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Meet The First Winners Of A New E4FC Fund for Undocumented Social Entrepreneurs

Undocumented immigrants from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Guatemala, India, Mexico, Peru, and the Philippines are the inaugural winners of grants from a new Educators for Fair Consideration (E4FC) initiative, FUSE, “launched to foster and provide financial support for the entrepreneurial projects of undocumented young people working to create positive social change.” 222 undocumented … Continue reading »

ICYMI: Daniel Denvir: “New Hope For Undocumented Immigrants: DAPA Might Not Be Dead — A Bold Legal Strategy Could Protect Millions From Deportation”

Following the lawsuit filed yesterday challenging Judge Andrew Hanen’s national injunction on President Obama’s immigration executive actions, Daniel Denvir of Salon explores the politicization of DAPA and DACA; the potential judicial chaos emanating from the Supreme Court tie in U.S. v. Texas; and the continued fight for protection from deportation for millions of undocumented immigrants who are Americans in all but … Continue reading »

Voten por mi futuro y por DACA: analistas destacan anuncios en español en Florida y el compromiso de los DREAMers en este ciclo electoral

Destacados columnistas están analizando los detalles y las implicaciones del nuevo anuncio de radio en español de America’s Voice en Florida, narrado por el DREAMer Juan Escalante y miembro de America’s Voice, a través del cual anima a la comunidad latina a votar para proteger DACA. El anuncio denuncia al candidato al Senado, Marco Rubio, por apoyar a … Continue reading »

Vote for My Future and Vote for DACA: Observers Highlight FL Ads and DREAMers’ Engagement this Election Cycle

Key observers are lifting up the details and implications of the new America’s Voice Spanish language radio ad in Florida, narrated by Florida DREAMer and America’s Voice staffer Juan Escalante, encouraging members of the Latino community to get out and vote to protect DACA. The ad calls out Florida Republican Senate candidate Marco Rubio for backing Donald Trump … Continue reading »

DREAMers Take Their Push to Protect DACA Directly to Florida Voters

New America’s Voice Spanish Radio Ad Highlights Marco Rubio’s Support of Donald Trump and His Own Efforts to End DACA Florida DREAMers and their allies are turning up the heat on Marco Rubio for turning his back on the immigrant community. As Sergio Bustos lifts up in a new story in Politico Florida, America’s Voice is … Continue reading »

Nuevo anuncio de America’s Voice moviliza a latinos de Florida para votar por los DREAMers

Denuncia el apoyo de Marco Rubio a eliminar DACA y a elegir a Trump America’s Voice ha lanzado una nueva campaña de anuncios de radio, narrados por el DREAMer Juan Escalante, quien pide a los residentes de Florida que salgan a votar en noviembre para proteger el programa conocido como DACA. El anuncio, que se … Continue reading »

“DREAMer Generation” Uses 3D Printing To Tell The Stories Of Eight Young Immigrants

An innovative new tool — 3D printing — is helping to tell the stories of eight young immigrants “who dared to dream”. The project, titled “DREAMer Generation,” is a collaboration between “HBO” filmmaker Will Caballero and Univision, and features Lorella Praeli, Walter Barriento, Cristina Jimenez, Julio Calderon, Jose Machado, Moises Serrano, and Paola Angy Rivera. Filmmaker @willcaballero used … Continue reading »

What’s at Stake this November: Whether DREAMers in America are Protected or Deported

Two of the 750,000 Targeted by Trump and GOP for Deportation Tell Their Story Donald Trump consistently promises that on Day One of his presidency he will immediately end President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program for DREAMers. Trump’s election poses a real threat to a real program that is a real benefit … Continue reading »

“This Country Depends On Us”: Undocumented Youth And Allies Arrested At Trump Tower

A group of undocumented youth and allies were arrested this morning by the NYPD after blocking the main entrance to Trump Tower in Manhattan. “We refuse to leave for all the immigrants who deserve dignity and respect for their labor,” tweeted members from Movimiento Cosecha before the protest. “Trump Tower was #BuiltByUs.” That’s a fact. … Continue reading »

Nevada Dreamer Astrid Silva to Headline Democratic National Convention

Speaker Lineup Showcases Diverse, Unified Party Following a Republican National Convention that is sure to further outline Donald Trump’s divisive and dangerous vision for America, the newly released speaker lineup for the Democratic National Convention, promises to strike a markedly different tone. On the first night, themed “United Together”, Nevada DREAMer and Organizing Director of … Continue reading »