The Race to Mobilize Latino Voters

by Mariella Saavedra on 07/31/2012 at 3:30pm

With the national conventions of both parties on the horizon, the countdown for the November 6 election begins. This means that it is also time to mobilize Latino voters. What will the candidates do?

Read here the Spanish-language analysis by Maribel Hastings.

  • john

    what obama can do to help mobilize the latino and asian and european and americans to do what he said to help their families he hasn’t done yet just said it in january but nothing finished yet nothing

  • Noble Bo Bogarty

    He did do something but the GOP voted in unison to defeat the Dream Act Bill in the Senate. Everyone knows the GOP hates immigrants, Just look how they blame everything on immigrants and blacks. Since the GOP has won some state houses. They have enacted legislation that is offensive to Latino’s and even set up new Jim Crow voting laws with their Voter ID Laws to suppress the vote. So Latino’s are not dumb as you think. They know President OBAMA tried but the GOP stood in the way of progress. If Latinos don’t get out to VOTE, then the GOP will make sure every Latino pays with their racist laws.

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