Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, April 16, 2013

by Van Le on 04/16/2013 at 9:58am

Washington Times: Allowing illegal immigrants to stay gains support, led by Republicans
By Stephen Dinan and Seth McLaughlin

Voxxi: More undocumented immigrants would seek citizenship now than in 1986
By Griselda Nevarez

ABC/Univision: 9 in 10 Undocumented Immigrants Want Citizenship, Poll Says
By Jordan Fabian

Politico: Poll: Most illegal immigrants would seek citizenship
By Kevin Robillard

NPR: Poll: Vast Majority Of Undocumented Immigrants Have Connection To Citizens
By Eyder Peralta

Fox News Latino: Poll: Most Undocumented Immigrants Have U.S. Citizen Relatives And Would Pursue Citizenship
By Elizabeth Llorente

Miami Herald: Poll: Majority of undocumented immigrants already have ties to U.S. citizen relatives

Washington Times: First-ever poll of illegals: 87 percent will seek citizenship

Associated Press: Senators plan to unveil immigration bill Wednesday
By Erica Werner

New York Times: Immigration Overhaul Proposal Is Likely to Ignite Fierce Debate
By Ashley Parker

Washington Post: Senators to release immigration plan, including a path to citizenship
By David Nakamura

CNN: Immigration bill: No path to residency without a secure border
By Ben Brumfield

Wall Street Journal: What Senate Bill Means for Different Immigrants
By Sara Murray

The Hill: Immigration — five things to watch for
By Russell Berman and Jordy Yager

Politico: Chuck Schumer, John McCain sell immigration bill
By Katie Glueck

The Hill: Sessions: Border security provisions in immigration bill weaker than in 2007
By Alexander Bolton

Washington Post: Most back new gun, immigration laws, Post-ABC poll shows
By Dan Balz and Jon Cohen

CBS: Will the immigration debate affect the Hispanic vote?
By Anthony Salvanto

Politico: White House: Obama agrees with Rubio
By Donovan Slack

National Journal: 5 Roadblocks to Immigration Reform
By Michael Catalini

ABC News: House Immigration ‘Gang of Eight’ Finalizing Own Overhaul
By John Parkinson

The Hill: Becerra hoping Boehner abandons ‘Hastert rule’ in immigration debate
By Mike Lillis

Huffington Post: America Ferrera’s Immigration Reform Plea: ‘My Name Is America’ (VIDEO)
By Michael McAuliff

The Hill: Senate hearing on immigration delayed for more review of bill
By Jonathan Easley

ABC/Univision: 3 Leaked Immigration Reform Details You Need To Know
By Ted Hesson

Roll Call: Can Rubio Make Immigration a Non-Issue for 2016?
By David Hawkings

Bloomberg: Marco Rubio’s Immigration Gamble
By Elizabeth Dwoskin

National Journal: Immigration Reform Isn’t Hurting Marco Rubio’s Bottom Line
By Beth Reinhard

Los Angeles Times: California Senate calls on Congress to change immigration laws
By Patrick McGreevy

Arizona Republic: Immigrant caught in the middle of national debate
By Daniel Gonzalez

Miami Herald: Florida immigrant advocacy group join hundreds pressing Congress on immigration overhaul bill

Washington Times: Evangelical Christians will rally for immigration reform on Capitol Hill
By Tom Howell

Wall Street Journal (Opinion): A Bipartisan Path to Immigration Reform
By Sens. John McCain and Chuck Schumer

National Journal (Opinion): Why Evangelicals Back Obama on Immigration (and Why They Should Agree on Guns and Climate Change, Too)
By Ron Fournier

National Review (Blog): A Gang of Six Plots a Revolt
By Robert Costa

The Hill (Blog): A chance for Sen. Cornyn to get behind immigration reform
By Cesar Vargas

Huffington Post (Blog): Witnessing the Arrival of an Unprecedented Momentum for Immigration Reform
By Eliseo Medina

The Hill (Blog): Immigration reform: Forging common ground solutions
By Robert Gittelson

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