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Boston Globe: The US is Deporting Children of Parents Allowed to Stay

Commentators are outraged at this story that appeared yesterday in the Boston Globe, about instances where the US is allowing certain immigrant parents to stay — but deporting their children. In moves that underscore how completely dysfunctional the US immigration system is, the US has for years granted temporary protected status to certain immigrants whose countries … Continue reading »

Weekly Extremism: Pat Buchanan Says Immigrants Are More Dangerous Than ISIS, And More

The big news on immigration this week has been the pro-migrant community’s anger at President Obama and the Democrats for not taking executive action on immigration reform.  But Republicans should not forget that they are in huge trouble with the community for killing legislation in the first place — which is why our Executive Director Frank … Continue reading »

Minutemen's Jim Gilchrist on Turning Away Border Children: "We're All Going to Die Someday"

The Daily Show’s news correspondent Michael Che sat down with one of the mainstays of the anti-immigrant movement — Jim Gilchrist of the Minutemen — in a segment that aired last night.  As Gilchrist talked about the children at the border in terms of invasion and apocalypse, Che had to stop and check him: “These … Continue reading »

40 Faith Leaders Send One-Sentence Letter to Obama: Don’t Forget Migrant Children

Yesterday, forty national faith leaders delivered a succinct, one-sentence message to President Obama urging him not to compromise the lives of children fleeing violence in any future executive action. With new reports of Honduran children being killed following their deportation from the US and Mexico, the short message underscores the critical importance of protecting children … Continue reading »

Dana Milbank: Anti-Immigrant Leaders Like Lynn's Mayor Kennedy Are Looking for Scapegoats

As we’ve written about many times before, the US response to children fleeing violence and arriving at our borders has not always been welcoming.  In fact, the latest trend among opponents of immigration reform has been to document what “happens” after these children are processed and sent to temporary locations around the US.  The town … Continue reading »

NYT, Baltimore Sun Editorials: US Must Protect Children Fleeing Violence

Tens of thousands of children have fled Central America, seeking safe haven from gang warfare and violence in neighboring countries and in the United States.  Unfortunately, the US response to those who have arrived at our borders has been less than welcoming, and children have been screamed at by Tea Partiers, locked away in icebox … Continue reading »

Groups Sue Federal Government Over Expedited Removals of Families Fleeing Violence

The American Immigration Council, American Civil Liberties Union National Immigration Project of the National Lawyers Guild, and National Immigration Law Center today sued the federal government over its current practice of denying a fair deportation process to Central American children and families who have fled violence. The groups filed the case on behalf of families currently … Continue reading »

GOP Drives to the Right of Mitt Romney on Immigration

Extremism Now the Rule in Republican Party Washington, DC –It’s no secret that Republicans have rejected their own post-2012 consensus to rebrand their image to Latino voters and reposition themselves on immigration policy.  And as fresh anti-immigrant and extremist comments from 2016 GOP contenders and others continue to pile up, it’s clear that Republicans are … Continue reading »

Nativists Push for "Rule of Law," But Want to Deny it to Migrant Children

Opponents of immigration reform like to crow about how the law is on their side.  They champion their opposition to undocumented immigrants as a matter of the “rule of law” and call attempts at compassion “amnesty.”  To read their arguments is to constantly run into statements like “what part of illegal don’t you understand” and … Continue reading »