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03/17/15 | With High Risk of Violence Lurking in Honduras, Pastor Max’s Attorney Makes Plea for Man’s Life  Today, Pastor Max Villatoro’s new immigration lawyers, David Wolfe Leopold and Associates, filed an emergency motion to reopen his […] | Read More »

03/17/15 | Will the Administration Apply the Balancing Test, or Separate Max from His Life and Family?   The following is the latest update about Pastor Max Villatoro, who was detained last week by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).  Yesterday, ICE denied […] | Read More »

03/16/15 | Despite Renewed Dept. Priorities, ICE Insists on Wasting Resources Deporting Beloved Pastor and Separating American Family Today, in the wake of a relentless, nationwide mobilization against the arrest of Mennonite Pastor Max Villatoro, Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) […] | Read More »

03/16/15 | In the Huffington Post, Juan Escalante Explains How the GOP’s Obsession with Immigrants is Blocking a Historical Nomination Over the weekend, after months of slow walking, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) announced plans to delay […] | Read More »

03/13/15 | After Series of Arbitrary Transfers to Multiple Detention Centers, ICE Seeks Apparent Retaliation Against Pastor Max Villatoro and His Loved Ones; Community Demands Answers After a week-long, nationwide mobilization against the arrest of local Mennonite Pastor Max Villatoro, […] | Read More »

03/13/15 |  Leaders Weigh in on Lynch Nomination; DOJ Lawsuit; Other Developments To listen to a recording of today’s call, click here. Washington, DC – Next week, after months of GOP slow walking and delay, the Senate will vote on […] | Read More »

03/11/15 | American Children of Immigrants Parents Coming of Age, Ready to Vote for their Families Senator David Vitter continues to push for a vote on his unconstitutional amendment to gut the Constitution’s definition of who is a citizen. […] | Read More »

03/11/15 | Senator Vitter Proposes Radical Unconstitutional Measure to Redefine Who is a U.S. Citizen  Fresh off a bruising and unsuccessful battle over immigration that brought the nation to the brink of a DHS shutdown, you would […] | Read More »

03/09/15 | In the Wake of Deportation Order, Iowa City Pastor Max Villatoro and Father of Four Receives Outpouring of Public Support  After learning that Max Villatoro, a local Mennonite Pastor and father of four U.S. citizen […] | Read More »

03/09/15 | At the Iowa Agricultural Summit held this past weekend, Governor Jeb Bush (R-FL) got most of the attention regarding immigration.  He reiterated that undocumented immigrants should be legalized and once again suggested, while dodging direct questions, […] | Read More »

03/06/15 | Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials in Iowa have set their sights on their latest low priority target for deportation: Max Villatoro, a local Mennonite Pastor and father of four U.S. citizen children. ICE arrived […] | Read More »

03/06/15 | Latino Pollster, Latino Leader and Immigration Advocate Discuss What’s Next for Immigration Policy and Politics To Listen to a Recording of Today’s Press Call, Click Here. Now that the debate over Department of Homeland Security (DHS)  […] | Read More »

03/03/15 | Republicans Seem Unable to Move on from Anti-Immigrant Obsession This week, as the GOP fueled Department of Homeland Security (DHS) debate careens to a close, the House Judiciary Committee is marking up four immigration enforcement-only bills.  After […] | Read More »

03/03/15 | After weeks of battling the inevitable, House Republicans appear set to finally advance a clean DHS funding bill stripped of immigration riders.  This predictable outcome reinforced the fact that immigration is the Republicans’ kryptonite.  Instead of helping the […] | Read More »

03/02/15 | The Monster of Their Own Creation is Out of Control An array of voices from across the political spectrum agree that the DHS funding debacle has been a colossal embarrassment and failure for the GOP.  According […] | Read More »

02/27/15 | He Should Know Better Today, the Senate voted to block debate on an extreme anti-immigration measure by Senator Susan Collins (R-ME)—legislation designed to take away the President’s DAPA and expanded DACA programs and resume the […] | Read More »

02/27/15 | Today the Senate approved a clean Department of Homeland Security (DHS) appropriations bill, and Senate Democrats blocked a motion to proceed to a bill from Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) that would nullify the President’s immigration-related […] | Read More »

02/27/15 | If the GOP Wants to Address Nation’s Immigration Problems, then They Should Give Up on Mass-Deportation Measures and Be Prepared for a Debate on Comprehensive Immigration Reform Today, the Senate voted to block debate on […] | Read More »