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07/02/15 | The controversy over Donald Trump’s racist, anti-immigrant comments has moved to center stage of the 2016 Republican presidential race.  As the New York Times described today, “Republicans have struggled with the question of immigration overhaul for years, […] | Read More »

07/01/15 | Iowa’s Voice confronted Presidential hopeful Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) at a meet and greet at the Sioux Center Public Library today, asking whether he agrees with Donald Trump’s recent derogatory comments about Mexicans (see video of […] | Read More »

07/01/15 | Today, America’s Voice Education Fund along with United We Dream, the National Immigration Law Center, and the Domestic Workers Alliance will gather for our second #DignityDays conversation to discuss access to higher education and its […] | Read More »

07/01/15 | Though it took nearly two weeks, some prominent members of the Republican 2016 presidential field are finally weighing in on Donald Trump’s racist and anti-immigrant comments. According to a Bloomberg News article, Jeb Bush discussed Trump’s comments […] | Read More »

06/30/15 | The controversy and outrage over Donald Trump’s racist anti-immigrant comments is moving quickly.  While Trump’s comments have generated outrage and solidarity among Latinos and demonstrated the Latino community’s growing clout in corporate America, the Republican […] | Read More »

06/30/15 | New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is set to announce his official candidacy for the president this morning, joining the crowded Republican field.  As the Washington Post reported yesterday, the Christie campaign wants to drive “the national conversation” by […] | Read More »

06/29/15 | The fallout continues for Donald Trump. Univision, the largest Spanish-language network in the U.S., has announced it is cutting ties with the Republican Presidential candidate following his vile accusation that immigrants from Mexico are “rapists.” […] | Read More »

06/25/15 | Group Calls on Governor to Make Good on Meeting Commitment, Articulate Clear Policy As we reported yesterday, after traveling all the way from Ohio to Iowa to talk to their own Governor, John Kasich, about […] | Read More »

06/24/15 | In the aftermath of last week’s massacre in South Carolina, the nation is having an important conversation about the roots, assumptions, and effects of white supremacy. A key aspect of this discussion is the role […] | Read More »

06/24/15 | Today, at the National Junior High Finals Rodeo in Iowa, Ohio leaders and impacted families confronted their own Governor, John Kasich, over his position on the President’s Deferred Action for Parental Accountability (DAPA) and expanded […] | Read More »

06/23/15 | Fears of Deportation Seen in Classrooms and Research, Children’s Advocates Say Millions of U.S. citizen children of immigrant parents are paying the heaviest price for the failures of our immigration policies, most recently the lawsuit […] | Read More »

06/23/15 | Ron Brownstein on Republican Voters in Three Early 2016 Primary States: Support for Legal Status for Undocumented Immigrants Not Much of a Deal-Breaker The narrative runs something like this: GOP presidential candidates are moving right […] | Read More »

06/18/15 | Today, America’s Voice Education Fund joined members of the Villatoro and Acosta families in an international video chat to discuss the impact of deportation on American families. The video chat featured Pastor Max Villatoro, Brigido […] | Read More »

06/17/15 | Tomorrow, America’s Voice Education Fund will join members of the Villatoro and Acosta families in an international video chat to discuss the impact of deportation on American families. The video chat will feature Pastor Max […] | Read More »

06/17/15 | With a few notable exceptions, the 2016 GOP field has lurched right on immigration.  Scott Walker talks about 11 million people having to go back to their countries of origin.  Chris Christie calls granting citizenship […] | Read More »

06/16/15 | After years of bloviating and self-promotion, reality star and “business magnate” (according to Wikipedia) Donald Trump made it official and announced his candidacy for President in 2016. Trump already has a long history of extreme […] | Read More »

06/16/15 | Yesterday was the three year anniversary of the announcement of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program for Dreamers.  As several pieces reflecting on the anniversary highlight, DACA both changed hundreds of thousands of […] | Read More »

06/16/15 | The pro-immigrant protestors who caused Jeb Bush to go off-script at his campaign launch and state, “The next president of the United States will pass meaningful immigration reform so that that will be solved—not by executive […] | Read More »