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12/16/14 | Immigration Law Experts Available to Explain What His Unsolicited Opinion Does and Does NOT Mean In the wake of the President’s recent action on immigration, there has been much attention surrounding the legality of such […] | Read More »

12/16/14 | The news that former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is planning to run for president is a notable development for the politics of immigration.  Often a lonely pro-reform voice in a Republican Party that has lurched […] | Read More »

12/15/14 | This past weekend offered a preview of coming battles over immigration executive action.  However, while Republicans may be gearing up to fight President Obama, this weekend should remind observers that the GOP’s true battles will […] | Read More »

12/11/14 | While most people were focused on what was happening inside the Capitol yesterday, here’s a quick recap of what was happening outside, in case you missed it. First, the anti-immigrant, anti-Obama extremist group Operation American Freedom (OAF) […] | Read More »

12/11/14 | A range of recent polling finds overwhelmingly Latino support in favor of the recently announced executive actions on immigration.  As is true for any new issue, the question wording matters hugely and can influence the […] | Read More »

12/11/14 | Monica is a DACAmented Dreamer who grew up in rural Iowa and now attends the University Of Northern Iowa. She comes from a mixed status family with a sister who is also a Dreamer as […] | Read More »

12/11/14 | “I Do Not Know Why this Man Has Chosen to Use Ohio Resources and Ohio’s Prestige in this Way” Last week, the State of Ohio joined nineteen other states in suing the federal government over […] | Read More »

12/09/14 | Hearing on Keeping Families Together: The President’s Executive Action on Immigration and the Need to Pass Comprehensive Reform DECEMBER 10, 2014 Washington, DC–We thank the Judiciary Committee for holding this important hearing today on the […] | Read More »

12/09/14 | If Successful, Lawsuit Would Deny State Millions in Tax Revenue & Subject Thousands of Ohio Families to Deportation Last week, the State of Ohio joined nineteen other states in suing the federal government over the […] | Read More »

12/09/14 | **** GOOGLE HANGOUT ADVISORY **** Wednesday, December 10, 2014 at 5:30pm ET #OurHome On Day of Senate Judiciary Hearing on Obama’s New Immigration Policy, Join AV and UWD in a Google Hangout  Hangout to […] | Read More »

12/08/14 | **** PRESS CALL **** Tuesday, December 9, 2014 at 12pm EST 866-952-1908; Passcode “LAWSUIT” If Successful, Lawsuit Would Deny State Millions in Tax Revenue & Subject Thousands of Ohio Families to Deportation OHIO –  Last […] | Read More »

12/08/14 | Leading editorial boards are weighing in strongly against the Republican response to President Obama’s sensible executive action on immigration.  The nation’s largest Spanish language newspaper eviscerated Republicans’ anti-immigrant and anti-Latino obsession in a must-read editorial […] | Read More »

12/08/14 | January 26, 2015 EDIT: Nevada and Tennessee are officially onboard, bringing the total number of plaintiff states to 26. December 22, 2014 EDIT: As of today, Texas and 24 other states have announced that they are […] | Read More »

12/04/14 | GOP is Now the “‘Get Out’ Party” to Latino, APIA, and Immigrant Voters Today, by a 219-197 margin, House Republicans approved legislation by Rep. Ted Yoho (R-FL) aimed at preventing the new Obama Administration immigration […] | Read More »

12/04/14 | Below are two key points and insights from recent polling in the wake of President Obama’s executive action on immigration: 1.      Most Americans support the substance of President Obama’s new immigration policies and […] | Read More »

12/04/14 | This afternoon House Republicans will vote on legislation drafted by Rep. Ted Yoho (R-FL) aimed at preventing executive action on immigration.  If enacted into law, the measure would place nearly all 11 million undocumented immigrants […] | Read More »

12/03/14 | If House Has Time for Show Vote on Subjecting Immigrants to Deportation, They Can Vote on Bipartisan Bill That Would Undo Obama Action and Provide Permanent Solution After two years of failing to take up […] | Read More »

12/03/14 | With Congress back in session after the mid-terms, Republican leadership has been talking about the need for the GOP to engage in responsible governance.  But with hardliners in the Senate and the House–from Sens. Ted […] | Read More »