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08/18/14 | The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program celebrated its two-year anniversary last Friday.  To celebrate DACA’s anniversary, a range of voices are highlighting the program’s success – for the nearly 600,000 DACA recipients and for the country as a whole.  As many of these voices make clear, DACA’s successes make a strong case for […] | Read More »

08/15/14 | New Fox News Poll Shows Voters Want a Path to Citizenship Over Status Quo By 3 to 1 Margin At yesterday’s first debate in Colorado’s competitive CD-6 race, Republican incumbent Mike Coffman told the audience that he did not support a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. A new poll out today from Fox News […] | Read More »

08/15/14 | Today marks the two-year anniversary of the implementation of the President’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program for DREAMers.  This was arguably the most important immigration policy change in decades and one that has changed the lives of nearly 600,000 young immigrants who are Americans in all but paperwork. A new La Opinión editorial, “Two […] | Read More »

08/15/14 | Once Again Proving that Inaction is the Truly Radical Option In the wake of Republican obstruction and inaction on immigration reform in Congress, the case for President to take executive action continues to build and strengthen.  And as new polling from Fox News underscores, people much prefer bold action over the status quo when it […] | Read More »

08/14/14 | New Website Archive Documents the Best and Worst Responses to Central American Kids Fleeing Violence The influx of Central American children fleeing violence is one of the top immigration stories this summer, and responses across the country have ranged from principled and compassionated to extremist and downright xenophobic.  On the ugly side of the spectrum, […] | Read More »

08/14/14 | Research Finds Anti-immigrant Ads Don’t Mobilize White voters, But Do Mobilize Latino Voters While it is no longer breaking news that Republicans have rejected their own post-2012 consensus to rebrand their image to Latino voters and reposition themselves on immigration policy, the rationale behind the GOP’s decision to ignore recent electoral history remains unclear.  Remarkably, […] | Read More »

08/13/14 | Legal Case is Airtight, Use by Republican Presidents Extensive and Leader Pelosi Weighs In As the debate unfolds about the expected executive action on immigration by President Obama, expected to be announced sometime in September, the case for doing so gains supporters and supportive arguments every day.  Among the most recent key developments: Eric Posner, […] | Read More »

08/12/14 | In new must-read analysis posted at The New Republic, Brian Beutler dissects some of the recent criticism directed at President Obama’s potential executive action on immigration.  Among the key excerpts include the following assessment: Congress gave Obama the discretion he’s planning to use and Congress can take it away.  Congress won’t do that, though, just […] | Read More »

08/12/14 | Opposing Legislative Reform and Executive Action Perpetuates Immigration Status Quo; Former AILA President David Leopold Explains Why Executive Action is Legal Two new opinion pieces, in Spanish and English, further two of the key points to understand regarding potential executive action on immigration: Doing nothing, either via legislation or executive action, is the true radical […] | Read More »

08/11/14 | Last week, we noted that the real radical option on immigration policy would be for President Obama to do nothing.  Today, two of the world’s leading news outlets make a similar case, editorializing in favor of the president taking executive action on immigration, as the status quo of our deeply broken immigration system is untenable. […] | Read More »

08/08/14 | As 2016 Campaign Gets Underway, Republicans Abandon Issue to Anti-immigrant Wing This week, the Republican National Committee met to evaluate how much progress the Party has made since issuing its post-2012 election autopsy. The recommendation to act on immigration was not only ignored, but stomped on.  As the Associated Press reports: Yet for all their […] | Read More »

08/07/14 | Affront to Democracy is House GOP Refusal to Bring 11 Million People Under Rule of Law, Not President Using Existing Legal Authority Yesterday, we highlighted analysis from a range of legal experts and observers who agree that President Obama has broad authority to act on immigration.  If you read only one piece on this, it has to […] | Read More »

08/06/14 | Earlier today, we highlighted analysisfrom a range of legal experts and observers who have stated that President Obama has broad authority to act on immigration. Subsequently, Greg Sargent of the Washington Post’s “The Plum Line,” published a post entitled “How far can Obama go on deportations?”  It features in-depth interviews with John Sandweg, who was […] | Read More »

08/06/14 | The Washington Post editorializes today against President Obama using his executive authority to change immigration enforcement.  What’s curious is that a Post editorial from this past April stated: In fact, all law enforcement involves setting priorities.  Even most Republicans acknowledge that deporting 11 million illegal immigrants, many of whom are employed and have been present in […] | Read More »

08/05/14 | Why Do Rand Paul and House Republicans Let this Guy Define the GOP? The video of yesterday’s confrontation between prominent Dreamer Erika Andiola and prominent nativist Rep. Steve King (R-IA) – featuring a cameo, and hilarious escape, by Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) – is generating plenty of attention and reaction. The proceedings beg the question for Rand […] | Read More »

08/04/14 | Friday evening’s votes in the House of Representatives – to expedite deportations for Central American children fleeing violence and end DACA – cemented Republicans’ lurch to the far right on immigration.  Spanish language media closely monitored the proceedings and as all can see, the Republican Party’s antics are on full display. La Opinión, the nation’s […] | Read More »

08/04/14 | Last Minute Election-Year “Conversion” Won’t Make Up for Years of Anti-Immigrant Voting  Where to begin? The political circus that was last week’s House GOP vote on its border bill and DREAMer deportation amendment was as dysfunctional as it was absurd. Yes, Republicans voted once again to deport DREAMers back to countries they hardly know and […] | Read More »

08/02/14 | Scorecard Zeroes in on the 12 Most Vulnerable Republicans House Democrats are continuing their efforts to demand a vote on immigration reform and House Republicans are continuing to block action while promising to one day address the issue.  The disconnect between Republicans’ rhetorical support for immigration reform and their actual legislative record is vast, and is a problem of […] | Read More »