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A Day Without Immigrants

“Day Without Immigrants”: The Whisper That Turned Into A Roar

Restaurants, businesses, and schools in Chicago, Austin, San Francisco, Detroit, New York City, Washington D.C., Charlotte and several other US cities got “a taste of life without immigrants” during yesterday’s #DayWithoutImmigrants strike and protests. WATCH: Thousands take part in #DayWithoutImmigrants protests across the US on Thursday. — NBC Nightly News (@NBCNightlyNews) February 16, … Continue reading »

Immigrants And Their Allies Kick Off Nationwide “Day Without Immigrants” Strike

Today’s “Day Without Immigrants” strike appears to have started organically through social media and word of mouth in the local DC area, but the action has since spread like fire across the country. The strike — which encourages immigrants and their allies to take the day off from work, school, and shopping in protest of … Continue reading »

Immigrants, Businesses Prepare For “A Day Without Immigrants” Strike In DC Tomorrow

On the heels of the “Day Without Latinos” strike in Wisconsin and the Yemeni-American grocers strike in New York City, immigrants will hold “A Day Without Immigrants” in Washington, DC tomorrow. The campaign — meant to show the impact immigrant workers have on the local and national economies — appears to have “largely spread through … Continue reading »