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07/28/14 | After Blocking Immigration Reform, GOP on Verge of Blocking Resources for Border Emergency As Congress enters its last week of the July work period, the contrast between both parties could not be clearer.  On all things immigration-related, Republicans seem hell-bent on blocking the President and Democrats at every turn.  This will make it clear to […] | Read More »

07/25/14 | Rep. Luis Gutierrez and Immigration Experts and Advocates Discuss State of Play in Congress, Administration On today’s weekly Office Hours press briefing, Congressman Luis Gutierrez and immigration reform advocates discussed the state of play on policy reforms in Congress and the Administration. While the Obama Administration continues to take steps to address the child refugee […] | Read More »

07/25/14 | The current humanitarian crisis at the border has exposed House Republicans, yet again, for the obstructionists that they are. After bearing the responsibility for squandering the best chance for comprehensive immigration reform in decades, they are once again building up to do nothing. Yesterday, Steve Benen called out Speaker of the House John Boehner on […] | Read More »

07/24/14 | Republicans are busy exploiting the unaccompanied child refugee crisis to advance measures that crack down on immigrants and refugees.  From blaming Dreamers and DACA to gutting the Child Tax Credit (CTC), Republicans seem determined to follow Rahm Emanuel’s infamous counsel: “you never let a serious crisis go to waste.” The following is a statement from […] | Read More »

07/24/14 | We’ve been warning the GOP for years, but they didn’t listen.  Today, we are highlighting the GOP’s demographic demise in Colorado with a mock obituary, which will run as an online ad in the Aurora Sentinel.  View the ad online here. After the 2012 election, in which Barack Obama trounced Mitt Romney among Latino voters […] | Read More »

07/23/14 | The following is a statement by Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, with respect to the current Congressional debate regarding Central American children who are seeking safety at our border. As the House Working Group’s recommendations released today make clear, Republicans are hell bent on tying any supplemental appropriations to changes in the 2008 […] | Read More »

07/22/14 | Immigration Groups Mark One Year Since Colorado Congressman Said “The Time for Comprehensive Immigration Reform is Now,” Then Ran Away One year ago today, the Denver Post ran an op-ed from Rep. Mike Coffman (R, CD-4) where the previously anti-immigrant congressman began to change his tune and called for immediate action on comprehensive immigration reform. […] | Read More »

07/22/14 | The Same Game Plan Used by the Republicans on Every Immigration Debate  When it comes to addressing the ongoing child refugee crisis at the border, Republicans and their allies have solidified a strategy of trying to score political points, driving memes that are fact-free, and then ending with a flourish of inaction.  See below for […] | Read More »

07/21/14 | Amidst continued calls from the GOP for shotgun proceedings that would result in expedited deportations of all but a handful of child refugees, a series of opinion pieces challenge our leaders and our nation to respond with the ideals of fairness and compassion, and a number of news pieces lay out the risks associated with […] | Read More »

07/21/14 | Nativist opponents of immigration reform were supposed to make their big stand this last weekend, spurred on by protests against children fleeing violence in Murrieta, California.  Mostly led by two internet groups, Make Them Listen and Overpasses for America, extremists had rallies planned in every state. And then — as to be expected with an issue […] | Read More »

07/18/14 | Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ), Rep. Joe Garcia (D-FL) and Immigrant Advocates Discuss Child Refugee Crisis, Executive Action The story regarding Central American unaccompanied children arriving at our border is developing fast.  Congress is considering a $3.7 billion supplemental budget request as well as how best to speed up the processing of the kids, many of […] | Read More »

07/18/14 | Following the move by Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), many Republicans have been quick to jump on board, blaming DACA for creating the child refugee crisis at the border (despite all evidence to the contrary).  But as a new editorial and political analysis reveals, the GOP’s attacks are meant to mask the Party’s true intention of […] | Read More »

07/17/14 | Does this Mean Most Republicans Are Now ‘Wacko Birds’ Too?  Yesterday, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) made clear that ending DACA was his “top priority” and that eviscerating deportation protections for Dreamers must be a component piece of any congressional action dealing with the Central American child refugees.  Far from a “wacko bird,” to borrow Senator […] | Read More »

07/16/14 | Washington, DC – The fast-developing story regarding Central American unaccompanied children arriving at our border is bringing out the best – and the worst – in America. While an increasing number of elected officials and commentators are determined to keep the focus on the well-being of children fleeing violence, others are intent to use the […] | Read More »

07/14/14 | The crisis of unaccompanied minors fleeing violence from Central America continues to be front page news across the country.  As Congress mulls how to respond – if at all – the most important pieces members should read are 1) a powerful piece in the New York Times’ “Sunday Review” authored by Sonia Nazario (the author […] | Read More »

07/14/14 | Latino Leaders React to Republican Candidate’s Call to Import Arizona-Style Immigration Law in Colorado While the Colorado GOP may have breathed a sigh of relief last month when anti-immigrant firebrand Tom Tancredo lost the gubernatorial primary, now the supposedly-mainstream candidate, Bob Beauprez, is taking up Tancredo’s mantle by aligning himself with Arizona governor, Jan Brewer, […] | Read More »

07/11/14 | Advocates Discuss State of Play on Immigration Reform, Administrative Action, and the Emergency Supplemental With the door having closed on immigration reform in Congress, the President is now compelled to step up and fill the vacuum.  The increase in Central American children arriving at our borders, fleeing gangs and violence, has only made it more […] | Read More »

07/10/14 | Answer: Nothing Denver, CO – With Republicans looking for new ways to exploit the ongoing crisis of kids fleeing violence for their own political gain, more and more are exposing their true stance on immigration – mass deportation – in demanding an end to the broadly successful Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.  Ending […] | Read More »