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03/23/15 | The news that Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is officially running for President should be cause for alarm for Republicans hoping to recast their image on immigration ahead of the 2016 elections. In a campaign kickoff video, […] | Read More »

03/23/15 | On Friday, we received tragic confirmation that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) deported Pastor Max Villatoro to Honduras during the early morning hours. While we weren’t ultimately successful in convincing ICE that this father of four U.S. […] | Read More »

03/20/15 |  After ICE Director Saldana Coddles House Republican Restrictionists at Hearing, Her Agents Move to Deport Pastor Max Based on a phone call from Pastor Max Villatoro to his lawyer late last night, we fear he […] | Read More »

03/20/15 | Nearly 400 Leaders from the Mennonite Church USA and Christian Clergy of Various Traditions Send Letter to Administration in Support of Pastor Max and His Family Adding to the growing coalition of voices calling for Pastor Max Villatoro’s […] | Read More »

03/19/15 | As First Act Presiding over Judiciary Subcomittee Hearing, Ted Cruz Puts Forward Mastermind of “Self-Deportation,” AL & AZ “Papers Please” Laws, and Legal Attack on President’s Executive Actions Today, Republicans are wrapping up this week’s cavalcade […] | Read More »

03/18/15 | There they go again.  You’d think that with Republicans still licking their wounds after a humiliating defeat in their four month battle to tie immigration action to DHS funding, they’d send their anti-immigrant obsession off […] | Read More »

03/18/15 | National and local attention has focused on the case of Pastor Max Villatoro, who was detained last week by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in Iowa and faces imminent deportation to Honduras.  Pastor Max’s deportation […] | Read More »

03/18/15 | Pastor Max’s Attorney Files Emergency Motion to Reopen Deportation Case, Hundreds Rally in Iowa City for His Release Yesterday, ahead of an Iowa City rally that drew hundreds of supporters, Pastor Max Villatoro’s new immigration lawyers, […] | Read More »

03/17/15 | Con alto riesgo de violencia acechando en Honduras, el defensor del pastor Max aboga por su vida  Hoy, los nuevos abogados de inmigración del pastor Max, David Wolfe Leopold y Asociados, presentaron una moción de […] | Read More »

03/17/15 | With High Risk of Violence Lurking in Honduras, Pastor Max’s Attorney Makes Plea for Man’s Life  Today, Pastor Max Villatoro’s new immigration lawyers, David Wolfe Leopold and Associates, filed an emergency motion to reopen his […] | Read More »

03/17/15 | Will the Administration Apply the Balancing Test, or Separate Max from His Life and Family?   The following is the latest update about Pastor Max Villatoro, who was detained last week by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).  Yesterday, ICE denied […] | Read More »

03/16/15 | Despite Renewed Dept. Priorities, ICE Insists on Wasting Resources Deporting Beloved Pastor and Separating American Family Today, in the wake of a relentless, nationwide mobilization against the arrest of Mennonite Pastor Max Villatoro, Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) […] | Read More »

03/16/15 | In the Huffington Post, Juan Escalante Explains How the GOP’s Obsession with Immigrants is Blocking a Historical Nomination Over the weekend, after months of slow walking, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) announced plans to delay […] | Read More »

03/13/15 | After Series of Arbitrary Transfers to Multiple Detention Centers, ICE Seeks Apparent Retaliation Against Pastor Max Villatoro and His Loved Ones; Community Demands Answers After a week-long, nationwide mobilization against the arrest of local Mennonite Pastor Max Villatoro, […] | Read More »

03/13/15 |  Leaders Weigh in on Lynch Nomination; DOJ Lawsuit; Other Developments To listen to a recording of today’s call, click here. Washington, DC – Next week, after months of GOP slow walking and delay, the Senate will vote on […] | Read More »

03/11/15 | American Children of Immigrants Parents Coming of Age, Ready to Vote for their Families Senator David Vitter continues to push for a vote on his unconstitutional amendment to gut the Constitution’s definition of who is a citizen. […] | Read More »

03/11/15 | Senator Vitter Proposes Radical Unconstitutional Measure to Redefine Who is a U.S. Citizen  Fresh off a bruising and unsuccessful battle over immigration that brought the nation to the brink of a DHS shutdown, you would […] | Read More »

03/09/15 | In the Wake of Deportation Order, Iowa City Pastor Max Villatoro and Father of Four Receives Outpouring of Public Support  After learning that Max Villatoro, a local Mennonite Pastor and father of four U.S. citizen […] | Read More »