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Immigration and Civil Rights Advocates Deliver 290,000 Petitions to Senate Offices

On Monday, April 3, United We Dream advocates delivered petitions — 290,000 of them —  gathered by United We Dream, CREDO, ACLU, Detention Watch Network, Church World Service, and America’s Voice to ask that the Senate Democrats who have committed to vote against funding President Donald Trump’s expansion of federal immigration forces and the border … Continue reading »

Members of Congress, Legal Experts, Advocates: Trump Should Keep Hands Off of Funding Protecting Communities

Donald Trump is at it again — continuing his war on immigrants, this time by announcing that he wants to take away funding protecting communities by making immigrant-friendly jurisdictions ineligible for Department of Justice grants. It’s a heavy-handed, intrusive-government move that many are saying is unconstitutional. Other arguments against the move include: The fact that … Continue reading »

Broad Range of 400+ Organizations Urge Congressional Leaders to Reject Funding for Trump’s Mass Deportation Plan and Border Wall

In response to President Trump’s supplemental funding request for a down payment on his mass deportation plan and a border wall, a broad range of more than 400 organizations have signed on to a letter urging congressional leaders to reject the president’s request. Advocates to Congress: deny “excessive and unnecessary” request In a letter to Senate … Continue reading »

Advocates Are Not Buying What Trump is Saying on Immigration

…Not When There’s a Mass Deportation Agenda in Place After a joint address to Congress last night in which Trump was not quite as provocative on immigration as he usually is, some have expressed hopes that Trump is coming around on immigration legislation. We at America’s Voice definitely don’t buy the idea that he’s “softening” on immigration, … Continue reading »