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01/14/15 | Today, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives passed a DHS funding bill, which included a collection of the harshest anti-immigrant amendments seen in years. The bill would not only overturn the sensible executive actions from last November, […] | Read More »

01/14/15 | The following is a reaction from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, in response to House Republicans’ passage today of anti-immigrant legislation that would overturn last November’s executive actions, end the DACA program for […] | Read More »

01/13/15 | GOP “Shamefully Slams the Door” In The Face Of Gutierrez, All Immigrants Says Sharry  Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, commented on the riveting testimony of Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) before the House Rules Committee […] | Read More »

01/13/15 | Twelve states filed an amicus brief supporting President Obama’s recent executive action yesterday, and a number of law enforcement officials from around the country followed, bolstering the fact that Obama’s immigration action is a common-sense practice […] | Read More »

01/12/15 | Leadership in Lockstep with Steve King and Anti-Immigrant Agenda  The so-called divide between establishment Republicans and the anti-immigrant wing of the party sure isn’t visible early in the 114th Congress.  Instead, Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) […] | Read More »

01/12/15 | Two Years Ago, GOP Lined Up for Reform; One Year Ago, House GOP Leadership Introduced Immigration Principles; This Week, GOP Voting on Harshest Anti-Immigrant Bills in Years The Republican fall from grace on immigration is […] | Read More »

01/09/15 | Legal Experts, Advocates, and DREAMers Discuss the State of Play in Congress, the Courts, and Politics As the Battle to Protect the Most Profound Immigration Policy Changes in a Generation Begins  To listen to a recording […] | Read More »

01/07/15 | Next Week GOP Moves to Do Away With Fixes to Our Broken Immigration System  That didn’t take long.  With all the happy talk inside the beltway regarding bipartisan legislative progress, one of the top priorities […] | Read More »

01/06/15 | As of later today, the Republican Party will officially control both congressional chambers.  GOP leaders in both the House and Senate have pledged to demonstrate their ability to govern in a responsible manner.  Yet when […] | Read More »

12/23/14 | It’s increasingly clear that various legal challenges to President Obama’s executive actions on immigration are more about politics and generating headlines than actual constitutional considerations.  Yesterday, Judge Beryl Howell of the U.S. District Court for […] | Read More »

12/22/14 | New Website Captures Humanity of Administrative Action with Videos and Stories from Families Who Benefit and Conviction of Those Still Fighting for Relief  Denver, CO –  As families across the country gather this week to […] | Read More »

12/19/14 | 2014 was a transformative year for the politics and policy of immigration, and moreover, for the history of this county. Thanks to an ever-growing pro-reform movement, President Obama finally made good on his promise to […] | Read More »

12/17/14 | New UWD Video a Reminder that Dreamers Prepared to Hold GOP Accountable, Demand Specific Answers on Essential Immigration Questions A must-watch video from United We Dream (UWD) features Dreamers asking Senate Republicans a simple question […] | Read More »

12/17/14 | Yesterday brought the news that Arthur Schwab, a federal judge in Pennsylvania, ruled that President Obama’s executive action for immigrants is unconstitutional.  There’s no injunction — the ruling was completely off the cuff and has […] | Read More »

12/16/14 | Immigration Law Experts Available to Explain What His Unsolicited Opinion Does and Does NOT Mean In the wake of the President’s recent action on immigration, there has been much attention surrounding the legality of such […] | Read More »

12/16/14 | The news that former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is planning to run for president is a notable development for the politics of immigration.  Often a lonely pro-reform voice in a Republican Party that has lurched […] | Read More »

12/15/14 | This past weekend offered a preview of coming battles over immigration executive action.  However, while Republicans may be gearing up to fight President Obama, this weekend should remind observers that the GOP’s true battles will […] | Read More »

12/11/14 | While most people were focused on what was happening inside the Capitol yesterday, here’s a quick recap of what was happening outside, in case you missed it. First, the anti-immigrant, anti-Obama extremist group Operation American Freedom (OAF) […] | Read More »