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01/22/14 | While Acknowledging the Problem is the First Step, GOP Needs to Take Action on Immigration Reform to Avoid Repeating the Mistakes of 2012 Tomorrow marks the two-year anniversary of Mitt Romney’s infamous embrace of “self-deportation,” […] | Read More »

01/21/14 | Analyses from Washington Post’s Dan Balz & AP Highlight GOP Need to Take Action to Regain Competitiveness with Latino Voters This week, the Republican National Committee (RNC) will hold its winter meeting in Washington to assess the […] | Read More »

01/17/14 | National Immigration Leaders Discuss House State of Play and Moving the Process Forward The pressure is on House GOP Leadership to deliver immigration principles in the coming weeks.  While we’ve heard some details about what […] | Read More »

01/15/14 | With New Stay Request Filed, Ohio Community Makes Urgent Plea to Obama Administration to Keep Ricardo Ramos With His Family Painesville, Ohio – In the wake of an inspiring 20-mile pilgrimage that drew the support of over one-hundred Ohioans and media […] | Read More »

01/15/14 | Americans on the Hook for $18 Billion, a “Mindless Waste of Taxpayer Money” This week, congressional negotiators agreed on the details of an omnibus spending bill to fund federal agencies through the end of the fiscal year. […] | Read More »

01/14/14 | Proposed Amendment to Child Tax Credit Further Evidence that GOP Hasn’t Learned Key Lessons Regarding Scapegoating and Singling Out Latino Immigrant Families After the 2012 election cycle, the Republican National Committee (RNC) argued in its […] | Read More »

01/10/14 | Immigration on the House’s 2014 Agenda, But Where’s the Republicans’ Bill? It’s clear that immigration reform is on the agenda for the House in 2014, and a plan to address the status of 11 million […] | Read More »

01/09/14 | Choice for GOP is Clear: Be Defined by the Nativists or Be Competitive With a Changing American Electorate It’s been a bad week for the anti-immigrant movement.  Actually, it’s been a bad couple of years.  […] | Read More »

01/08/14 | What it Means for the 2016 Presidential Campaign, Immigration Reform and the Politics of Immigration  Potential 2016 Republican presidential candidate and current New Jersey Governor Chris Christie signed his state’s version of the DREAM Act […] | Read More »

01/07/14 | New Editorial Blasts Efforts to Chip Away at Citizenship for Undocumented Immigrants With immigration reform on the agenda for the House in 2014, we’ve yet to see a House Republican proposal that addresses the status […] | Read More »

01/07/14 | The Time is Now For a Legislative Proposal on the 11 Million that Attracts Bipartisan Support There is a consensus among most political observers that immigration reform will be on the agenda for the House in 2014.  […] | Read More »

12/19/13 | The Administration Should Stop Deporting People Who Would Qualify For Immigration Status under Pending Legislation Washington, DC—The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) just announced that the federal government deported 368,644 immigrants in the past fiscal […] | Read More »

12/19/13 | Immigrants are Working Hard to Make this Holiday Season Special for America, When Will House Republicans Start Doing Their Jobs Too? Washington, DC – While Members of Congress are on holiday recess, immigrants are working […] | Read More »

12/18/13 | Second in Two Part Series: Immigration Advocates Review Key Moments from 2013 & Preview What’s to Come in 2014 In 2013, the fight for immigration reform proved that this is not simply an “issue campaign” […] | Read More »

12/16/13 | Washington, DC – The human toll of our failed immigration system and unrelenting deportations mounts every single day.  As the holiday season approaches, the Obama Administration is on track to break yet another deportation record. […] | Read More »

12/16/13 | New America’s Voice Blog Posts Recap Highlight Moments and Best Pictures from 2013 Washington, DC – 2013 was a big year for immigration reform. Over the last year, a deep and diverse coalition has come together to […] | Read More »

12/13/13 | First in Two Part Series: How the Immigration Movement Gained Strength in 2013 and Will Come Back Stronger in 2014 The movement in support of immigration reform has been growing in size and strength all […] | Read More »

12/13/13 | In a new analysis in the New York Times, Julia Preston captures how the immigration reform movement has emerged as a relentless force that is prepared to hold all parties accountable in 2014. As Preston […] | Read More »