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Gov. Abbott Plunges Texas into Crisis with ‘Show Me Your Papers’ Law

Frank Sharry: Texas SB4 law “unconscionable, un-American, and, most likely, unconstitutional” On Sunday night, in an act of political cowardice designed to avoid mounting protests, Governor Greg Abbott of Texas signed into law SB4, the virulently anti-civil rights, anti-immigrant, and anti-public safety bill that includes a provision similar to Arizona’s infamous ‘show me your papers’ … Continue reading »

ICYMI: Julia Preston: ‘Trump: The New Deportation Threat’

Longtime and former New York Times immigration reporter: Trump’s new deportation threat “has begun to look like an attack on entire communities.” In the New York Review of Books, the longtime New York Times immigration reporter Julia Preston, now working as a freelance reporter, pens a piece assessing the Trump Administration’s approach to immigration enforcement and … Continue reading »

Governor Abbott of Texas is About to Sign into Law a Bill that Will Brand Texas as the Most Racist State in the Nation

“This bill will go from a broken taillight to a broken family to broken faith in our system” In Texas, Governor Greg Abbott, is readying his pen to sign SB 4, a supersized version of Arizona’s infamous “show me your papers” law, SB 1070. While calling the bill a measure to stop so-called “Sanctuary Cities” … Continue reading »

Sec. Kelly: Congress Gave You Plenty of Discretion on Immigration — So Use It

Senator Bob Casey Takes on DHS and White House in Vain Attempt to Stop the Deportation of Vulnerable Mom and Child Yesterday marked yet another heinous and hasty deportation by the Trump Administration. This time, DHS rushed to deport (rather than exercise discretion on immigration for)  a Honduran mother and her five-year-old son, who had … Continue reading »

A Must-Watch: Texas Rep. Gene Wu on the Threat Posed By Texas’s Anti-Immigrant SB4 Bill

During the debate over Texas’s SB4, arguably the most draconian anti-civil rights, anti-immigrant state bill in modern political history, Rep. Gene Wu (D-TX) delivered a powerful speech opposing the legislation. Wu, who is Chinese-American, was brought to tears as he spoke about his family’s own immigration history and described how this legislation would indiscriminately target … Continue reading »

ProPublica: Case Farms Chicken Plants Are Factories of Abuse

Tramonte and Leopold: Trump Administration Enables Abusers With Tactic of “Deportation Intimidation” Cleveland, OH — Michael Grabell at ProPublica, an organization for independent investigative journalism, published a new piece highlighting the depth of exploitation that immigrant workers are experiencing at Case Farms chicken processing plants in Ohio and North Carolina. “The story of Osiel López Pérez … Continue reading »

America’s Voice Education Fund Responds to Appointment of Julia Kirchner as USCIS Ombudsman

The following is a statement from Lynn Tramonte, Deputy Director of America’s Voice Education Fund, on the appointment of Julia Kirchner to be Ombudsman for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).  Kirchner was the Executive Director of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), a designatd anti-immigrant hate group according to the Southern Poverty Law … Continue reading »

No Bad Hombres to Be Found Here

Deportation cases in CA, CO, CT, and MI belie DHS’s rhetoric As we recently highlighted in a report assessing Trump’s first 100 days, the Trump Administration has laid the groundwork to implement a mass deportation plan that targets all 11 million undocumented immigrants, not simply “bad hombres.” While continuing to focus rhetoric on so-called security … Continue reading »

Texas: The New Arizona on Immigration

Draconian SB4 Legislation Set to Increase Racial Profiling, Undermine Public Safety and Persecute Children, Immigrants and Immigrant-Friendly Communities Last week, the Texas House of Representatives passed Senate Bill 4, the Texas immigration bill that is the supersized version of Arizona’s infamous, “show me your papers” law SB 1070. It is expected to be merged with an … Continue reading »

ICYMI: Texas Police Chiefs Op-Ed: “Do Not Burden Local Officers with Federal Immigration Enforcement”

Last week, the Texas House of Representatives passed SB4 – a sweeping anti-immigrant bill that may be the most draconian state immigration bill we’ve ever seen. In an op-ed for the Dallas Morning News, Texas police chiefs David Pughes (Dallas) and Art Acevedo (Houston), with support from other Major Cities Chiefs in Texas, write in … Continue reading »