand the DACA program. From the OU Daily: “I think we should take a compassionate stance toward those individuals who were brought … Continue reading »

New York and Seattle-Area Young Immigrants Offer Powerful Rebuke to Donald Trump’s Dark Views of Immigrants and America

While Local Leaders and Advocacy Efforts Continue to Speak Out for Pro-Immigrant Vision of America, Immigrants Themselves Offering Most Powerful Contrast to Trump Immigration Plans Local leaders and advocacy organizations continue to speak up on behalf of immigrants, offering a strong pro-immigrant vision that contrasts sharply with the stated plans and views of President-elect Donald … Continue reading »

“When I Got DACA…I Wasn’t Afraid”: Five Dreamers Share What DACA Means To Them

In a new video from the Chronicle of Higher Education, five DACA recipients share their accomplishments, hopes, and fears about the future of the program following the 2016 Presidential election. The Trinity Washington University students have all excelled in their studies following the 2012 implementation of DACA, and have dreams of continuing to create change … Continue reading »

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