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Unable To Pay Exorbitant Bail Bond Set By Judge, 19-Year-Old Yefri Remains In Detention After Nearly Six Months

An immigration judge has ruled that a North Carolina teenager arrested by ICE nearly six months ago can be released from detention — but only if his family can pay up thousands of dollars first. 19-year-old Yefri Sorto was one of the six North Carolina teens arrested by ICE earlier this year during national raids … Continue reading »

For Pastor Max Villatoro, Brigido Acosta, And All The Dads Separated From Their Kids Because Of Deportation

Millions of families across the US will come together to celebrate Father’s Day this upcoming weekend. But for many immigrant families, the day will instead serve as one of sadness. Sunday will be Pastor Max Villatoro’s second Father’s Day away from his four kids. He was deported to Honduras last year after living in Iowa for … Continue reading »

American Federation of Teachers To DHS: Raids Targeting Central American Teens “Callous, Damaging, And Counterproductive To Our Work As Educators”

The American Federation of Teachers has penned a letter to the Department of Homeland Security urging an end to immigration raids targeting Central American students. “The increased policing and enforcement raids have had a chilling effect on our schools and immigrant communities,” reads the letter from the group, “jeopardizing the safety and well-being of children … Continue reading »

ICYMI: New York Times on Criticism of Obama Administration’s Syrian Refugee Resettlement Pace and Planned Central American Refugee Raids

Advocates Call Approach Morally Wrong, Politically Stupid A front page story in the New York Times highlights growing criticism of the Obama Administration for the slow pace in resettling Syrian refugees in America and for its planned raids against Central American refugees. The Times story, by Julie Hirschfeld Davis and titled, “As U.S. Admits Migrants in a Trickle, Critics … Continue reading »

“Fear Is Always There”: Central American Youth And Families Brace For Another Round Of ICE Raids

While some leaders have attempted to sell news of upcoming ICE arrests not as “raids” but as acts of “discrete enforcement,” the fear is very real for the undocumented immigrant community across the nation. These are indeed raids to Kimberly Pineda-Chavez, Wildin Guillen-Acosta and Pedro Salmeron — all Central Americans youth arrested by ICE at … Continue reading »

ICYMI: David Leopold: “A Refugee Situation Calls for Solutions, Not More Deportations”

At a press briefing yesterday, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest addressed the Obama Administration’s plan to initiate a new surge of raids targeting young mothers and unaccompanied children from Central America. In his latest piece, David Leopold, an immigration attorney and former president of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, analyzes the inadequacies of Earnest’s … Continue reading »

New American Immigration Council Report Highlights Harrowing Quotes From Recently-Deported Central American Women

A new report from the American Immigration Council features harrowing quotes from eight women who fled horror and violence in Central America to the US, but were eventually deported back to their home countries. “First-hand accounts from Central American women and their family members…reveal the dangerous and bleak circumstances of life these women and their … Continue reading »

“I’m Afraid Because They Tried To Kill Me”: 15-Year-Old Faces Deportation Back To Gang Violence In Honduras

Mayora is no ordinary 15-year-old. Last year, she endured a treacherous two-month journey to the safety of the US after a gang member in Honduras attempted to kill her. It’s sadly a common story for thousands of other Central American mothers and children residing in the United States. But because Mayora’s request for asylum was denied … Continue reading »

Central American Parents And Children Join Leading House Democrats To Condemn Raids

Earlier today, leading House Democrats joined Central American parents and children at a press conference to condemn news of upcoming raids and the US treatment of Central American refugees seeking asylum. According to The Hill, “[Rep. Luis] Gutiérrez boiled down the Democrats’ message to five words: ‘Obama should stop the deportations.’” “We must make sure that these … Continue reading »

We’ll Call Them What They Are: ICE Raids

For the second time this year, the news that the Obama Administration is planning another round of immigration raids targeting Central American mothers and children is driving a deep sense of panic and fear within the immigrant community. While a number of leading Democrats — including Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders — have … Continue reading »