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Is Sheriff Joe Arpaio On His Way Out? Sure Looks That Way

Facing Contempt Charges, Arpaio’s Latest Legal Battle Might Just Do Him In  The controversial reign of Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County in Arizona may be nearing an end. In 2011, Arpaio was ordered to halt his department’s immigration sweeps by U.S. District Judge Murray Snow because the raids were based on racial profiling. Now it’s clear that … Continue reading »

More Immigration Follies In Iowa By GOP 2016 Field

Reminders that GOP Field is Alienating Young Voters on Immigration, While Embracing Incoherent, Extreme and Unworkable Policy Ideas and Soundbites With the most of the likely 2016 Republican presidential field in Iowa over the weekend, immigration was once again a big focus of the proceedings.  Here are three of the key immigration developments that caught … Continue reading »

Truth Revealed by Texas Gov. Abbott: Anti-Immigrant Lawsuit Not About Constitution, But to Subject DREAMers and Others to Removal

Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott just let the cat out of the bag. Abbott has led the charge against President Obama’s 2014 immigration actions, with both DAPA and expanded DACA now on hold as the courts decide to whether or not let the programs go forward. Up until now, Abbott has been insisting that his … Continue reading »

Immigration Reform “Office Hours”

 Courts, Congress and Candidates: Leaders Discuss the Latest Developments in the Immigration Debate and How it’s Playing on the 2016 Campaign Trail It’s been a busy couple of weeks in the immigration debate.  Between the ongoing legal battle over DAPA and expanded DACA in the courts; new Republican attempts to insert anti-immigrant measures into policy … Continue reading »

NEW WEBSITE: What Do the GOP Immigration Talking Points Really Mean?

New Talking Point Translator Tool from America’s Voice Uncovers the True Meaning Behind Some of the Most Popular GOP Soundbites  As the 2016 election cycle kicks into high gear, it’s clear that when it comes to immigration, the GOP field would much prefer to stick to vacuous soundbites than stake out actual policy positions. To … Continue reading »

Unpacking Scott Walker’s Immigration Stance: What Happens to the 11 Million Undocumented Immigrants in America?

If He Does What He Says, Chaos Would Result Scott Walker made news yesterday when he tried to clarify his immigration position – for the third time in six weeks.  His sprint to the right and his embrace of the populist opposition to legal immigration led to condemnation by Republican Senators, love from Senator Jefferson Beauregard Sessions (R-AL), breathless support from … Continue reading »

Take Three: Scott Walker Lurches From Pro-Immigration Reform Republican to “Secure the Border First” Republican to Sessions-Style Radical – At Lightning Speed

Once a Supporter of a Path to Citizenship, Walker’s Current Position: Undocumented Immigrants Go Home, Executive Action Must End, Legal Immigration Should be More Strictly Limited, Border and Interior Enforcement Need to be Ramped Up We suspect that even Mitt Romney is surprised by the rapid and radical lurch to the right on immigration by … Continue reading »

On Immigration, Hillary Clinton Engages in Some Straight Talk, While Marco Rubio Engages in Some Double-Talk

Clinton Leans in on Driver’s Licenses; Rubio Tries to Have it Both Ways on Executive Action When it comes to immigration on the 2016 campaign trail, we’re interested in having candidates from both parties clear up confusion by moving past vague talking points to announce concrete and positive immigration positions.  For Democrats, we’ve been calling on them … Continue reading »

Opposition to Texas Dream Act Repeal Effort Grows

Despite Opposition from the Left and the Right, Texas Legislature Moves Forward with Efforts to Repeal State Dream Act Opposition to the Texas Dream Act repeal effort continues to mount.  In recent weeks, a growing and diverse coalition of voices have come together to speak out against SB1819, a bill that promises to terminate in-state tuition … Continue reading »