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Dream Act

50+ DREAMers Rally, Go On Hunger Strike For NY DREAM Act

Yesterday afternoon, over 50 New York DREAMers and their allies pledged a hunger strike after Governor Andrew Cuomo said he would be dropping the NY DREAM Act from the annual budget. Gov. Cuomo — who had campaigned on making the DREAM Act a reality, and up until last week was still promoting the bill to … Continue reading »

NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo Promised To Make The DREAM Act A Reality — Is He Walking It Back Now?

When the Republican-led NY State Senate failed to pass the DREAM Act by a razor-thin margin last year, Governor Andrew Cuomo made the legislation a pivotal part of his re-election campaign and promised to include the bill in his next budget. Cuomo won, and when he again touted the DREAM Act in January’s State of … Continue reading »

NC DREAMers to Senator Kay Hagan: Friends Don't Deport Friends

Senator Kay Hagan (D-NC) was one of five Democratic Senators to vote against the DREAM Act back in December of 2010. She did vote for the Senate immigration bill last year. But, last month, she sided the anti-immigrant crowd again, voting to block executive action and undermine DACA. She’s also engaged in one of the … Continue reading »

BREAKING: Agreement Reached. NJ DREAM Act Passed, Governor Christie to Sign

Big development in New Jersey today. Congrats to the DREAMers who made it happen. From  Students who grew up in New Jersey but are in the country illegally will soon be able to pay in-state tuition at its public colleges and universities. After weeks of feuding between Republican Gov. Chris Christie and Democrats who … Continue reading »

House GOP Leaders Have Allowed One Immigration Vote: Steve King's Amendment to Deport DREAMers

Over the weekend, House GOP leaders have been making positive noises about holding votes on immigration reform next year. We need to keep up the pressure to make sure that happens. So far, those House leaders have allowed only one immigration vote: Steve King’s amendment to defund DACA and deport DREAMers. Here’s how it played … Continue reading »

Harry Reid: "I Will Do Everything in My Power as Majority Leader" To Pass Immigration Reform

Yesterday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid appeared at an immigration reform rally in Las Vegas. He has for years been an outspoken advocate for immigration reform — and made that clear again yesterday: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., promised Wednesday to use the power of his office to get immigration overhaul legislation through Congress. “I pledge … Continue reading »

Grassley's Witness Kris Kobach Testifies: "Self-Deportation is Not Some Radical Idea" (Actually, It Is)

Today, at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on immigration reform, the Ranking Minority member, Chuck Grassley, invited Kris Kobach, the former General Counsel of FAIR, the author of Arizona’s SB 1070, the architect of self-deportation and the immigration advisor to Mitt Romney, to testify. Senator Dick Durbin asked Kobach a series of questions about the … Continue reading »

Anti-Immigrant Senator Sessions Is Leading The Gang of Hate. Who Else Will Join Him?

Yesterday, the Senate Gang of 8 introduced its long-awaited bipartisan immigration bill. Tomorrow, the Senate Judiciary Committee will hold its first hearing on the bill, with Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. The hearing will probably double as our first chance to see the anti-immigrant “Gang of Hate” in action on the Senate bill. … Continue reading »

Colorado DREAMer: ASSET is Great, But We Need Federal Reform For our Families

Colorado DREAMer Fabian Dominguez wrote a great op-ed in the Denver Post about what the Colorado ASSET bill means to him: Last month, when I sat in the gallery of the state Capitol to see the Colorado ASSET bill finally pass after 10 years of trying, it was one of the most amazing feelings in the world. … Continue reading »