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05/01/14 | It’s Been 307 Days Since Senate Passed its Immigration Bill; 58 Days Left Until Window Closes for House GOP La Opinión, the nation’s largest Spanish language daily newspaper, issues a must read editorial on this […] | Read More »

04/30/14 | It’s Been 306 Days Since Senate Passed its Immigration Bill; 59 Days Left Until Window of Opportunity Closes In a development that surprised no one, Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) yesterday walked back […] | Read More »

04/28/14 | Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) recently generated wide attention by mocking his fellow House Republicans’ unwillingness to tackle immigration reform.  Yet the tough words from the Speaker about his conference belie the simple fact that Speaker […] | Read More »

04/25/14 | State of Play on Politics and Policy, In Congress and the Administration Pressure from across the country continued to mount this week on both House Republicans and the Obama Administration.  On this week’s Office Hours […] | Read More »

04/25/14 | Advocates Applaud U.S. Attorney Hickton for Delivering Justice, Urge Eric Holder to Follow Hickton’s Lead After a hard fought public campaign to reunite him with his U.S. citizen children, 24-year Ohio resident Jose Alfredo Ramos Gallegos received […] | Read More »

04/24/14 | Two Million Deportations by Obama Administration Not Enough for Leading Republicans Erica Werner of the Associated Press reports that a group of Republican Senators are already criticizing the Obama Administration’s review of its own immigration […] | Read More »

04/23/14 | But Will House Republicans Step Up? As House Republicans continue to block immigration reform in Congress, several prominent Republican leaders are speaking up about the policy and political imperative for immigration reform, and are stepping […] | Read More »

04/21/14 | A new post published on the Latino Decisions website, “Immigration Legislation or Executive Action Will Shape Latino Vote,”  compiles recent and relevant polling on Latino voters to show how their views and political behavior are […] | Read More »

04/21/14 | To Date, Boehner and House Leadership All Hat, No Cattle on Immigration Reform  According to a report from Laura Meckler in last Friday’s Wall Street Journal, Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) recently told […] | Read More »

04/17/14 | There is growing pressure on the Obama Administration to preside over immigration enforcement reforms and to deliver affirmative relief to those who would qualify for legalization under the Senate’s immigration bill.  While the White House is […] | Read More »

04/16/14 | In Conversation with Washington Post’s Greg Sargent, Rep. Diaz-Balart Lays Out Likely Chain of Scenarios on Immigration In an interview with the Washington Post’s Greg Sargent, Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL) predicts that President Obama will […] | Read More »

04/16/14 | Yesterday, President Obama met with religious leaders on the topic of immigration reform.  A White House statement issued following the meeting noted that President Obama “emphasized that while his Administration can take steps to better […] | Read More »

04/16/14 | New Blog Post from Colorado DREAMer Highlights Gardner’s Extremism on Immigration  Rep. Cory Gardner (R-CO) is going to have a tough time appealing to the state’s growing Latino population this November.  A new Huffington Post […] | Read More »

04/15/14 | In Another Attempt to Force Republican Leadership to Hold an Immigration Vote, Democrats Highlight 30 Republicans Who’ve Spoken Up for Reform But Refuse to Act This morning, House Democrats announced a new strategy to force a vote […] | Read More »

04/15/14 | Republicans in the House of Representatives seem to be planning to run out the clock on immigration reform this Congress, to the detriment of the country, New Mexico, and their own political interests. Speaker of […] | Read More »

04/14/14 | The Obama deportation machine has come under fire recently for ramping up the deportation of immigrants with strong family ties and little or no criminal record. Not only is there a moral imperative to stop […] | Read More »

04/14/14 | Republicans Continue to Risk White House in 2016 by Making Steve King Face of the Party in Immigration  In analysis at the website titled “Like Bush, Many Republicans Are Moderate on Immigration, Nate Silver assesses the […] | Read More »

04/11/14 | As Comprehensive Immigration Reform Stalls and Non-Controversial ENLIST Act Wavers, Fringe Republican House Members Continue to Prove their Stronghold Over House Leadership and House Agenda It’s been quite the couple of weeks for the extremist […] | Read More »