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01/29/14 | In a new memo, America’s Voice reviews available district-specific and Republican-only polling.  The two key points: 1)      In district-specific polling of Republican-held congressional seats, immigration reform is very popular.   Available district-specific immigration polling, conducted in the past year by both Democratic and Republican-affiliated pollsters in 25 different Republican-held districts, shows consistent and broad public […] | Read More »

01/29/14 | DREAMers, Advocates, and a Constituent from McMorris Rodgers’ District Lay Out Expectations Ahead of GOP Retreat The 2014 immigration debate in the House is about to kick off, and pro-reform leaders and constituents of key House Republicans have some words of advice for the House GOP: turn those principles into legislation and do it fast.  […] | Read More »

01/28/14 | The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, in response to the immigration portion of tonight’s State of the Union address: We didn’t expect much from the speech on immigration reform, and the President met our expectations.  But we understand.  In the crazy world of Washington, DC, the more he […] | Read More »

01/28/14 | Tonight, President Obama will deliver the State of the Union.  Over the weekend, pundits and reporters obsessively speculated about what the President will say and how he will address key issues, like immigration reform.  In a letter to supporters Dan Pfeiffer, Senior Advisor to the President, laid out the President’s 2014 meme: In this year of action, the […] | Read More »

01/27/14 | As we wait for the House of Representatives’ forthcoming “principles” on immigration reform—and ultimately their bills—there are a variety of positions within the undocumented community regarding what they want to see out of reform. Some would be content with permission to work. Others feel their contributions and family ties in the United States should entitle […] | Read More »

01/24/14 | SOTU Preview, GOP Principles & How the Pro-Reform Movement is Gearing Up for a Legislative Victory in 2014 Next week will see a couple of key moments in the 2014 immigration debate.  The President will deliver his State of the Union address on Tuesday, and he is expected to give the House GOP plenty of […] | Read More »

01/24/14 | Dayton, Ohio Police Chief: “In spite of its misleading name, it would actually make our communities less safe” In an op-ed in the newspaper Roll Call titled, “Here’s How Not to Jump-Start Immigration Reform in House,” Dayton, Ohio Police Chief Richard S. Biehl describes why his fellow Ohioan, Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH), […] | Read More »

01/23/14 | Strong Majority, Including Republicans, Support Citizenship As Part of Immigration Overhaul In poll after poll, the American public consistently supports a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants over other alternatives.  As Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute said, the public “shows unusual agreement given the divisions in the country on […] | Read More »

01/22/14 | Following is the first in a series from Maribel Hastings, Senior Advisor at America’s Voice, on the debate over legalization and citizenship.  The article has been translated from Spanish to English and is available for reprint as long as the author is given proper credit. Now that Republicans in the House of Representatives are preparing […] | Read More »

01/22/14 | While Acknowledging the Problem is the First Step, GOP Needs to Take Action on Immigration Reform to Avoid Repeating the Mistakes of 2012 Tomorrow marks the two-year anniversary of Mitt Romney’s infamous embrace of “self-deportation,” the immigration policy he first articulated during a Republican primary debate in Tampa.  While many Republicans have recognized the political […] | Read More »

01/21/14 | Analyses from Washington Post’s Dan Balz & AP Highlight GOP Need to Take Action to Regain Competitiveness with Latino Voters This week, the Republican National Committee (RNC) will hold its winter meeting in Washington to assess the GOP’s current standing and to chart its path forward.  Those attending should be sure to read new analysis from Dan […] | Read More »

01/17/14 | National Immigration Leaders Discuss House State of Play and Moving the Process Forward The pressure is on House GOP Leadership to deliver immigration principles in the coming weeks.  While we’ve heard some details about what the principles may include, the policy specifics remain vague and key questions about how the principles deal with the 11 […] | Read More »

01/15/14 | With New Stay Request Filed, Ohio Community Makes Urgent Plea to Obama Administration to Keep Ricardo Ramos With His Family Painesville, Ohio – In the wake of an inspiring 20-mile pilgrimage that drew the support of over one-hundred Ohioans and media attention far and wide, the Detroit Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office remains silent on whether they will use the discretion available to […] | Read More »

01/15/14 | Americans on the Hook for $18 Billion, a “Mindless Waste of Taxpayer Money” This week, congressional negotiators agreed on the details of an omnibus spending bill to fund federal agencies through the end of the fiscal year. In absence of broader immigration reform, the immigration-related details amount to an endorsement of the enforcement-only status quo.  The overall […] | Read More »

01/14/14 | Proposed Amendment to Child Tax Credit Further Evidence that GOP Hasn’t Learned Key Lessons Regarding Scapegoating and Singling Out Latino Immigrant Families After the 2012 election cycle, the Republican National Committee (RNC) argued in its post-election autopsy report that the GOP needed to help pass immigration reform and that, “if Hispanics think that we do […] | Read More »

01/10/14 | Immigration on the House’s 2014 Agenda, But Where’s the Republicans’ Bill? It’s clear that immigration reform is on the agenda for the House in 2014, and a plan to address the status of 11 million aspiring Americans will likely be a central component of that debate. This week Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) […] | Read More »

01/09/14 | Choice for GOP is Clear: Be Defined by the Nativists or Be Competitive With a Changing American Electorate It’s been a bad week for the anti-immigrant movement.  Actually, it’s been a bad couple of years.  They are facing criticism from the right, their standing with Republicans is waning and they have zero influence with Democrats. […] | Read More »

01/08/14 | What it Means for the 2016 Presidential Campaign, Immigration Reform and the Politics of Immigration  Potential 2016 Republican presidential candidate and current New Jersey Governor Chris Christie signed his state’s version of the DREAM Act into law yesterday.  Already, some observers are trying to assess the political implications for Christie’s potential presidential run, including how […] | Read More »