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DAPA-Eligible Family Discusses Urgent Need For Relief Following US Supreme Court Hearing

Today, the Supreme Court held a hearing on DAPA and DACA expansion — two policies created after immigrant rights advocates shone a light on the Obama Administration’s out-of-control enforcement. If the Supreme Court upholds President Obama’s immigration actions, up to five million undocumented immigrants will be able to work legally and live free from the threat of deportation. One of these families is Esmeralda’s. Back … Continue reading »

Faith Leaders, Pastor Max’s Family Slam Aggressive ICE Tactics Targeting Immigrants

Faith leaders and advocates have condemned the aggressive — and oftentimes deceptive — tactics used by ICE to target and deport undocumented immigrants. The advocates spoke out during a visit with lawmakers in Washington, DC last week on the one year anniversary of the deportation of Pastor Max Villatoro, an Iowa faith leader who was … Continue reading »

As NC Teen Wildin Acosta Awaits Imminent Deportation Community Rallies For His Return

On Thursday, we shared the urgent news about Wildin Acosta, a North Carolina teenager facing imminent deportation to Honduras. Unfortunately, last night, the Immigration Court issued a decision denying Wildin’s request for a stay of removal. Because the decision was issued after close of business, Wildin’s counsel was unable file a stay request and appeal … Continue reading »

UPDATED: The Obama Administration Shamelessly Plans to Deport the Two Central Americans Teens Detained on Their Way to School

UPDATE: Yefri Sorto was issued a last minute stay of deportation, but remains in detention. Pedro Salmeron’s deportation to El Salvador remains imminent. We need to keep calling ICE to keep pressure on immigration officials to stop Pedro’s deportation and release both young men from detention right away. – Two North Carolina teens are in … Continue reading »

A Brave Woman Asked Clinton And Sanders For Help On National TV

Cross-posted from Lynn Tramonte’s post on Medium. Could you do this, if you had to? Stand before a national television audience and a possible future United States President, talk about the most painful event of your life, and ask for help? With the assistance of Univision reporter Enrique Acevedo, and a platform provided by the Univision/Washington Post Democratic … Continue reading »

Family, Fear, And Immigration

On December 23, as I was beginning my holiday break, I, like so many of my colleagues, was stunned by the headline in the Washington Post: U.S. plans raids to deport families who surged across border. Raids? By the Obama Administration? Again? That news sent shock waves through immigration communities as we saw the White … Continue reading »

Rep. Gutiérrez: ICE Deportation “Raids Will Not Bring Us Order. Raids Will Only Bring Misery.”

Rep. Luis Gutiérrez expanded on his earlier statement denouncing the Central American deportation raids, adding that the raids “are not the Democratic Party’s solution to immigration questions, nor should it be America’s” during a House floor speech earlier today. According to the most recent reports, since the past weekend at least 121 adults and children … Continue reading »

“Happy 2016 From The Deporter-in-Chief”: ICE Raids of Central American Families Blasted In Op-Eds, Editorials

The Obama Administration’s decision to raid homes and deport Central American refugees fleeing violence and death has resulted in condemnation from immigrant rights advocates, community leaders, and legal experts from around the nation. According to the most recent reports, officials from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) have detained at least 11 Central American families … Continue reading »

Everything You Need to Know About The Central American Deportation Raids

Over the holiday break, we learned of a disturbing development: the Obama Administration appeared to be preparing a series of ICE raids targeting Central American refugees currently living in the US for deportation. Here’s everything we know about the Obama Administration’s deportation raids. What We Know About the Obama Administration’s Deportation Raids On Sunday, the Los Angeles … Continue reading »

NYT Magazine: Families Show What Deportation Looks Like

“I just need to raise them” says Melvin Villanueva “Although you’re young / someday you will understand / why I wasn’t there / on your special day” sings Oscar Villanueva from Honduras to his six year-old son in United States This Sunday, the New York Times magazine will run a piece by Luke Mogelson that pulls back the curtain on … Continue reading »