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10/10/12 | New Poll from Latino Decisions Reveals that Immigration is Important Issue to Colorado’s Latino Voters Today, at a live streamed panel held in the Tivoli Student Union at the Metropolitan State University of Denver, political analysts, advocates, and community leaders from Colorado and across the country discussed how Latino voters and the immigration issue will […] | Read More »

10/09/12 | New Poll from Latino Decisions Reveals that Immigration is Top of Mind for Arizona’s Latino Voters Washington, DC – Today, at a live-streamed panel at the Cronkite School, Arizona State University in downtown Phoenix, political analysts, advocates, and community leaders from Arizona and across the country discussed how Latino voters and immigration reform will shape […] | Read More »

10/05/12 | As New Polling Shows Popularity of DREAMer Program, Senate Candidates Face Key Question This week, as a range of national and state polling demonstrates the popularity of pro-immigration reform positions like the DREAMer deferred action program, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney made it clear that he would shut down the DREAMer protection program as soon […] | Read More »

10/04/12 | New Poll from Latino Decisions Reveals the Continuing Prominence of Immigration on the Minds of Florida’s Latino Voters  Today, at a live streamed panel at the University of Miami’s College of Arts and Science’s Gallery, Washington, DC and Florida-based political analysts, immigrant advocates, and community leaders discussed the politics of immigration and the Latino vote and assessed how […] | Read More »

10/04/12 | New Poll from Latino Decisions Reveals Prominence of Immigration on the Minds of Nevada’s Latino Voters Today, at a live streamed panel at the Greenspun Auditorium of the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, Washington, DC and Nevada-based political analysts, advocates, and community leaders discussed how Latino voters and the immigration issue will shape the Presidential, Senate and House races […] | Read More »

10/03/12 | A number of media outlets yesterday highlighted Mitt Romney’s comments to the Denver Post regarding his plans for applicants to the DREAMer deferred action program. Many observers interpreted the Romney comments to be evidence that the candidate was softening his hardline immigration stance in an attempt to appeal to Latino voters. | Read More »

10/02/12 | According to the Boston Globe, the Romney Campaign has clarified Mitt Romney’s remarks regarding the future of President Obama’s initiative to protect undocumented youth eligible for the DREAM Act – and it is not good news. | Read More »

10/02/12 | Support for DREAMer Relief Sky High, Support for Path to Legal Status at New High and Latino Support for Obama at Record High A set of new CNN polls show how the politics of immigration have shifted dramatically in favor of pro-immigrant policies and candidates. With respect to President Obama’s policy of protecting young people […] | Read More »

10/02/12 | After months of ducking questions about what he would do with President Obama’s deferred action policy, Mitt Romney finally said something that was responsive yesterday in an interview with the Denver Post. Said Romney, “The people who have received the special visa that the president has put in place, which is a two-year visa, should expect that the visa would continue to be valid. I'm not going to take something that they've purchased…Before those visas have expired we will have the full immigration reform plan that I've proposed." | Read More »

10/01/12 | Pressure Building on Obama Administration to Address Failed “Secure Communities” Program California Governor Jerry Brown had the chance this week to make California the anti-Arizona, a place where immigrants could count on and work with local police to fight crime. Instead, he chose to keep California on a path where tens of thousands of immigrants […] | Read More »

09/28/12 | A diverse array of voices are making the case for the TRUST Act – sensible compromise legislation passed by the California legislature that would re-focus immigration enforcement within the state towards individuals convicted or charged with serious offenses. | Read More »

09/27/12 | Today’s editorial in the Washington Post blasts Mitt Romney’s handling (or better put, mishandling) of the immigration issue and offers some cogent advice to the candidate himself: [I]f Mr. Romney really wants to make inroads into Mr. Obama’s lead among Hispanics, what he needs is an immigration policy that is fair, cogent and economically rational. […] | Read More »

09/26/12 | The Romney presidential campaign continues to duck answering basic questions regarding a potential President Romney’s immigration policy. Yesterday, Radio Bilingüe featured both Obama and Romney campaign spokespeople on host Samuel Orozco’s Spanish language show.  During the interview, Romney spokesperson Sharon Castillo refused to say whether or not Romney would keep or rescind the deferred action […] | Read More »

09/26/12 | A spate of new polls offer further evidence that the old conventional wisdom on immigration politics is so outdated and misguided that it now can be officially declared dead. The old conventional wisdom went something like this: Democrats should avoid leaning into controversial immigration policy issues because it mobilizes conservatives, pushes swing voters away and […] | Read More »

09/25/12 | Today, America’s Voice releases a spotlight on six key Senate races of importance to Latino and immigrant voters—and all those who care about common sense immigration reform. | Read More »

09/24/12 | The Candidate Carefully Stacked the Audience at His Univisión Interview – But Won’t Be Able to Do that at the Polls in November The Romney campaign revealed a new Latino strategy at last week’s Univisión forum and it “worked”…for 35 minutes.  A BuzzFeed interview with Univisión’s Maria Elena Salinas reveals the true story behind the […] | Read More »

09/21/12 | Imagine how different the presidential race would be if Mitt Romney had not embraced hardline policies on immigration during the Republican primaries.  With interviews on Univisión and Telemundo and a speech at the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce this week, had Romney adopted a more nuanced policy early on, he could have had a lot […] | Read More »

09/20/12 | Huge Implications for Immigrants and Immigration Reform in Dem on Dem Battle What’s the most critical race for immigrants that’s flying under the radar screen?  It’s the Democrat-on-Democrat battle pitting 8-term Congressman Brad Sherman against immigration reform champion, and 14-term Congressman, Howard Berman in California’s 30th district. Thanks to redistricting and a 2010 ballot initiative, Sherman and Berman […] | Read More »