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Flashback from Linda Greenhouse On DAPA Lawsuit: “Claim Of Texas And Its Allies To Standing Is Preposterous”

Last week, we began a new series excerpting some key sections from David Leopold’s recent post on Medium, “Yes, United States v. Texas Is Really An Epic Political Battle,” which provides some important analysis into the very political nature of this lawsuit. The Medium post contained very strong arguments and analysis from prominent legal minds, … Continue reading »

Anti-Immigrant Group: Central American Children Fleeing Violence Want To “Colonize New Criminal Territory In The US”

Does the name “CIS” ring an anti-immigrant bell? The group, created by white nationalist John Tanton, is probably best known for handcrafting the notorious “self-deportation” strategy that helped tank Mitt Romney’s 2012 Presidential bid among Latino, Asian, and immigrant voters. Congressional Republicans, having not learned any lessons from their 2012 presidential level shellacking, once again invited … Continue reading »

Immigrant Rights Leaders Highlight the Real-life Consequences of Donald Trump’s Anti-Immigrant Campaign

Washington, DC – On a press call this afternoon, community leaders and immigration advocates highlighted how Donald Trump’s explicitly anti-immigrant and anti-Latino campaign is fostering a toxic climate with real life consequences. A Trump rally and event held in Miami this past weekend offered the latest disturbing reminder of the ugliness swirling around Trump’s presidential … Continue reading »

Architects of Failed Self-Deportation Policy Trying to Rebrand Their Deportation Strategy

Times are tough for the anti-immigrant groups. Donald Trump has become the leading voice for that crowd with his calls for mass-deportation. So, they’re desperate for attention and relevance. Outside of extreme anti-immigration circles, the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), one of the organizations created by white nationalist John Tanton, is probably best known for … Continue reading »

Maine’s Governor Railed Against Aid For Immigrants, But His Incompetence Made It Happen

During Paul LePage’s 2014 reelection campaign for Governor of Maine, he established himself as one of the most vehement and ugly anti-immigrant candidates in the country, which was no small feat. He aimed his ire at aslyum seekers, who are among the most vulnerable immigrants. Both Houses of the  Maine Legislature, the Democratically-controlled House and … Continue reading »

Latino Rebels Compiled "The Dumbest Immigration Fear Ads of the 2014 Midterms"

There were some ugly anti-immigrants ads during this campaign season. Latino Rebels compiled eight of the dumbest ads: We take a moment to let everyone know that people spend real time and money to produce these political videos. You know, because… those “illegals.” Some of the ads were produced by conservative PACS. Some were from … Continue reading »

Central American Kids at the Border Emergency Brings Out the Best and Worst of America

Washington, DC – The fast-developing story regarding Central American unaccompanied children arriving at our border is bringing out the best – and the worst – in America. While an increasing number of elected officials and commentators are determined to keep the focus on the well-being of children fleeing violence, others are intent to use the … Continue reading »

Headlines We Can Believe In: "Immigration Reformers Are Winning August"

One more time: Immigration Reformers Are Winning August The Atlantic’s Molly Ball spent some time reporting on the August activities of our side and the anti-immigrant side. And, the results are pretty clear: we are winning. The full article is worth a read. Here are some excerpts: Activists on both sides of the immigration debate … Continue reading »

If Mitt Romney Was Actually Mexican, Would He Still Support Arizona's SB 1070?

As we reported, yesterday a U.S. District judge lifted an injunction against the “show me your papers” provision of Arizona’s SB 1070 anti-immigrant law, allowing this draconian provision to go into effect.  Many agree that the implementation of this provision will involve rampant racial profiling of Latinos in Arizona. No doubt, additional legal challenges will be brought … Continue reading »