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In AZ, FL, NV, and Even TX, Mounting Evidence that the GOP’s Embrace of Trump and Nativism Is Accelerating Latino Political Engagement

Washington, DC – Yesterday, we highlighted media reports demonstrating how the hard work of GOTV and canvassing operations was combining with pro-immigrant and anti-Trump/anti-GOP sentiment to bolster pro-Democratic candidates and early voting efforts in key Latino-heavy 2016 states. Today, we have a new round of examples in Arizona, Florida, Nevada, and even Texas that reinforce … Continue reading »

Pro-Immigrant Energy Driving Early Voting in Latino-Heavy Battleground States

2016 GOTV and canvassing operations, pro-immigrant energy and enthusiasm, and anti-Trump and anti-Republican sentiments are helping to bolster Democratic candidates in key Latino-heavy states such as Nevada, Arizona, Florida, and Virginia. “There’s a lot of skepticism about voter enthusiasm this year, but voters who are part of the pro-immigrant movement are shaping up to be … Continue reading »

Bazta Arpaio Targets Sheriff Joe In Largest Canvassing In Arizona History

Late last Friday, former Gov. Jan Brewer said she wasn’t concerned about the Latino vote in Arizona, saying Latinos “don’t get out and vote. They don’t vote.” We’ve got some news for her. Bazta Arpaio — the group organizing to end the troubled career of the beleaguered Maricopa County sheriff — recruited more than 500 … Continue reading »

¿Adiós, Arpaio? New Poll Has Beleaguered Maricopa County Sheriff Down 15 Points

Could beleaguered Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio be headed for defeat this November? It’s sure been looking like it lately. A new survey released this past week shows Arpaio trailing his Democratic opponent, Paul Penzone, by nearly 15 points. It’s the second poll within the past two weeks to have Arpaio — recently charged by federal … Continue reading »

National, Nevada, and Arizona Latino and Immigrant Community Leaders Discuss State of 2016 Races, Up and Down the Ballot

A Recording of Today’s Call is Available Here Today, national and state-based leaders joined a press call to discuss immigration, Latino voters, and the state of hot races nationally and in Arizona and Nevada. New battleground state polling by Latino Decisions, commissioned by NALEO Education Fund, shows that Latino voters are poised to vote against Trump … Continue reading »

El poder del voto latino le va cambiando el rostro político a Arizona

El creciente voto latino de Arizona continúa su marcha en los esfuerzos de ciertos sectores para tornar este republicano estado en uno pendular o incluso azul demócrata. En cada elección previa ha habido progreso, y este año no será la excepción. Las coaliciones de organizaciones que registran y movilizan votantes, incluyendo One Arizona, de quien … Continue reading »

ICYMI: Arizona Republic Blasts Trump, Backs Clinton in Paper’s First-Ever Democratic Presidential Endorsement

Arizona Republic: “Arizona’s been there on immigration (it doesn’t work)” Founded in 1890, the Arizona Republic has issued its first-ever endorsement for a Democratic presidential nominee.  The paper cites Hillary Clinton’s ability “to lead with intelligence, decorum and perspective” and blasts Donald Trump for lacking the temperament and qualifications to be President. The editorial criticizes Trump for engaging … Continue reading »

Arizona Organizers Register 75,000 New Latino Voters In Record-Breaking Effort

Arizona organizers have registered 75,000 new Latino voters in time for the November election, making it the largest voter registration effort in the state’s history, according to KJZZ. Mi Familia Vota reached a goal of 75,000 new Latino voters with about a month left to go before next month’s registration deadline, according to Deputy Director … Continue reading »

New Battleground State Latino Polling: Trump on Track for Historically Low Performance, But Senate Democratic Candidates Missing Opportunity to Define Themselves on Immigration

Newly released statewide polling of Latino voters in the 2016 battleground states of Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, and Virginia finds that Donald Trump is on track for an historically low performance among Latino voters. However, the polls also reveal that Senate Democratic candidates in these states have failed to define themselves and their opponents on key immigration policy questions, and that those … Continue reading »

TODAY: New Latino Voter Polling in 7 Battleground States to be Released on Press Calls and Webinars

** Two Press Calls/Webinars** TODAY, September 9th at 10 AM & 12 PM Eastern TODAY: New Latino Voter Polling in 7 Battleground States to be Released on Press Calls and Webinars Presidential, Senate and Congressional Matchups, Role of Immigration in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia Embargoed poll data available upon request to members of the media. Contact … Continue reading »