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New “Trump Hate Map” Documents The Real Life Harassment of Latinos And Immigrants By Trump And His Supporters

Online Tool from America’s Voice Highlights the Ugly Consequences of the #TrumpEffect As we’ve noted previously, the Republican Party’s anti-immigrant rhetoric—with Donald Trump at the helm—is bleeding into civil society to a dangerous effect.  By making hateful statements and promoting radical policies, Trump has encouraged others to speak – and act – accordingly. A new map from … Continue reading »

ICYMI: The “100 Women” Remind Us What Courage And Leadership Look Like On Immigration

In Midst of Ugly Anti-Immigrant Demagoguery by GOP Candidates, Immigrant Women Pilgrimaging to DC Inject Refreshing Dose of Morality into Immigration Debate As the GOP candidates continue to fill the airwaves with xenophobic rhetoric and anti-immigrant demagoguery, a courageous group of immigrant women is showing leadership in ways the Republican Party has not. On their … Continue reading »

5 Fact Checks & Reactions to Immigration in Last Night’s GOP Debate

Below, we offer some reactions and fact-checking about the immigration-related parts of last night’s debate: The Focus of the “Mass-Deportation” Discussion Was on the Impracticality of Donald Trump’s Plan – Not Its Morally Abhorrent, Un-American Vision:  During the immigration-related parts of last night’s debate, most of the candidates who reacted to Donald Trump’s vision to expel 11 … Continue reading »

As Spotlight Shines On Fiorina, Reminders That She Won’t Fix GOP’s Immigration & Latino Problems

Devastating Loss of Latino Vote in CA 2010 Senate Race Was Even Worse Than Romney’s Total The consensus takeaway from last night’s Republican presidential debate is that Carly Fiorina was the big winner, perhaps emerging as the leading alternative to frontrunner Donald Trump.  Yet when it comes to Fiorina’s ability to potentially help the Republican … Continue reading »

On September 22nd, National Voter Registration Day, Cleveland Organizations Team Up to Register Voters and Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Gozadera & Local Folkloric Dance Troupes to Perform at Afternoon Event on Cleveland’s West Side On September 22nd from 4-8pm, La Mega 87.7, Cuyahoga County Board of Elections, #TNTweeters, and Ohio’s Voice are teaming up with Urban Community School and partners in a two-part event: cultural celebration in recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month and voter registration drive on National Voter Registration Day. With support from … Continue reading »

Ahead of Tonight’s Debate: Trump’s Un-American Ideas, Sharp Contrasts with Ronald Reagan, and the Threat of Long-Term Damage to the GOP

Ahead of tonight’s Republican presidential debate, a range of observers are echoing some of our key assessments about the role of immigration in the 2016 contest: the dangerous and radical notions advanced by Donald Trump; the contrasts between the current field and Ronald Reagan on immigration; and the long-term political blowback that the GOP will … Continue reading »

When GOP Hopefuls Descend On CA, Will They Pay Attention To Lessons Embodied By The State?

Ahead of Reagan Library Debate, Immigration and Labor Leaders Join Political Scientist to Discuss How CA Serves a Cautionary Tale for the National GOP Click here to listen to today’s recording. Tonight’s debate in California offers a reminder – a cautionary tale – for Republicans.  In 1994, California’s Governor Pete Wilson (R) pushed through the infamous … Continue reading »

Key Immigration Facts & Questions Ahead of GOP Presidential Debate

For additional details, contact and please check out the America’s Voice 2016 content, including detailed candidate tracking information, at Here are a few key reminders and questions surrounding the politics of immigration ahead of Wednesday night’s Republican presidential debate. Do Observers Fully Appreciate the Radical and Nativist Ideas that Donald Trump is Trying to Mainstream? While … Continue reading »

Republican Blues In California And With Latinos Won’t Be Solved By Changes In Tone Or Empty Invocations Of Reagan

Ahead of a busy political week, here are a few of the key developments and takeaways surrounding the politics of immigration, an issue that continues to play a dominant role in the Republican presidential campaign. Sorry Reince, Policy Matters:  On Sunday, Jake Tapper of CNN asked RNC Chairman Reince Priebusif the GOP should be worried about … Continue reading »

Trump Affirms Policy Details For “Rounding Up” Immigrants

Says Deportation Of 11 Million Will Take 18-24 Months In a call last night with supporters,  GOP frontrunner Donald Trump revealed new details about his plan to deport over 11 million undocumented immigrants and an additional 4.5 million American citizens born to immigrant parents. In the call, Trump said that “with good management” the process should … Continue reading »