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Nevada Governor Sandoval Supports Driver's Licenses for DREAMers

Could some in the non-extremist wing of the GOP be slowly starting to “get it” on immigration?  Yesterday, the Huffington Post reported that the state of Nevada—led by Republican Governor Brian Sandoval—is the latest to confirm that it will allow DREAMers recognized by President Obama’s deferred action (DACA) program to apply for driver’s licenses.  From the Elise Foley: Receiving … Continue reading »

In 2012 Elections, Arizona Latinos Offer Warning Sign to GOP in Future Elections

Updated America’s Voice Report Shows that AZ Latinos Kept Senate Race Competitive and Delivered a Democratic Victory in New 9th Congressional District  Arizona is home to one of the nation’s fastest growing Latino populations, and it is also home to some of the nation’s most extreme anti-immigration laws.  After being targeted by Maricopa County Sheriff … Continue reading »

Sheriff Joe Arpaio: 2012's Turkey of the Year

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is one of the worst anti-immigrant extremists our movement has ever had to contend with — and you and other activists on our side have officially voted him Turkey of the Year! With his history of racial profiling and corruption, we all probably have worse names for Sheriff Joe Arpaio –but in … Continue reading »

Arizona Update: Republicans Sued to Stop Counting Ballots

Voter ID struggles from this year’s election have culminated in Arizona, where 324,362 ballots remain uncounted.  Between the seriously questionable pre-election materials that were distributed, local officials’ delayed response in counting all the ballots, and the fact that the ballots could make a difference in who wins key races in Arizona—the voting crisis is quickly … Continue reading »

Calls Increase on Arizona Officials to #CountEveryVote

Last week, we reported on the alarming number of provisional ballots left over from last week’s election that still to be counted in Arizona.  Here’s a quick recap from the Arizona chapter of the ACLU: According to the Arizona Secretary of State, as of November 8 there were more than 630,000 ballots yet to be … Continue reading »

Election 2012 Isn't Over in Arizona Yet: Still 600,000 Ballots Yet to be Counted

Election 2012 isn’t quite over yet.  In Arizona, there are still over 600,000 yet to be counted, and in Maricopa County alone—where we’ve been keeping a close eye on efforts to unseat the notorious Sheriff Joe Arpaio—it’s estimated that over half of the ballots have yet to be counted. According to the Phoenix New Times, … Continue reading »

New Latino Vote Polling from Key Battleground States: Watch Live-stream Here!

Can Mitt Romney overcome his hardline immigration positions and meet his campaign’s ambitious goal of 38% of the Latino vote, in Florida and nationwide? Can Barack Obama build a strong enough case about his immigration record to energize and mobilize the Latino and immigrant community here and across the country? How will the issue of immigration reform … Continue reading »