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11/07/12 | El 58 % de los electores latinos del reñido estado de Florida votó hoy al candidato demócrata, Barack Obama, y el 40 % por su rival republicano, Mitt Romney…     | Read More »

11/07/12 | Latino Voters Motivated by Immigration Issue Mobilize in Unprecedented Numbers for Obama and Carmona The 2012 elections demonstrate that Latino and new citizen voters are changing politics in Arizona and around the country. Newly-released election-eve […] | Read More »

11/07/12 | Immigration a Major Issue as Latinos Help Obama Win Re-election and the Democrats Hold the Senate It is hard to overstate the influence of Latino voters in shaping the results of the 2012 elections.  They […] | Read More »

11/06/12 | Once Again, Exit Polls Miss Crucial Demographic The media-sponsored exit polling has a good reputation for many things, but a terrible reputation when it comes to capturing Latino voting behavior.  This is precisely why ImpreMedia, […] | Read More »

11/06/12 | ImpreMedia/Latino Decisions Releases First Round of Latino Voter Election Eve Polling, Horse Race Numbers To Be Released Tonight ImpreMedia, one of the nation’s premier Spanish-language media companies, has teamed with Latino Decisions to conduct an […] | Read More »

11/05/12 | In a New Huffington Post Latino Voices Blog, Frank Sharry Explains How the President’s Courage Trumped Romneys Cowardice   Ahead of election day, Frank Sharry, Executive Director at America’s Voice, makes the case for how the […] | Read More »

11/05/12 | We have written at length about the political ineptitude of Mitt Romney’s decision to run to the hardline right on immigration – the largest single factor behind Romney’s historically low standing among Latino voters.  Increasingly, […] | Read More »

11/01/12 | The Wall Street Journal today published a front-page story titled “Election May Hinge on Latino Turnout.”  Reporters Peter Nicholas and Colleen McCain assert that, should President Obama win re-election, Latino voters could end up being […] | Read More »

10/31/12 | Democratic Ticket Makes Intentions Clear, but Question Remains: If Obama is Re-Elected, Will Republicans Obstruct or Sue for Peace? President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are making it clear that, after the immediate […] | Read More »

10/31/12 | Today, America’s Voice releases updated analysis and polling that highlights the crucial role Latino, Asian, and other voters who care about common sense immigration reform will play in next week’s federal elections.  In addition, an […] | Read More »

10/26/12 | Yesterday, we explained “the Harry Reid Effect” – when pre-election polls underestimate the Latino vote in a way that underestimates the actual standing of the candidates they support. The Reid Effect is caused by (a) […] | Read More »

10/25/12 | As Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) awoke on Election Day 2010, he was, in the words of Tom Kludt of Talking Points Memo, “a goner.”  As Kludt explains, “In the dying embers of the […] | Read More »

10/25/12 | Por Maribel Hastings, asesora ejecutiva de America’s Voice: WASHINGTON  – La promesa de reforma migratoria esta vez en una segunda administración Obama resurgió, por parte del propio presidente, pero esta vez de forma más pensada […] | Read More »

10/24/12 | With Latino voters playing such a critical role in the 2012 political cycle, we offer some important numbers regarding Latino voter projections, Latino polling and methodology, and the relationship between Latino voter behavior and immigration: […] | Read More »

10/24/12 | In newly released comments from his previously off-the-record conversation with the Des Moines Register editorial board, President Obama unequivocally makes the case for immigration reform as a priority for 2013, while also recognizing that Latino […] | Read More »

10/23/12 | Ahora resulta que los latinos no apoyan a Romney porque están mal informados y porque los demócratas han sido efectivos en prometerles programas sociales. O sea, porque somos tontos y mantenidos. | Read More »

10/23/12 | Frank Sharry: “It’s Self-Delusion for the Romney Campaign to Believe Self-Deportation Isn’t at the Heart of Their Latino Voter Problems.” In an interview with Spanish news agency EFE yesterday, Otto Reich, a Mitt Romney campaign surrogate for […] | Read More »

10/22/12 | Latino Decisions Finds High Latino Voter Enthusiasm & Offers Important Methodological Point Re Latino Polling Campaigns and political observers are in agreement that Latino voters’ behavior will be one of the key factors in deciding […] | Read More »