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Demographic change

Rise in GOP Anti-Immigrant Policy & Rhetoric on Wrong Side of Three Key Trendlines

As GOP Anti-Immigrant Politics Ratchets Up: Number of Undocumented Immigrants Declines; Latino Opinion of GOP Tanks; and Number of Latino Voters Rises One of the dominant storylines of the Republicans’ 2016 presidential primary campaign has been the ascendance of anti-immigrant policy and rhetoric. Donald Trump’s attempt to mainstream hate and racism toward at Mexicans, Muslims and the … Continue reading »

From “Dog Whistle” to “Dog Siren”

GOP Worries About Trump’s Racial Appeals Backfiring in 2016  An article from Jonathan Martin in the New York Times, entitled “Republicans Fear Donald Trump Is Hardening Party’s Tone on Race,” highlights Republicans’ increased worries that Donald Trump’s racist rhetoric and radical proposals will hurt the GOP’s electoral prospects in a changing America.  This alarm is growing more … Continue reading »

AV’s Frank Sharry On Trump’s Immigration “Plan”: “This Is Not A Serious Plan, It’s An Idiotic Plan”

Donald Trump finally released some details on his immigration “plan” — and they’re about as realistic as his hairline. “‘We have to get them out’: that’s the plan Republican candidate Donald Trump has for the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States,” said Univision anchor Jorge Ramos during a Spanish-language segment on Trump last … Continue reading »

GOP, Take Note: New National Journal Piece Highlights Deep Divide in Party Over Immigration

For at least a few minutes after Latino voters clobbered Mitt Romney at the ballot box in 2012, Republicans seemed cognizant of the fact that the party would need to undergo a major overhaul if was determined to remain viable on a national level. Instead, the GOP, following the lead of Rep. Steve King and … Continue reading »

ICYMI: E.J. Dionne Raises Fundamental Question Facing 2016 GOP Candidates: “Can the GOP learn from California?”

Will the Presidential Contenders Learn the Lessons of Pete Wilson and Prop 187 or Are they Doomed to Repeat the Mistakes of the Past? As we’ve said before, the fate of California’s GOP should serve as a cautionary tale for the national GOP.  In a Sunday column, E.J. Dionne of the Washington Post highlights the relentless demographic … Continue reading »

Infographic: Swing Voters On Immigration Reform From Latino Decisions

Check out this new infographic from Latino Decisions highlighting their new survey which finds Republicans have a lot riding on their next move on immigration reform. With only 10 days left before Rep. Luis Gutierrez’s deadline for legislation, it’s beginning to look like the GOP is all but doomed to fall off the demographic cliff.  

The State of Play in New Mexico: The Role of 2010 Winners in 2012 Race

Today, Latino Decisions highlights the importance of New Mexico in this year’s election. Writing at the Latino Decisions blog, Gabriel R. Sanchez, an Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of New Mexico and Director of Research, examines the current politics of New Mexico by looking at the 2010 elections. For more on how … Continue reading »