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Must-Read: “The Lives Of The Immigrants Who Grow Your Food”

We see their contributions every day, yet they could soon be targeted by the deportation plans of President-elect Donald Trump. Two new pieces lift up backbreaking work of undocumented immigrant farmworkers, who make up as much as 1.75 million of the 2.5 million farmworker population, according to data from the US Department of Labor’s 2012 … Continue reading »

Mayor Jackson, Councilman Reed Correct to Put Public Safety Over Trump’s Political Agenda & Tearing Families Apart

Local leaders: Our police force is not a tool to be militarized by federal government. Cleveland will not become breeding ground for hatred and fear In an interview with WKYC, Mayor Frank Jackson declared that the City of Cleveland will not help the President-elect carry out his pledge of mass deportation.  Jackson said: “We are not an arm of the … Continue reading »

ICYMI: Oklahoma City Mom, DACA Recipient Calls On Donald Trump to Walk in Her Shoes for One Day

In the face of Donald Trump’s pledge to end the DACA program on day one of his presidency, DREAMers have been speaking out to highlight how DACA has transformed their lives, futures, and communities. Yesterday we highlighted an array of DREAMers’ powerful testimonials about DACA, pulled from a range of national media stories. Today, a new CNN story by Rosa … Continue reading »

Must-Read From Historian Linda Hirshman: “To Resist A Trump Presidency, Ask: ‘What Would The Abolitionists Do?'”

Donald Trump’s victory has left undocumented immigrants facing a great deal of uncertainty, and many of their allies are wondering what exactly they can do to help. One important suggestion comes from DACA recipient Juan Escalante, who writes “you should also consider donating to your local, state, or national pro-migrant resource or advocacy group.”  “Support from … Continue reading »

We Know Trump Is Lying About Immigrants Because His Lips Are Moving

Crossposted from Medium. En español aquí. Donald Trump started his presidential campaign by claiming that most immigrants from Mexico are criminals and rapists. Obviously that isn’t true. Now he’s pledging to deport 2–3 million people soon after taking office, again claiming that they are all criminals. But, as Dara Lind explains in Vox: The Trump administration isn’t going to be … Continue reading »

En el próximo debate, Trump y Clinton tienen respuestas para Sophie Cruz que todos necesitan escuchar

In English here La campaña de Sophie Cruz de hacer una pregunta sobre la deportación en el próximo debate presidencial saca a relucir un tema que ha recibido poca atención hasta el momento: ¿qué pasa con los niños? No sorprende que los planes inmigratorios de Donald Trump y Hillary Clinton difieran diametralmente cuando se trata del bienestar de los niños, … Continue reading »

ICYMI: Lynn Tramonte: “At The Next Debate, Trump and Clinton Have Answers for Sophie Cruz that Everyone Needs to Hear”

“A Trump presidency would only multiply children’s fears and anxieties, while implementing Clinton’s platform would do much to alleviate them.” A brand new piece published on Medium today by America’s Voice Deputy Director Lynn Tramonte pushes the importance of having American citizen Sophie Cruz’ question answered by both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump during Sunday’s debate. The question reads, “If you deport … Continue reading »

Refugees Don’t Belong in Prison

Pending Release of Wildin Acosta a Relief, But Administration’s Approach to Central American Refugees Must Change Wildin Acosta’s pending release from detention, and subsequent reunion with his family, while his asylum case is pending has been a cause for celebration across the state. Wildin is the third of six youth from Central America to be released in … Continue reading »

North Carolina Teen Pedro Salmeron Faces Imminent Deportation

Earlier this year we learned that the Obama administration, in an attempt to deter illegal border crossings, had started to target recently arrived Central American teenagers for deportation. Despite outcry from the community and increasing reports of violence in the Northern Triangle countries of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, these cruel enforcement actions have not stopped. Since … Continue reading »

Unable To Pay Exorbitant Bail Bond Set By Judge, 19-Year-Old Yefri Remains In Detention After Nearly Six Months

An immigration judge has ruled that a North Carolina teenager arrested by ICE nearly six months ago can be released from detention — but only if his family can pay up thousands of dollars first. 19-year-old Yefri Sorto was one of the six North Carolina teens arrested by ICE earlier this year during national raids … Continue reading »