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UPDATE: Nevada Family Torn Apart By ICE’s Zero-Tolerance Policies

I am sad to report, Christian Hervis has been deported back to Mexico. Despite our best effort to keep the Hervis family together, ICE moved ahead and removed Christian without hesitation. His U.S. Citizen wife, Viviana, and his three U.S. Citizen children are distraught – as they learned about Christian’s deportation yesterday at noon. Viviana … Continue reading »

Nevada Mom and Wife Viviana Determined to Keep Her Family Together

Viviana Hervis, U.S citizen, mother of three U.S. citizen children, and wife to Christian Hervis, shared her story with Univision as she continues to fight to keep her family together. Earlier this week, we introduced you to Christian Hervis, who is in detention and set to be deported any day now. Despite Christian’s I-130 approval … Continue reading »

Jorge Ramos Slams Trump For “Spreading Hate”: “This Is Not Politics For Us, This Is Personal”

When you’re gauging the mood of Latinos in the United States, you start with Jorge Ramos. The long-time Univision anchor has been called the “Latino Walter Cronkite,” and has called both Republicans and Democrats to task for failing to pass a solution to our nation’s broken immigration system at the federal level. As a former … Continue reading »

David Leopold and Raul Reyes Dig Into Why Republicans Are Wrong On Just About Everything Regarding Birthright Citizenship

As a Trumpified Jeb Bush doubles down on his use of the derogatory “anchor baby” — saying he doesn’t find the term offensive — WaPo reports that a whole lot of others probably feel differently about that, considering “8.4% of the resident adult population of the US in 2012 was the child of a person born … Continue reading »

Despite Community Effort, Rogue Detroit ICE Office Rips Father Of Three U.S. Citizens From His Family

An Ohio father of three American citizens was deported today.  Needless to say, his life as well as the lives of numerous American citizens have been thrown into a tailspin. In November, when DHS Secretary Johnson announced new deportation guidance, we applauded.  It seemed as though the Administration was injecting some common sense into what … Continue reading »

We Take Trump at His Word: Deport Them All Is His Plan

If Implemented, Trump’s Radical Proposal Would Be a Tragic and Dark Chapter in America’s Story Donald Trump has begun to provide specifics regarding his approach to immigration.  The GOP’s frontrunner wants to rid America of 11 million undocumented immigrants and their U.S. citizen children, change the U.S. Constitution’s definition of citizenship, and place a moratorium … Continue reading »

In New Video, Michigan Dad Fredy Mencia Calls On President Obama To Stop His Deportation

Yesterday, Fredy Mencia and his family recorded an urgent video appeal asking President Barack Obama to stop his deportation and keep their family together. Fredy, a Michigan husband and father of three young U.S. citizens, is facing imminent deportation to Honduras this Friday. “We know you have the power to help us,” Fredy, surrounded by … Continue reading »

100 Ohioans, Supporters Walk 21 Miles To Reunite Marine Corps Vet Elizabeth’s Family

Yesterday, 100 Ohioans and supporters from around the country walked 21 miles from Mentor to Cleveland, Ohio, in an effort to help reunite Elizabeth Perez’s family, torn apart by her husband’s deportation in 2010. Elizabeth is a mom of two young U.S. citizens, and is a ten-year veteran of the United States Military, serving in … Continue reading »

In New Video Retired Staff Sgt. Elizabeth Perez, USMC Fights to Reunite with Husband in Country She Served and Loves

In Newest Addition to, Perez Shares Story of Her Husband Marcos’ Deportation and Her Family’s Life Apart This week,, a collaboration of United We Dream and the America’s Voice Education Fund, released the latest in a series of videos dedicated to telling the stories of those that stand to benefit from immigration reform. This week’s video features Staff Sgt. Elizabeth … Continue reading »

The Latest News On Iowa Pastor Max Villatoro, Who Faces Deportation To Honduras At Any Moment

Here’s what we know so far about Max Villatoro, a beloved pastor facing imminent deportation from his Iowa home of more than two decades: Late last Friday we learned that during the dead of night, Pastor Max was transferred to a detention facility in Louisiana. Louisiana is commonly the last U.S. stop before detained immigrants … Continue reading »