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New Studies Show Time is Right for Real Immigration Reform

MPI & CAP Demonstrate that We Can’t Spend our Way to Immigration Solution or Believe “Border First” Crowd Two new studies on immigration enforcement show that the border first/border only immigration policy is not enough.  After spending more on immigration enforcement than all other federal law enforcement agencies combined, and achieving record levels of enforcement, … Continue reading »

Five Months In, Deferred Action (DACA) Applications and Approvals Continue to Rise

Last week, US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) released the latest numbers on President Obama’s deferred action for DREAMers (DACA) program.  The program, which began in mid-August, is entering its fifth month.  Of the nearly 1.4 million young aspiring Americans eligible to apply, 367,903 have sent in applications, 102,965 have been approved, and 157,151 currently … Continue reading »

CAP Releases Immigration Enforcement Report: "Legal Violence in the Lives of Immigrants"

Following the news that California is now taking steps to move away from the punitive federal program known as Secure Communities, the Center for American Progress today is releasing a new report on the enforcement aspect of immigration, entitled “Legal Violence in the Lives of Immigrants: How Immigration Enforcement Affects Families, Schools, and Workplaces.” As … Continue reading »

Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ): Immigration Reform is the "Civil Rights Issue of Our Time"

At the Center for American Progress this afternoon, Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) discussed what he believes immigration reform should look like and called it the “civil rights issue of our time.”  After host Neera Tanden, the President of the Center for American Progress, called Latino voters “THE story of the 2012 elections,” Menendez said that … Continue reading »

New Report Reveals the Economic Benefits of Passing the DREAM Act

What would happen if the United States were to grant a pathway to legal status to an estimated 2.1 million eligible youth in our country by pass­ing the DREAM Act? That’s the  focus of a new report released by the Center for American Progress and Partnership for a New American Economy. The report reveals that … Continue reading »

Senator Richard Durbin Talks DREAM Act at Center for American Progress

Yesterday, Senate Majority Whip Richard Durbin (D-IL) took to the stage at the Center for American Progress to launch a new website featuring the lives and stories of DREAMers.  (We live-tweeted the event here.) Durbin has long been one of the foremost advocates of immigration reform and the DREAM Act, first sponsoring the bill to … Continue reading »

Poll: Latinos overwhelmingly oppose Supreme Court decision to uphold “show me your papers”

Cross-Posted at Latino Vote Matters and Latino Decisions: In polling data released today, Latino Decisions reports that Latino registered voters oppose the Supreme Court decision to uphold the controversial provision in Arizona’s SB1070 law that would require state and local police to check immigration status if they suspect a person they have stopped is an … Continue reading »