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08/04/14 | Friday evening’s votes in the House of Representatives – to expedite deportations for Central American children fleeing violence and end DACA – cemented Republicans’ lurch to the far right on immigration.  Spanish language media closely […] | Read More »

08/04/14 | Last Minute Election-Year “Conversion” Won’t Make Up for Years of Anti-Immigrant Voting  Where to begin? The political circus that was last week’s House GOP vote on its border bill and DREAMer deportation amendment was as […] | Read More »

08/02/14 | Scorecard Zeroes in on the 12 Most Vulnerable Republicans House Democrats are continuing their efforts to demand a vote on immigration reform and House Republicans are continuing to block action while promising to one day address the […] | Read More »

08/01/14 | America’s Voice Responds to Tonight’s House Votes Following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, in response to tonight’s votes on immigration and child refugee issues in the U.S. House of […] | Read More »

08/01/14 | Advocates and DREAMers React to Legislative Developments and Discuss Expectations for Executive Action Ahead With the debate over how to handle the current humanitarian emergency at the U.S. border still very much in flux, many […] | Read More »

07/31/14 | Following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, responding to today’s developments in the House of Representatives: The House of Representatives is going to stay in town to toughen up and […] | Read More »

07/29/14 | House GOP Made Child Refugee Debate an Immigration Debate – So Senate Should Insist on CIR as Part of Any Conference on House Plan With House Republicans today introducing a new deportation-focused proposal for dealing […] | Read More »

07/29/14 | New PRRI Poll: Americans View Central American Kids Fleeing Violence as Refugees Deserving Full & Fair Proceedings; Sonia Nazario Provides Reminder on “The Daily Show” Why We Must “Do the Right Thing” Take five minutes […] | Read More »

07/28/14 | Cory Gardner Doubles Down on Anti-Immigrant Stance By Criticizing Senate Immigration Bill Supported by 70% of Coloradans  With immigration reform legislation laid to rest at the feet of House Republicans, national Latino and Asian groups […] | Read More »

07/28/14 | After Blocking Immigration Reform, GOP on Verge of Blocking Resources for Border Emergency As Congress enters its last week of the July work period, the contrast between both parties could not be clearer.  On all […] | Read More »

07/25/14 | Rep. Luis Gutierrez and Immigration Experts and Advocates Discuss State of Play in Congress, Administration On today’s weekly Office Hours press briefing, Congressman Luis Gutierrez and immigration reform advocates discussed the state of play on […] | Read More »

07/25/14 | The current humanitarian crisis at the border has exposed House Republicans, yet again, for the obstructionists that they are. After bearing the responsibility for squandering the best chance for comprehensive immigration reform in decades, they […] | Read More »

07/24/14 | Republicans are busy exploiting the unaccompanied child refugee crisis to advance measures that crack down on immigrants and refugees.  From blaming Dreamers and DACA to gutting the Child Tax Credit (CTC), Republicans seem determined to […] | Read More »

07/24/14 | We’ve been warning the GOP for years, but they didn’t listen.  Today, we are highlighting the GOP’s demographic demise in Colorado with a mock obituary, which will run as an online ad in the Aurora […] | Read More »

07/23/14 | The following is a statement by Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, with respect to the current Congressional debate regarding Central American children who are seeking safety at our border. As the House Working […] | Read More »

07/22/14 | Immigration Groups Mark One Year Since Colorado Congressman Said “The Time for Comprehensive Immigration Reform is Now,” Then Ran Away One year ago today, the Denver Post ran an op-ed from Rep. Mike Coffman (R, […] | Read More »

07/22/14 | The Same Game Plan Used by the Republicans on Every Immigration Debate  When it comes to addressing the ongoing child refugee crisis at the border, Republicans and their allies have solidified a strategy of trying […] | Read More »

07/21/14 | Amidst continued calls from the GOP for shotgun proceedings that would result in expedited deportations of all but a handful of child refugees, a series of opinion pieces challenge our leaders and our nation to […] | Read More »