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08/07/13 | The Scope and Energy of Immigration Reform Activities Beats the Ranting of a Pair of Nativist Kings  Creating a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants is supported by a bipartisan majority of the House.  The only thing […] | Read More »

08/06/13 | Supporters of Immigration Reform with a Path to Citizenship Make their Presence Felt As Congress begins August recess, the pro-reform movement is making waves. Matea Gold of the Washington Post writes: Lawmakers hoping for a respite from […] | Read More »

08/06/13 | With Members of Congress home for recess, the growing grassroots movement behind citizenship for undocumented Americans is taking action and already producing results.  As the New York Times editorialized on Sunday, “an amazing array of […] | Read More »

08/05/13 | House GOP Gets a Zero Grade for Progress  As Congress slinks home for the August recess, immigration reform remains the rare example of an issue with potential bipartisan backing and public support from across the political […] | Read More »

08/02/13 | Senators Harkin and Durbin Join Business, Labor, DREAMers, and Others to Host Forum for Commonsense Immigration Reform Today, Senators Dick Durbin (D-IL) and Tom Harkin (D-IA) visited Rep. Steve King’s (R-IA) district to hold a pro-immigration forum in the […] | Read More »

08/02/13 | “Immigration Reform Summer” Kicks Off with Hundreds of August Recess Events Across the Country; Civil Disobedience and Cantaloupes in Washington; and What it all Means for the House GOP and Immigration Reform Today, America’s Voice […] | Read More »

08/02/13 | The pro-immigration reform movement came out in full force this week, delivering a clear and loud message to Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) and his Republican caucus: we’re not backing down on immigration reform.  From protests […] | Read More »

08/01/13 | More than 30 Leaders Arrested on Capitol Hill to Protest Unjust Immigration Policies & Send Message that Fight for Immigrant Families Has Been Escalated  America’s Voice Founder and Executive Director Frank Sharry was one of […] | Read More »

08/01/13 | “Respect Our Families, Respect Our Work, and Give Us a Vote on Citizenship” View the photoblog here As Members of Congress head home for the August recess, United Farm Workers, United We Dream and America’s […] | Read More »

07/31/13 | While Anti-Immigrant Forces Will Make Some Noise, In-District Action to be Driven by Pro-Reform Majority Ahead of the impending August recess, pro-immigration forces are on the move with hundreds of grassroots events planned from coast […] | Read More »

07/30/13 | The immigration reform movement is ready for the August recess.  Advocates are organizing events, gearing up for town halls and making sure members of Congress feel the heat.  The demand?  Give us a vote on […] | Read More »

07/29/13 | Frank Sharry: “Speaker Boehner Allowed Steve King a Vote to Deport DREAMers, Why Not a Similar Vote on a Path to Citizenship?” New polling released today by Public Policy Polling (PPP) demonstrates that voters grasp […] | Read More »

07/29/13 | Support From Across Spectrum, Money and Polling Favor Proponents; Opposition is a “Paper Tiger” A CBS News headline asks “Are the tides turning for immigration reform in the House?” and then lists numerous reasons why […] | Read More »

07/26/13 | GOP Steve King Problem = Latino Problem; After KIDS Act Hearing, Latino Polling Says Go Big or Go Home Today, America’s Voice alongside other immigration advocates and policy experts held the twentieth in a series of weekly “Office […] | Read More »

07/26/13 | This week, Rep. Steve King (R-IA) proved that he is setting the GOP agenda on Immigration.  King’s comments comparing young undocumented DREAMers to drug mules put a spotlight on the quandary facing Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) as […] | Read More »

07/26/13 | Boehner Calls Reform “More Difficult” in Light of Extremist Comments, When They Should Make Passing Reform More Imperative As anti-immigrant extremist Rep. Steve King (R-IA) continues his media tour to defend his infamous comparison of […] | Read More »

07/25/13 | Boehner’s Apologies Not Enough; Only Swift and Bold Action will Stop the Slide Polling of Latino voters in 24 Republican-held battleground districts released by Latino Decisions and America’s Voice yesterday demonstrates the damage that Rep. Steve […] | Read More »

07/24/13 | Today, Latino Decisions and America’s Voice released the results of a new poll of Latino voters in 24 Republican-held battleground districts.  The poll probed how immigration reform and the two parties’ handling of it in […] | Read More »