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In New Video, Michigan Dad Fredy Mencia Calls On President Obama To Stop His Deportation

Yesterday, Fredy Mencia and his family recorded an urgent video appeal asking President Barack Obama to stop his deportation and keep their family together. Fredy, a Michigan husband and father of three young U.S. citizens, is facing imminent deportation to Honduras this Friday. “We know you have the power to help us,” Fredy, surrounded by … Continue reading »

Ahead of Father’s Day, Families on Both Sides of the Border Discussed Life After Deportation

Today, America’s Voice Education Fund joined members of the Villatoro and Acosta families in an international video chat to discuss the impact of deportation on American families. The video chat featured Pastor Max Villatoro, Brigido Acosta, and their family members who will be spending this Father’s Day apart. A recording of the chat is available online here. Pastor … Continue reading »

Senate GOP Panel Votes to Hurt Kids Fleeing Central American Violence, Spanish-Language Media Reports

Yesterday, in the U.S. Senate, a subcommittee led by Alabama Senator Richard Shelby voted to block the Obama Administration’s request to ensure that children fleeing violence in Central America have access to legal representation when they receive their day in immigration court.  While subcommittee votes don’t usually generate a lot of news, the development was … Continue reading »

Cleveland City Council Passes Unanimous Resolution Urging DHS To Reunite Marine With Her Deported Husband

Some very encouraging news for Elizabeth Perez, an Ohio mom and honorably-discharged Marine Corps veteran who has been fighting for the return of her husband Marcos since his deportation in 2010. From WKYC-TV: This week, the Cleveland City Council passed an emergency resolution 15-0, urging the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Citizen and Immigration … Continue reading »

In New Video Retired Staff Sgt. Elizabeth Perez, USMC Fights to Reunite with Husband in Country She Served and Loves

In Newest Addition to, Perez Shares Story of Her Husband Marcos’ Deportation and Her Family’s Life Apart This week,, a collaboration of United We Dream and the America’s Voice Education Fund, released the latest in a series of videos dedicated to telling the stories of those that stand to benefit from immigration reform. This week’s video features Staff Sgt. Elizabeth … Continue reading »

Heartbreaking Think Progress Piece Illustrates Why We Need Executive Action

As reactions to President Obama’s upcoming executive action continue to swirl, it’s becoming clear that most Republicans — and some Democrats — have no clue why executive action (and immigration reform) is so necessary, and why advocates are fighting tooth and nail for it. Right-wingers have convinced themselves that advocates are in it for the … Continue reading »

New Report from NDLON: ICE "More Out of Control than Ever"

President Obama has delayed taking executive action on immigration and deportations, and in his absence, ICE seems to be attempting to deport as many people as it can, charges a new report from the National Day Laborer Organizing Network.   “It’s like someone eating all the ice cream in the freezer on Sunday knowing they’re going … Continue reading »

Bolstered by Groundswell of Community Support, Columbus Mother of 3 U.S. Citizens is Granted One-Year Stay

Targeted for Deportation After Trying to Pay Traffic Ticket, Marinela Martinez-Magana is Overjoyed to Be Able to Stay with Family Today, in the wake of an inspiring rally that drew hundreds of supporters, Marinela Martinez-Magana—an over 10 year resident of Columbus, OH with three U.S. citizen children under the age of nine—was granted a one-year … Continue reading »

ICIRR Collects Funds for Obama Presidential Library's "Deporter-in-Chief" Wing

Zing! The location of Obama’s presidential library has not yet been decided, but the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR) is already soliciting donations for it — specifically for a section of the future library they are proposing to call the “Deporter-in-Chief” wing. ICIRR’s action yesterday follows years of record deportations from President Obama, as well … Continue reading »