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This Week in the Immigration Debate: Litigation on Muslim and Refugee Bans; Refugee Update; Trump’s Deportation Force Targets Mother of U.S. Citizen Kids in Arizona

With immigration and refugee issues taking center stage in the first weeks of the Trump Administration, America’s Voice Education Fund will resume its weekly “Office Hours” press briefing today, February 10 at 1 pm EST. On today’s call, legal experts and immigration and refugee advocates will provide updates on litigation challenging Trump’s Muslim and refugee ban; refugee … Continue reading »

Latino Vote 2012: Why Margin AND Mobilization Will Matter

As many have noted, Latino vote turnout in November is one of the things that could determine the 2012 presidential race.  There are two choices Latino voters have to make: Whether to vote at all Which candidate to support When it comes to Latino voters, the two parties are facing different challenges: Democrats have the … Continue reading »

The Latino Vote in 2012: Why Margin AND Mobilization Matter

Latino Voter Turnout Levels Important to Assess Alongside Head-to-Head Matchup Between Obama & Romney As many have noted, the 2012 presidential race may hinge on Latino voters’ political choices.  But there are two choices Latino voters have to make: 1) whether to vote at all; and 2) which candidate to support if they decide to … Continue reading »