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Dream Act

Will Romney Keep DREAMer Relief Program in Place?

The Romney presidential campaign continues to duck answering basic questions regarding a potential President Romney’s immigration policy. Yesterday, Radio Bilingüe featured both Obama and Romney campaign spokespeople on host Samuel Orozco’s Spanish language show.  During the interview, Romney spokesperson Sharon Castillo refused to say whether or not Romney would keep or rescind the deferred action … Continue reading »

New Polls Show Strong Voters Support For Maryland DREAM Act

Editor’s Note: To remind you to vote FOR question 4 on the Maryland ballot in November, RSVP for this Facebook event page, and declare that you intend to vote FOR the Maryland DREAM Act. The DREAM Act is on the ballot in Maryland this fall. Last year, the Maryland General Assembly passed legislation granting in-state … Continue reading »

Ruben Navarrette, We Still Like You More Than the White House Likes Us

TO: Ruben Navarrette FROM:  Frank Sharry RE:  Thanks for the shout out Hey Ruben, I read your nationally-syndicated column today.  Thanks for the shout out to America’s Voice and me.  As is always the case, your column is a must-read.  I don’t always agree with you, but especially during non-election years it’s my humble opinion … Continue reading »

Five Immigration Questions for President Obama

We live-tweeted the interview with Mitt Romney yesterday — check out tweets on that from us and others. We’ll also be live-tweeting the President’s interview today, at 2:10 PM est, so be sure to follow us @americasvoice and tune in. Univisión’s Jorge Ramos and Maria Elena Salinas grilled Mitt Romney on immigration and other topics … Continue reading »

Five Key Immigration Questions for President Obama Ahead of Univisión Interview

Washington, DC – After grilling Mitt Romney on immigration and other topics yesterday, Univisión’s Jorge Ramos and Maria Elena Salinas will interview President Obama later this afternoon.  Below are five key immigration questions for the President. What’s your roadmap to victory on comprehensive immigration reform?  In May of 2008 on Univision you said: “I cannot guarantee … Continue reading »

Video: Romney Won't Answer Questions On DACA, Slurs DREAMers As "Illegal Aliens"

We’ve posted a longer video of Mitt Romney’s answers to immigration questions at yesterday’s Univision forum below. But, first, we were struck by this clip where Romney refers to DREAMers as “illegal aliens” – parroting the language of the anti-immigrant fringe: Heres’s the full answer on immigration. Romney never really answered the questions on what … Continue reading »

Romney's Last Chance With Latino Voters?

Follow Frank Sharry on Twitter: Boston, you have a problem. Your guy, Mitt Romney, is losing badly with Latinos and it could cost him the election. Battleground states such as Nevada, Colorado, Florida and even Virginia are likely to swing Obama’s way if he keeps his current 66 percent – 29 percent lead among Latinos. And Boston, … Continue reading »

"This is Only the Beginning:" 82,361 Deferred Actions Requests From Immigrant Youth Accepted For Processing

It’s been a month since President Obama’s deferred action for childhood arrivals program began, and the numbers are coming in:  Here’s the United We DREAM statement praising the development: Deferred Action for DREAMers is Working Undocumented Youth Say: “This is Only the Beginning.” The US Citizenship and Immigration Services agency today released data about the … Continue reading »

Candidates Leaning In: Political Ads Tout Support for Immigration Reform, DREAM Act

As we enter the thick of campaign season, we’re starting to see the new paradigm of immigration politics play out in television ads. Candidates who support common sense reform are leaning into the issue. And, they’re pushing that message to an important constituency: Latino voters. The Obama/Biden campaign has Spanish language ads on the air … Continue reading »

Caesar Vargas on the Impact and Influence of DREAMers

Writing at The Hill’s Congress Blog, Caesar Vargas — a DREAMer and activist who was in Tampa and Charlotte —  has a post-convention analysis on the politics of immigration. During the Democratic National Convention, Benita Veliz made history during her prime time appearance by being the first undocumented immigrant, or DREAMer, to speak before a national party … Continue reading »