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04/02/15 | Must-Read New York Times Editorial Captures Current Moment in Immigration Debate In an editorial titled, “The Scrambled States of Immigration,” The New York Times weaves a range of recent developments together into a must-read piece capturing the current moment […] | Read More »

04/01/15 | With Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) in the news, the following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice: “Senator Bob Menendez is a leader who I have worked with on immigration reform […] | Read More »

04/01/15 | Yesterday, Republican pollster and likely Marco Rubio presidential pollster Whit Ayres made a compelling case for why the GOP needs to improve its standing with Latino voters in order to win in 2016.  However, despite […] | Read More »

03/31/15 | An important new story from Dara Lind at Vox captures the disconnect between written directives from DHS and the implementation of said directives by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).  Looking at the case of Pastor Max Villatoro and its implications, Lind explores […] | Read More »

03/30/15 | Gov. Scott Walker’s latest attempt to clarify his muddled and contradictory immigration stance actually hurts, not helps, him – on both policy and political grounds. In case you’ve missed Walker’s dizzying reversals on immigration: after […] | Read More »

03/27/15 | “A Remarkable and Tireless Champion” of Immigration Reform, Says Frank Sharry  In response to Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid’s (R-NV) announcement that he won’t seek re-election, Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, issued this […] | Read More »

03/26/15 | Yesterday afternoon, over 50 New York DREAMers and their allies pledged a hunger strike after Governor Andrew Cuomo said he would be dropping the NY DREAM Act from the annual budget. Gov. Cuomo — who had […] | Read More »

03/26/15 | In California, 3:1 Support for Path to Citizenship, Including 61% of GOP Respondents  California’s passage of the notoriously anti-immigrant Proposition 187 in 1994 ushered in a trend of policies aimed at cracking down at immigrants.  At the […] | Read More »

03/25/15 | New Jersey Governor and potential 2016 Republican contender Chris Christie has taken the next step in embracing anti-immigrant politics by signing onto a brief seeking to block immigration executive action programs.  As Elise Foley of […] | Read More »

03/25/15 | Key Questions Surrounding ICE’s New Immigration Enforcement Policies Following is an article from America’s Voice en Español. It has been translated from Spanish to English and is available for reprint as long as the author […] | Read More »

03/24/15 | Pastor Max’s Story Continues to Show Need for Reform at ICE and Accountability for Director Saldaña In the wake of his tragic deportation, Pastor Max Villatoro, now in Honduras, is speaking out for the first time […] | Read More »

03/24/15 | In Wake of High Profile Deportation Of Pastor Max Villatoro, Leopold Raises Key Questions about ICE Director Saldaña’s Failure to Follow President’s New Enforcement Guidelines  In a new post published on Latino Rebels, David Leopold, Cleveland-based […] | Read More »

03/23/15 | The news that Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is officially running for President should be cause for alarm for Republicans hoping to recast their image on immigration ahead of the 2016 elections. In a campaign kickoff video, […] | Read More »

03/23/15 | On Friday, we received tragic confirmation that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) deported Pastor Max Villatoro to Honduras during the early morning hours. While we weren’t ultimately successful in convincing ICE that this father of four U.S. […] | Read More »

03/20/15 |  After ICE Director Saldana Coddles House Republican Restrictionists at Hearing, Her Agents Move to Deport Pastor Max Based on a phone call from Pastor Max Villatoro to his lawyer late last night, we fear he […] | Read More »

03/20/15 | Nearly 400 Leaders from the Mennonite Church USA and Christian Clergy of Various Traditions Send Letter to Administration in Support of Pastor Max and His Family Adding to the growing coalition of voices calling for Pastor Max Villatoro’s […] | Read More »

03/19/15 | As First Act Presiding over Judiciary Subcomittee Hearing, Ted Cruz Puts Forward Mastermind of “Self-Deportation,” AL & AZ “Papers Please” Laws, and Legal Attack on President’s Executive Actions Today, Republicans are wrapping up this week’s cavalcade […] | Read More »

03/18/15 | There they go again.  You’d think that with Republicans still licking their wounds after a humiliating defeat in their four month battle to tie immigration action to DHS funding, they’d send their anti-immigrant obsession off […] | Read More »