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Cartoon Monday: “What Could Go Wrong?”

As we stated last week, Trump added another disturbing detail to his mass-deportation vision: A “Deportation Force” to implement his radical, widely-condemned plan. As Frank Sharry, the Executive Director of America’s Voice noted, “Trump’s radical and dangerous mass deportation plan, a discredited idea once consigned to the sewers of the far-right, is back on the table.  Each new … Continue reading »

Journalists, Legal Scholars, Opinion Leaders Slam Trump’s “Operation Wetback” Praise

Donald Trump’s repeated praise of one of the darkest moments in modern American history — a 1954 mass roundup and expulsion of hundreds of thousands of immigrants to Mexico, known by the hugely offensive name of “Operation Wetback” — has drawn widespread criticism from journalists, legal scholars, and opinion leaders from all political spectrums. From … Continue reading »

“Deportation Force” the Latest Chilling Detail Of Donald Trump’s Immigration Plan

Frank Sharry: “Trump is attempting to mainstream a vision of America that we all must reject” In Tuesday night’s Republican debate, Donald Trump stated that he would model his mass-deportation plan after one of the darkest moments in modern American history – President Eisenhower’s 1954 round-up and expulsion of hundreds of thousands of immigrants to Mexico, an event known … Continue reading »

New York Times Editorial Board Highlights Need For Reform And Accountability At ICE (And Over Director Saldaña)

Today, following the racially charged arrest of two Honduran immigrants in New Orleans (and subsequent deportation of one, with the second pending), the New York Times editorial board issued a strong reproach of Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) systemic shortcomings (starting with the leadership of ICE Director Sarah Saldaña), despite the promise of reform. The piece, “Wrongly Profiled and Deported,” follows a … Continue reading »

Jose Adan Fugon-Cano and Gustavo Barahona-Sanchez need your help immediately!

There’s no time to even write this blog post — Jose Adan Fugon-Cano and Gustavo Barahona-Sanchez need your help immediately! They could be deported any second.  They ended up in immigration custody after being racially profiled by local police in Louisiana.  DHS’ own civil rights office questioned the basis for their arrest by local police.  After internal memos … Continue reading »

¡José Adán Fugón Cano y Gustavo Barahona Sánchez Necesitan de Tu Ayuda Inmediatamente!

Washington, DC—No hay tiempo siquiera para escribir este texto, ¡José Adán Fugón Cano y Gustavo Barahona Sánchez necesitan de tu ayuda inmediatamente! Ellos pueden ser deportados en cualquier momento. Ambos terminaron en custodia de las autoridades de inmigración después de haber sido detenidos sólo por su aspecto racial por parte de la policía local de … Continue reading »

Immigrant Community Scores Victory As Deportation Rates Drop But More Work Needs to Be Done

Deportations of undocumented immigrants have decreased for the first time since 2006, a notable victory for the immigrant community that continues to live in fear thanks to a broken immigration system and congressional inaction. Thousands of petition signatures, direct actions, and rallies have helped pave the way to secure programs like Deferred Action for Childhood … Continue reading »

DAPA-Eligible Father Risks It All To Reunite With His Family

As a long time Florida resident, Rafael Gaytan has made every effort to become a productive member of his community. A business owner, loving father, and caring husband, Rafael has been able to overcome many of the obstacles that his immigration status presented to him – all with the intention of providing for his family … Continue reading »

Trump Embraces “Operation Wetback” As Model For Mass Deportation

Anything but “Humane”  Donald Trump has mostly avoided answering any questions about how he would deport 11 million immigrants from the US. We tried to explain his plan in detail here. But he’s recently made it clear he intends to model it after one of the darkest moments in modern American history. In his recent interview with … Continue reading »

Pedro Hernandez, Ohio Resident And Father Of Four, Allowed To Remain In The U.S.

An immigrant family in Ohio has plenty of reason to celebrate. Pedro Hernandez, one of the cases we’ve been advocating for since 2013, recently received news that his stay of deportation was no longer needed – as he is now considered a low-priority case for Immigration and Customs Enforcement. That means that Pedro gets to … Continue reading »