Latino Vote Exit Polling: Miami, LA, Chicago

by Jacquelyn Mahendra on 11/06/2008

Download PowerPoint Presentation | Play Audio (mp3) of Polling Release

Description: 2,102 interviews were conducted with Latin American immigrant voters in Miami and Los Angeles prior to the 2008 Presidential election, between October 23, and November 4, 2008.  


  • The immigration issue is considered to be “very important” by more than three-fifths of all Latin American immigrant voters. This is especially true among those from Central America and the more recent arrivals.
  • Latin American immigrant voters are united on immigration policy. More than 90 percent support giving illegal immigrants a chance to legalize their status and eventually become citizens.

  • A rise in discrimination against Hispanics due to the tone of the immigration debate contributed to the rejection of the Republican contributed to the rejection of the Republican nominee for President.


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