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ICYMI: Gabe Ortiz: “Never Give Up, Never Give In”: Senate Nominee Ted Strickland Joins Ohio Immigrants For “DAPA Dinner”

The following is a blog post written by Gabe Ortiz of America’s Voice. For photos of the event and a video interview with former Governor Strickland, please click here.  Yesterday, Democratic Senate candidate and former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland sat down with Ohio immigrant families and members of the Lorain community as part of the ongoing “DAPA Dinners” campaign, which … Continue reading »

Rubio Joins Fellow Senate Republicans in Voting For Trump’s Anti-Immigrant Agenda

Continues to Turn His Back on Solutions that Benefit Local Immigrants Yet again, Senator Marco Rubio proves his willingness to throw the immigrant community under the bus in his quest for re-election. On Wednesday, Florida’s junior Senator supported two Trump-inspired anti-immigration legislative bills, the Stop Dangerous Sanctuary Cities Act and Kate’s Law. Rubio’s support came on … Continue reading »

Senator Rob Portman Refuses to Meet With Ohio Immigrant Families

“Senator Rob Portman has made time for Donald Trump, but he hasn’t made time to meet with constituents” Yesterday, former Governor Ted Strickland broke bread with community leaders and Ohio immigrant families as part of the nationwide DAPA Dinners campaign.  The DAPA Dinners campaign invites 2016 political candidates, Senators, and Members of Congress of all parties to join … Continue reading »

As Trump Meets with Republican Leaders on Capitol Hill, How Can They Support His Hateful Ideology?

Despite More and More Reminders, GOP Still Standing By Their Man  Each week offers new evidence that Donald Trump and his presidential campaign are mainstreaming odious ideas and memes promoted by white nationalists and neo-Nazis. Beyond the lens of partisanship and the 2016 elections, this is a disturbing development for American politics and society. As … Continue reading »

Former Governor Strickland Meets With Ohio Immigrant Families and Community Leaders As Part of “DAPA Dinners” Campaign

Former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland broke bread with community leaders and Ohio immigrant families as part of the nationwide DAPA Dinners campaign today in Lorain.  Lorain City Council Member Angel Arroyo; Lorain Police Chief Cel Rivera; Victor Leandry, Executive Director of El Centro de Servicios Sociales; and Father Bill Thaden of Sacred Heart Church also attended the dinner with Lorain Ohio Immigrant Rights Association (LOIRA) leaders and member families. The event … Continue reading »

Senate GOP To Vote on Trump’s Anti-Immigrant Agenda

Republicans stay hard right, just like their presumptive nominee; Democrats prepared to stand up for immigrants Donald Trump’s campaign has been rife with nativism, racism and demagoguery. And many Republicans have sought to rhetorically distance themselves from the nominee of their party. But when it comes to policy, House and Senate Republicans have shown their priorities are … Continue reading »

ICYMI: New York Times Editorial Calls on Obama Administration to Overhaul its Approach to Central American Refugee Emergency

Over the holiday weekend, the New York Times published a powerful editorial criticizing the Obama Administration’s approach to the ongoing refugee emergency in Central America. The administration’s emphasis, heavy on deterrence and detention, stands in stark contrast to the Senate Democrats’ humane and practical approach to the refugee emergency (unveiled in late June and praised in the Times editorial). The editorial concludes by … Continue reading »

North Carolina Immigrant Leaders and Allies Condemn Anti-Immigrant Bill HB 100

Today leaders from the statewide Faith Action ID Network gathered on a press call to discuss the consequences of anti-immigrant bill HB 100. If passed this week in the State Legislature, HB 100 will undermine the local ID program, a vital tool for law enforcement and the immigrant community in many counties and major cities … Continue reading »

“There They Go Again” – Senate GOP Gears Up to Advance Trump Agenda

Senators Cruz and Toomey Push Legislation Ripped from Trump Immigration Playbook; Mitch McConnell: Trump Not Yet “Credible” as POTUS, but Trump Immigration Agenda is Clearly Plenty Credible for Senate GOP Yesterday, we noted that Republicans in the House and Senate had spent the week proving that Donald Trump’s divisive vision for America was not an outlier. … Continue reading »

Congressional Republicans Busy Proving that Trump’s Divisive Vision is Not an Outlier in the GOP

Throughout the past year, Donald Trump has outlined a divisive vision of America cleaved along racial and religious lines, seeking overtly and implicitly to redefine the conception of what a “true” American is. While some national Republicans are supposedly trying to distance themselves, through such half-measures as declining to attend the upcoming Republican National Convention … Continue reading »