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10/08/13 | America’s Voice Founder and Executive Director Frank Sharry was one of 200 individuals arrested today as part of an immigration-related civil disobedience at the U.S. Capitol.  The arrests, which followed a major rally on the National Mall and march to the Capitol featuring tens of thousands of participants, included Members of Congress and leaders from […] | Read More »

10/07/13 | Policy Victories in California and Powerful Rallies Across the Country Underscore Growing Strength of Immigration Movement  With the federal government shut down and Washington characterized by dysfunction and policy stalemates, the immigration reform movement serves as a welcome contrast.  Just this past weekend alone, the immigration movement achieved important policy victories in California while flexing […] | Read More »

10/04/13 | Rep. Judy Chu (D-CA) and Advocates Discuss H.R. 15 and Upcoming Actions Washington, DC – Today, Rep. Judy Chu (D-CA) and immigration reform advocates held a Google+ Hangout hosted by America’s Voice to discuss the latest developments on immigration in Washington, DC and throughout the nation. This week, 120 Democrats introduced a comprehensive immigration bill, […] | Read More »

10/04/13 | We Need Strong Action from Amodei and Heck, Not Fig Leafs The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice: It’s time for Nevada Republican Congressen Mark Amodei and Joe Heck to step up on immigration reform, and they know it. Their talk of introducing their own piecemeal bills rings hollow.  […] | Read More »

10/03/13 | The Time Has Come For House GOP members Who Endorse Path to Citizenship to Become Cosponsors In the middle of the latest D.C. crisis, immigration reform continues its relentless move forward.  And, while pundits scramble to tally Republican votes for a “clean CR,” we already know the votes exist to pass reform in the House. […] | Read More »

10/02/13 | Every Provision Has Bipartisan Support; It’s Put Up or Shut Up Time for Speaker Boehner Today, House Democrats introduced a comprehensive immigration bill that draws on the bill approved on a bipartisan basis in the Senate, and on the McCaul-Thompson border security bill approved on a bipartisan basis by the House Homeland Security Committee. Said […] | Read More »

10/01/13 | Government Shutdown Shows Need for House GOP Modernizers to Stand Up to Radicals Conservative journalist Byron York of the Washington Examiner has an interesting piece entitled, “How 30 House Republicans are forcing the Obamacare fight.”  In it, he states: There are 233 Republicans in the House.  Insiders estimate that three-quarters of them, or about 175 GOP lawmakers, are […] | Read More »

09/30/13 | A new poll of Latino voters from the Public Religion Research Institute shows that Republicans have much to worry about when it comes to the Party’s national prospects and how they address immigration reform.  As a New York Times recap states: More than 6 in 10 Hispanic respondents said they felt closer to the Democratic […] | Read More »

09/27/13 | Reps. Luis Gutierrez & Jared Polis on Immigration Reform State of Play  On today’s “Office Hours” press call, two longtime Congressional champions of immigration reform – Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) and Rep. Jared Polis (D-CO) – expressed optimism about the prospects for reform this year and discussed the strategies and tactics that they are pursuing […] | Read More »

09/23/13 | New America’s Voice Memo and Website Highlight the Political and Human Cost of Delay A new memo from America’s Voice analyzes the political state of play for the GOP and  a new web site——features a ticker that shows how the real-time human toll of deportations on the one hand and the strength of “immigration voters” […] | Read More »

09/20/13 | New Latino Decisions Analysis: California Story Shows Complete Life Cycle of Anti-Immigrant Wedge Strategy, Cautionary Tale for National GOP  On today’s immigration reform “Office Hours” press call, immigration reform leaders and pollsters discuss the intertwined political and anti immigrant history of California’s Republican Party that has lead to the party’s demise in the state and […] | Read More »

09/20/13 | Greg Sargent at the Washington Post’s Plum Line broke the story this morning that one bipartisan attempt to craft comprehensive immigration reform legislation in the House is dead.  Here are excerpts from Sargent’s post: “It doesn’t appear that we’re going to move forward with the group of seven,” Dem Rep. Luis Gutierrez, a key player […] | Read More »

09/20/13 | Goodlatte, House Leaders Talk Up Reform, but Where’s their Legislative Proposal? When is the Vote? For months now House leaders have been using similar talking points and sound bites when talking about immigration reform.  However, they continue to fall short when it comes to actually putting their words into action. Case and point, House Judiciary […] | Read More »

09/17/13 | We Are Open to Working with a House Architecture on Legalization/Citizenship, But Only If it Leads to Inclusive Legalization and Achievable Citizenship  (Washington D.C)  A blog post that appeared online at the Wall Street Journal website tonight has caused considerable confusion, and raised questions about where America’s Voice stands on the question of the 11 […] | Read More »

09/17/13 | How About a Vote Instead of a Video? No words can describe just who exactly the House GOP thinks it’s fooling by releasing this new video celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month (one has to look no further than the viewer comments to see that we are not alone). The video begins by featuring House GOP leaders including House […] | Read More »

09/16/13 | Speaker Boehner and His Caucus Face Serious Pressure to Pass Reform from Back Home Outside Washington, the momentum and energy continues to build in favor of immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship.  California just enacted a historic driver’s license bill; rallies, roundtables and visits are happening in key districts; and hard-hitting pieces are being […] | Read More »

09/13/13 | It’s been an amazing summer for the immigration reform movement, one marked by thousands of pro-reform events across the nation and capped by 26 House Republicans coming out in support of a path to citizenship.  It wouldn’t have been possible without all the organizations who put local pressure on their Representatives to do the right thing and support […] | Read More »

09/13/13 | House Republicans’ “Safe to Profile Act” Would Take Arizona Anti-Immigration Law Nationwide  On today’s immigration reform “Office Hours” press call, Rep. Tony Cardenas (D-CA) joined labor and immigration leaders from across the country to discuss the latest enforcement-only legislative proposals at the federal and state levels and their impact on the undocumented community. Earlier this […] | Read More »