Must-Read News in April Reform, April 15, 2013

by Van Le on 04/15/2013 at 10:11am

One day after Marco Rubio appeared on all of the Sunday talk shows, and one day before the big Senate immigration bill is scheduled to be released, here are the news clips of the day:

Huffington Post (Blog): John Cornyn: Up to His Old Tricks on Immigration
By Frank Sharry

New York Times: Immigration Plan Sets 2011 Cutoff for Path to Legalization
By Ashley Parker

Talking Points Memo: 5 Big Questions About The Coming Immigration Bill
By Benjy Sarlin

Huffington Post: Latino Undocumented Immigrant Poll Finds Most Want To Be Citizens
By Elise Foley

NBC Latino: Poll: 9 out of 10 undocumented Latinos would pursue citizenship
By Sandra Lilley

Voice of America: Analysts Debate Scope, Direction of US Immigration Reforms
By Pamela Dockins

New America Media: Women Demand Inclusion as Immigration Reform Moves Forward
By Elana Shore

Socialist Worker: Why does the border come before justice?
By Lance Selfa

Associated Press: Immigration deal ready to be unveiled, Rubio calls it starting point amid early criticism

New York Times: Rubio Offers Full-Throated Support for Immigration Bill
By Brian Knowlton

Washington Post: With endorsement of immigration plan, Rubio makes first major policy gambit of his career
By David Nakamura

NBC News: Rubio: ‘I’ve avoided making the political calculus’ on immigration
By Carrie Dann

Huffington Post: Marco Rubio: Immigration Reform Compromise Isn’t ‘Amnesty,’ Will Be More Onerous Than Current Law
By Zach Carter

Politico: Sessions, Schumer spar on immigration reform
By Ginger Gibson

Wall Street Journal: Agricultural Visa Program Finds Accord
By Sara Murray

Politico: Business, labor reach foreign farm workers visa deal
By Manu Raju and Anna Palmer

Reuters: Senate Plan For Immigration Would Deport Undocumented Immigrants Entering After 2011

Wall Street Journal: Citizenship Deal Could Exclude Recent Immigrants
By Sara Murray

CNN: ‘Gang of Eight’ sets cutoff date for citizenship under immigration deal
By Alan Silverleib

Los Angeles Times: Immigration bill would spark surge of legal arrivals
By Brian Bennett and Lisa Moscaro

National Journal: Why a Messed Up Immigration Bill Could Still Pass
By Fawn Johnson

National Journal: Forget Working Groups, House Judiciary Moving Immigration on its Own
By Rebecca Kaplan

Bloomberg: House Hurdles Loom on Guns-to-Immigration Plans in Senate
By Kathleen Hunter and Roxana Tiron

NBC News: Waiting half a life for a green card: Families languish in immigration line
By Miranda Leitsinger

Washington Post (Wonkblog): The GOP is moving on immigration. Are its voters?
By Dan Hopkins

Christian Science Monitor: Immigration reform: What about those who arrive legally but never leave? (+video)
By David Grant

Los Angeles Times: Pelosi says immigration reform will be finished by summer recess
By Seema Mehta

Associated Press: Republican business leaders, donors back immigration deal
By Steve Peoples

Huffington Post: CAMBIO Immigration Coalition Formed To Fight Amnesty Claims
By Elise Foley

New York Times: For Evangelicals, a Shift in Views on Immigration
By Julia Preston

New York Times: Focus on Dairy Farmers in Immigration Debate
By Kirk Semple

Chicago Tribune (Editorial): The immigration puzzle

New Jersey Star-Ledger (Editorial): Menendez’s moment on immigration

Bloomberg (Editorial): The Inhumane Practice of Solitary Confinement

Washington Post (The Fix): Five senators to watch on immigration bill
By Chris Cillizza

New York Daily News (Opinion): The much-touted immigration reform bill may disappoint undocumented immigrants
By Albor Ruiz

Huffington Post (Blog): Inside the Immigration Process
By Darrell West

Wall Street Journal (Opinion): Immigration Lessons From China
By L. Gordon Crovitz

The Hill (Blog): Immigration detention level ‘mandate’ is an obstacle to reform
By Ruthie Epstein

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