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Actress Diane Guerrero Urges Latinos To Mobilize In 2016: I Am Fighting “For My Dreams And The Dreams Of Other Families”

Diane Guerrero’s family tragedy completely changed her life — but she’s using her pain to help others in the Latino and immigrant communities. The “Orange Is the New Black” actress and activist has been candid about the deportation of her family members — her mother, father, and brother — when she was just 14 years … Continue reading »

DAPA-Eligible Family Discusses Urgent Need For Relief Following US Supreme Court Hearing

Today, the Supreme Court held a hearing on DAPA and DACA expansion — two policies created after immigrant rights advocates shone a light on the Obama Administration’s out-of-control enforcement. If the Supreme Court upholds President Obama’s immigration actions, up to five million undocumented immigrants will be able to work legally and live free from the threat of deportation. One of these families is Esmeralda’s. Back … Continue reading »

Faith Leaders, Pastor Max’s Family Slam Aggressive ICE Tactics Targeting Immigrants

Faith leaders and advocates have condemned the aggressive — and oftentimes deceptive — tactics used by ICE to target and deport undocumented immigrants. The advocates spoke out during a visit with lawmakers in Washington, DC last week on the one year anniversary of the deportation of Pastor Max Villatoro, an Iowa faith leader who was … Continue reading »

Kimberly’s Deportation Has Been Halted, But She Still Remains In Detention After More Than Five Weeks

We’ve received word that Kimberly, a 10th grader who was facing imminent deportation to danger in Honduras, has received a stay of removal. However, it appears ICE has not yet released her from detention, or has yet responded to her legal counsel about when she will be released. Just a few days ago, advocates shared … Continue reading »

Two Immigrants Deported After Decades In The US Fight To Return To Testify Before Legislature

A grandmother and a US Army veteran deported to Italy several years ago are fighting to return to the United States in order to testify before state lawmakers. Paula Milardo, a grandmother and wife of a US Army veteran, lived in the United States legally for fifty years prior to her deportation. Arnold Giammarco, also … Continue reading »

Advocates In North Carolina Stop Teen’s Deportation But The Fight Is Far From Over

On Sunday morning, we received news that Wildin Acosta, a North Carolina teenager who was facing imminent deportation to Honduras, would not deported on the late night flight to Honduras. Because of the hard work from local organizers on the ground and on the phones, ICE officials stopped Wildin’s deportation in order to give him one … Continue reading »

One Year Later, The Fight To Return Pastor Max Back Home To Iowa Continues

It’s been one year since Pastor Max Villatoro was deported to Honduras and torn from his wife, four US citizen children, and Iowa home. Some deportation cases get local and state attention, but rarely do they receive the sort of national attention Pastor Max’s case managed to get. Support for Pastor Max swelled following his … Continue reading »

NC Teachers Demand ICE Release Teen Facing Imminent Deportation To Central America

Earlier today we told you the urgent news about Wildin Acosta, a North Carolina teenager facing imminent deportation to Honduras. Wildin is one of the 800 teenagers who arrived as unaccompanied children and have been detained and/or deported by ICE since October. He fled gang violence and death, and now ICE is putting his life in danger by … Continue reading »

ICYMI: Wildin Acosta’s Imminent Deportation Highlights Human Cost of Efforts to Deport Teenagers Back To Violence in Central America

“I’m scared. I don’t want to go back. There’s a lot of violence, a lot of death” Earlier this year we learned that the Obama administration, in an attempt to defer illegal border crossings, had started to target recently arrived Central American teenagers for deportation. Despite outcry from the community and increasing reports of violence in the … Continue reading »

A Brave Woman Asked Clinton And Sanders For Help On National TV

Cross-posted from Lynn Tramonte’s post on Medium. Could you do this, if you had to? Stand before a national television audience and a possible future United States President, talk about the most painful event of your life, and ask for help? With the assistance of Univision reporter Enrique Acevedo, and a platform provided by the Univision/Washington Post Democratic … Continue reading »