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Dream Act

Immigration Advocates Take Fight For Reform To State Houses

While the GOP-controlled Congress may be dithering when it comes to passing permanent relief for immigrant families (unless, of course, it involves nearly shutting down our nation’s security over immigration action and an endless series of hearings featuring leaders of the anti-immigrant movement), there’s a flurry of positive activity happening in state legislatures all across … Continue reading »

Profile in Courage: Now Rick Perry Won't Defend A Law He Signed

Texas Republican legislators could be on the verge of repealing a landmark law, signed into law by Gov. Rick Perry almost 15 years ago, which granted in-state tuition to DREAMers. Perry’s reaction to the news this time – unlike his ardent defense of the law during the 2012 debate – was the verbal equivalent of … Continue reading »

Over 170 Testify Past Midnight Against Republican Effort To Repeal Texas’s DREAM Act

Texas was first in the nation to pass a state-level DREAM Act. Now, if Republican legislators have their way, it could be first to repeal it. Passed by a bipartisan vote in the legislature, and then signed by Republican Gov. Rick Perry in 2001, the DREAM Act has allowed thousands of undocumented students access to … Continue reading »

Texas Republicans Rev Up Attempt to Repeal State Dream Act

With 2016 Presidential Wannabes in the Hot Seat on Immigration, How Will the 2016 GOP Field Respond? Republicans in the Texas State Legislature seem intent on repealing the Texas Dream Act, legislation that enables eligible high school students from Texas who are undocumented to pay in-state tuition rates to attend the state’s public universities.  Texas was … Continue reading »

Repeal of Texas DREAM Act Becomes Issue for GOP 2016 Candidates

As we noted Friday, Republicans in Texas are considering repealing the state DREAM Act. The first hearing on repeal legislation takes place today. That should have national implications and there’s a very good chance the Texas DREAM Act will be debated during the GOP presidential contest, as it was in 2012.  Today, the New York … Continue reading »

Texas Republicans Set on Repealing the TX Dream Act

Republicans in Texas are leading an effort to repeal the Texas Dream Act, which was signed into law by Governor Rick Perry in 2001. SB 1819, a bill that promises to terminate in-state tuition rates and state financial assistance to all undocumented students across the Lone Star State, is currently sailing through the State Senate. … Continue reading »

Florida Senate Puts Politics Before Reason On Immigration

Republican Governors and Attorneys Generals — including Florida’s Attorney General, Pam Bondi — recently filed a lawsuit to block President Obama’s executive actions on immigration. The controversial move has prohibited 253,000 Florida immigrants from applying to the DACA+ and DAPA programs, and has prevented the state of Florida from taking advantage of the $607.9 million … Continue reading »

ICYMI: Immigration Laws Pushing “Exclusion are the Cause of America’s Shame and Regret Throughout Its History”

Must-Read New York Times Editorial Captures Current Moment in Immigration Debate In an editorial titled, “The Scrambled States of Immigration,” The New York Times weaves a range of recent developments together into a must-read piece capturing the current moment in the immigration debate. The editorial concludes by reminding us that “laws and policies that deny rights and push exclusion are the … Continue reading »

DREAMers End Hunger Strike For NY DREAM Act On César Chávez Day

Dozens of DREAMers ended their week-long hunger strike late yesterday evening after Governor Andrew Cuomo finalized the New York state budget without the inclusion of the DREAM Act. The New York Immigration Coalition, one of the groups that had been fighting to have DREAM reinserted into the budget, released this statement: “It is shameful that … Continue reading »

New Report From CAP: For Many Undocumented Students, Access To A College Education Is Simply Not A Reality

The Center For American Progress released a report today on the need for further access to affordable, higher education for undocumented students. In January, President Obama announced his “America’s College Promise” plan to assist youth and adults in accessing a community college education. But when it comes to a four-year and post-secondary education, a combination … Continue reading »