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11/17/14 | Despite the threats and overheated claims by Republicans, executive action on immigration would be a good thing for the country.  Below, America’s Voice offers six reasons why President Obama should follow through on his pledge […] | Read More »

11/17/14 | As we wait for President Obama to announce his plans for executive action on immigration, anti-immigrant Republicans are in full battle mode. They are spitting out talking points designed to undermine the President — without […] | Read More »

11/14/14 | Immigration news took over front pages nationwide this week with reports that Obama’s much-anticipated executive action for immigrants is coming — and soon.  Republicans kicked into high gear, with all sorts of colorful and fiery metaphors, about […] | Read More »

11/12/14 | America’s Voice has put together a new post-election memo that identifies three takeaways and one lesson for both parties to learn as they turn to the future: TAKEAWAY ONE: The Democrats’ gamble to not take action […] | Read More »

11/12/14 | November 12, 2014                                                         2014 was a wave election, […] | Read More »

11/10/14 | President Obama’s pledge to take executive action on immigration is center stage in post-election Washington.  Here are four key points to understand: President Obama has made it clear that he’s going to lean into the […] | Read More »

11/07/14 | There’s No More Time to Waste; 11 Million Lives Hang in the Balance With Tuesday’s midterm elections now over, the President must turn back to making progress on policy issues like immigration.  Here’s a quick […] | Read More »

11/06/14 | A new Washington Post editorial counsels President Obama to wait on executive action on immigration. According to the editorial board, while the President is “certainly right on the policy,” and “might be fed up” with waiting on Republicans to […] | Read More »

11/05/14 | At a press conference at the White House today, a reporter asked President Obama if taking executive action on immigration would hurt the chances for passing immigration reform legislation in a Republican-controlled Congress.  While acknowledging […] | Read More »

11/05/14 | Washington, DC – America’s Voice is a sponsoring organization of the Latino Decisions’ Latino voter Election Eve poll.  The third installment of data on Latino voters’ candidate and policy preferences will be released today at a 12:30 Eastern […] | Read More »

11/04/14 | Key Results Now Available for Huge Latino Voter Poll Nationwide and in 10 States An election eve poll of nearly 5,000 Latino voters nationwide and in key 2014 states (Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, […] | Read More »

11/03/14 | Establishment Republicans Engage in Happy Talk While Hardliners Dominate  As the country contemplates a Congress controlled by the GOP, there is some talk – from the likes of Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), Former Republican Presidential […] | Read More »

10/31/14 | With Republicans Blocking Reform Legislation, President Gears up for Executive Action While State and Local Governments Enact Pro-Immigrant Policies While we await the results of the 2014 elections, the implications for the future of immigration […] | Read More »

10/29/14 | For those predicting that the Republican Party can or will adjust its recent hard right course after November 4th – and start appealing to Latino voters in the process – recent events should give them pause.  […] | Read More »

10/28/14 | RNC Chairman Reince Preibus Reverses Field from 2012 Post Mortem; Embraces GOP’s Lurch to the Anti-Immigrant Right  Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairmen don’t typically endorse specific policy recommendations.  But following the 2012 election in which […] | Read More »

10/24/14 | Republican Opposition to Legislation and Executive Action Leaves Only One Policy Position Left to Support: The Broken Status Quo Washington, DC –In 2012, Republicans lost the White House in part because of their over-heated, anti-immigrant […] | Read More »

10/23/14 | During recent congressional debates over immigration, we called rabid anti-immigrant Rep. Steve King the leader of the Republican Party on immigration, recognizing that despite the leadership gavel in Speaker John Boehner’s hands, King was the real […] | Read More »

10/22/14 | Republican Candidates Demagogue Immigration and Border Security in 2014 at the Expense of GOP Viability in 2016 Washington, DC – Given the Republican Party’s need to improve its standing with Latino voters in order to win […] | Read More »