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09/07/12 | This week’s Democratic National Convention represented a clean break from the old and discredited conventional wisdom that for Democrats, immigration is an issue best avoided when talking to general election audiences.  Instead, and in contrast to last week’s Republican National Convention, Democrats embraced the new paradigm of immigration politics, one that recognizes that leaning into […] | Read More »

09/06/12 | Yesterday featured some stark reminders of why politics and elections matter.

On stage at last night’s Democratic National Convention, DREAM Act advocate Benita Veliz spoke to the assembled delegates and television audience and shared her compelling personal story. | Read More »

09/05/12 | Benita Veliz To Deliver Historic Remarks During 9 PM Hour Day two of the Democratic National Convention will feature an historic occurrence – DREAM Act advocate Benita Veliz will speak to the assembled delegates and television audience during the 9 PM hour.  Following a video focused on immigration policy, Benita will take the stage to […] | Read More »

09/04/12 | ***MEDIA AVAILABILITY*** ***America’s Voice Available for Interviews at the Democratic National Convention*** Washington, DC – Ahead of this week’s Democratic National Convention, a series of contrasts are on display regarding immigration policy and politics: Democratic and Republican Party Platforms on Immigration:  On immigration, the RNC’s official platform unveiled last week is a Kris Kobach-driven grab-bag of hardline anti-immigrant […] | Read More »

08/31/12 | With the final night of the Republican National Convention behind us, below are the major takeaways about where Mitt Romney’s Republican Party stands on immigrants and immigration reform | Read More »

08/30/12 | Washington, DC – At the Republican National Convention, leaders in the party have taken a curious approach to Latino outreach: avoiding the issue of immigration; refusing to disavow hard-line immigration positions; lecturing Latino voters; blaming Democrats for the GOP’s self-inflicted problems with Latinos; and making embarrassingly transparent overtures to appeal to Latinos based on quirks […] | Read More »

08/29/12 | Voters Once Again Rejected Pearce’s Extreme Views, Which Have Been Included in RNC Platform  Washington, DC – Russell Pearce, former Arizona State Senate President and hard-core anti-immigrant extremist, went down to defeat yesterday in his Republican State Senate primary, losing by nearly 12 points to businessman Bob Worsley. This was Pearce’s second electoral loss this year. He […] | Read More »

08/29/12 | Washington, DC – As expected, the 2012 RNC platform contains extreme hardline positions on immigration.  The document is filled with references to “illegal aliens” and takes a particularly strong stand against the DREAMer deferred action program, declaring that President Obama’s immigration approach has “undermined the rule of law at every turn,” by creating “a backdoor amnesty […] | Read More »

08/28/12 | Washington, DC – Another day, another group of prominent voices criticizing Mitt Romney and the Republican Party’s hardline drift on immigration, and the Party’s subsequent hemorrhaging of Latino support.  As the following excerpts make clear, the consensus of an increasing number of observers is that Republican Party’s immigration strategy is not only bad policy, but bad […] | Read More »

08/27/12 | Washington, DC – Using current polling and voter data, Latino Decisions and America’s Voice Education Fund teamed up to create an interactive online map that allows the user to see for herself how Latino voters could impact the 2012 presidential race.  Introduced earlier this summer, the Latino Vote Map ( has been updated throughout the […] | Read More »

08/27/12 | Observers Agree: “Demographics is Destiny” for GOP Unless Party Re-Images Itself on Immigration Washington, DC – As evidenced by its party platform, the reins of the Republican Party’s immigration policy are in the hands of hardliners, led by anti-immigrant legal architect Kris Kobach.  Ahead of this week’s Republican National Convention in Tampa, some prominent Republican politicians, […] | Read More »

08/24/12 | Univisión anchor Jorge Ramos has written an insightful “Letter to Republicans” ahead of the Republican National Convention in Tampa.  Ramos, along with his colleague Maria Elena Salinas, will host both President Obama and Mitt Romney on Univisión’s “Meet the Candidate” forums on separate nights prior to the 2012 elections. The below is an English translation […] | Read More »

08/23/12 | Anti-Immigrant Leaders and ICE Agents Join Forces to Try to Stop DREAMers from Gaining Security and Work Permission in America Washington, DC – Kris Kobach, immigration advisor to the Romney campaign, architect of the infamous Arizona and Alabama immigration laws, and driving force behind the Republican Party’s hard line platform on immigration, today joined with […] | Read More »

08/22/12 | Kris Kobach’s Extreme Positions Adopted by Platform Committee on Same Day Romney Campaign States Goal of Significantly Increasing Latino Support As we predicted yesterday, Kris Kobach – the legal architect of the Arizona and Alabama anti-immigrant laws and Kansas Secretary of State – continues to dominate the immigration policies of Mitt Romney’s Republican Party.  Yesterday, […] | Read More »

08/21/12 | As Courts Crack Down on Kris Kobach Approach to Immigration, Romney’s GOP Doubles Down Washington, DC – An array of Republican voices and surrogates are claiming that a President Mitt Romney would push for sensible immigration reform policy.  Fluent Spanish-speaking son Craig Romney has appeared in Spanish language ads promising that his “father will work […] | Read More »

08/20/12 | While Extremists Define the GOP, Top Republicans Continue to Avoid Immigration Issue The reviews are in about the first few days of the new DREAMer protection policy, with a range of observers praising the program and citing inspiring stories of young people who have a new opportunity to contribute to the only country they know […] | Read More »

08/17/12 | Regarding the 11 Million Undocumented Immigrants in America, GOP Nominee Vows to Veto the DREAM Act, Supports Self-Deportation and Sees Arizona’s Anti-immigrant Law as “Model for the Nation”  This week, Americans witnessed history as young DREAMers began applying for deferred action under the policy announced by President Obama. The event garnered intense attention in both […] | Read More »

08/17/12 | Both Candidates Should Seize Opportunity to Speak Directly to Latino Voters America’s Voice supports Univisión’s efforts to have the presidential candidates participate in a candidate forum focused on the array of issues most relevant to the Latino community. Univisión, the nation’s largest Spanish language network, this week issued an invitation to the presidential candidates to […] | Read More »