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Cities and Colleges Speak Out for Immigrants Against a Backdrop of Overwhelmingly Public Support for Legalization Over Deportation

Washington, DC – In the face of Donald Trump’s pledge to end the DACA program for DREAMers and ramp up deportations of undocumented immigrants, leaders from cities and college campuses across the country are speaking up. They are defending the contributions and futures of immigrants and pledging to resist a Trump Administration’s push to apprehend … Continue reading »

Donald Trump’s Extreme Anti-Immigrant Plans Are Not Changing

Donald Trump’s immigration plan is crystal clear. If elected, he will create a deportation force that will remove 11 million undocumented immigrants and their families in 18 months, ban Muslim immigrants from entering the United States, build a wall along the entire Mexico border, and make Mexico pay for it. At numerous points in this … Continue reading »

Trump General Election Strategy At Odds With What America Looks Like in 2016

Frank Sharry: “Donald Trump’s campaign is not only promising a return to the good old days that never were, but is banking on an electorate that no longer exists” Washington, DC – In an interview with Huffington Post’s Howard Fineman, Donald Trump campaign chairman and chief strategist Paul Manafort makes clear that presumptive Republican presidential nominee … Continue reading »

With Trump as Guest, The Weeknd and Belly Cancel Kimmel Appearance

Donald Trump was on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. Because of that, The Weeknd and Belly canceled: R&B singer The Weeknd and rapper Belly have canceled their performance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” because Donald Trump was set to appear on the episode. The Oscar-nominated musicians were slated to record their performance Wednesday in Los Angeles … Continue reading »

Washington Post on How Trump is “Breathing Life into America’s Dying White Supremacist Movement”

Donald Trump has been spewing racism and xenophobia since the day he announced his campaign for President back in June. He started with attacks on Mexicans and has been expanding his attacks to include immigrants and Muslims, among others. Trump’s messages aren’t lost on racists and white supremacists who are feeling emboldened by his rhetoric. The … Continue reading »

Senate Republicans Proclaim “I’m With Trump” To Raise Money

Earlier this week, the Washington Post reported that the National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee (NRSC) had concerns about the impact of Donald Trump’s candidacy on the 2016 GOP Senatorial candidates. But, at the same time, the NRSC wants its 2016 Senate candidates to figure out how to capitalize on the “Trump phenomenon.” Turns out, one … Continue reading »

New Polling: Donald Trump is Recipe for GOP General Election Disaster

Trump Is Gaining Acceptance from More in the GOP, But Less So With the Rest of the Public Washington, DC—New polling from MSNBC/Telemundo/Marist underscores how Donald Trump is corroding our national politics and the Republican Party’s general election chances. The poll, which includes a Latino voter oversample, demonstrates that general election voters as a whole … Continue reading »

More Voices Condemn Donald Trump’s Dangerous & Divisive Hate Speech

Washington, DC—Through racially charged rhetoric and statements ripped from the fringes of the anti-immigrant and white nationalist movements, Donald Trump has been attempting to mainstream hate speech.   His words are having consequences.  Politico reports today on the “combustible” atmosphere and numerous incidents of violence at Trump campaign events and rallies.  Here at America’s Voice, we’ve … Continue reading »

Conservative Pundits Pummel Trump, Want Answers From Cruz And Rubio

The immigration issue has become a defining – and divisive -issue in the GOP presidential contest. Donald Trump’s dangerous vision for America — one of tearing families and communities across the nation apart — has drawn widespread rebuke from pundits across the political spectrum. As we noted yesterday, a lot of the criticism has come from conservative pundits. … Continue reading »

“Todo el mundo odió” a Donald Trump en SNL

Juan Escalante: “SNL pudo haber ganado en audiencia, pero perdió toda la credibilidad que tenía al proveer una plataforma” a Donald Trump  Washington, DC— Para quienes no vimos a Donald Trump en ‘Saturday Night Live’ anoche, una rápida búsqueda en Intenet muestra que los críticos lo consideran un rotundo fracaso. Fusion hace un resumen de la gran … Continue reading »