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Dream Act

La urgencia crea una solución para los Dreamers: empresas del país y donantes dan fondos para renovaciones de DACA

Washington, DC – Los estadounidenses quieren que el Congreso apruebe una legislación que ponga a los Dreamers en una vía a la ciudadanía. Las encuestas muestran que incluso el 70% de los votantes republicanos apoya una solución legislativa. La aprobación del Dream Act es algo completamente aceptado. Esto lo evidencian no solamente las encuestas, sino la cifra … Continue reading »

Urgency Builds for a Solution for Dreamers: US Businesses Step Up, American Donors Fund DACA Renewals

Washington, DC – Americans want Congress to pass legislation that puts Dreamers on a path to citizenship. Polling shows that even 70% of Republican voters support a legislative solution. Passing the Dream Act is fully mainstream. This is evidenced not only by the polling, but by the impressive numbers of American companies adding their names to the … Continue reading »

GOP Voters Agree with Rest of US: Congress Should Legalize Dreamers

Do Ryan and McConnell Represent Americans, or Steve King? Washington, DC – Republican elected officials should embrace a clean legislative solution for Dreamers, rather than loading up a legislative package with “poison pill” provisions that are designed to scuttle the package and set up another Washington blame game. “Americans are tired of the blame game … Continue reading »

Legal Experts, DACA-recipients, and Advocates Provide Latest State of Play in Immigration Policy

A recording of today’s call is available here.  Washington, DC – DACA recipients, legal and policy experts, and immigration advocates assessed a busy week of developments in immigration policy and issued a renewed call for a clean Dream Act without militarization of our borders. A recording of today’s call is available here. Itzel Guillen, Border Dreamer and Immigration … Continue reading »

Paul Ryan Impanels House GOP “Committee to Nowhere” for Dreamers

Washington, DC – News reports indicate that Speaker of the House Paul Ryan will impanel a working group of House Republicans to work on Dreamer-related immigration legislation. No one should be confused about the intention of the committee – this is a transparent attempt to slow-walk and scuttle Dreamer legislation, not to improve it. According to Frank … Continue reading »

The Pope, Editorial Boards, and Op-eds Call for Congress to Protect Dreamers

It’s been a week since Donald Trump ended DACA, the deferred action program that protects hundreds of thousands of Dreamers from deportation. Since then, support for Dreamers has poured in from across the country, from members of Congress to college presidents and university leaders to faith groups to advocates in multiple states. This week, the … Continue reading »

Congress Should Reflect Mainstream Public Consensus, Do Its Job, and Pass the Dream Act

While hive of activity surrounding legislation for Dreamers is a good development, Republican leaders must take action, not just make motion Enacting a permanent legislative solution for Dreamers is the mainstream consensus position, reflecting support from America’s businesses, universities, religious leaders, celebrities, legislators of both parties – and the electorate.  With a pressing October 5th deadline facing a quarter of DACA beneficiaries, legislative action on Dream … Continue reading »

NE Ohio Community Gathers at Candlelight Vigil in Cleveland to Support DACA, Dreamers, and All Immigrants

Ohio is Our Home, We Are Here to Stay #OHereToStay Cleveland, OH —  This evening, as the sun went down, Ohioans from across the region gathered at Market Square Park in Ohio City for a candlelight vigil in support of DACA, the Dream Act, and all immigrants.  Similar events took place in cities across Ohio … Continue reading »