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New Low for GOP: House Fail to Pass Short-Term CR After 51 Republicans Vote No

In a critical blow to the GOP’s claim that it is capable of governing, the House just voted 203-224 against a short-term resolution funding the Department of Homeland Security for the next three weeks.  Fifty-one Republicans voted no.  Though House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy has said that more votes could follow tonight or this weekend, the GOP … Continue reading »

Advocates Across Nation Resoundingly Oppose Anti-Immigrant Collins Bill

Sen. Susan Collins’ anti-immigrant bill, which did not receive the votes needed to move toward passage today, tried to gain support from Republicans and moderate Democrats by claiming that it would not affect DACAmented DREAMers, even as it sought to deport older DREAMers and immigrant parents.  As we noted in our press statement today, it … Continue reading »

Hot Air's AllahPundit: Just Pass the Funding Bill Already

In the latest update on the looming government shutdown, the House and Senate are poised to vote on a short-term continuing resolution funding DHS for all of three weeks….apparently so that the Republican intransigence and intra-party squabbling that’s been going on this past month can continue for a little while longer.  Politico notes that the Congressional calendar is … Continue reading »

New Interactive Feature: Mark Krikorian in His Own Words, At His Most Extreme

Mark Krikorian, leader of the anti-immigrant “think tank” Center for Immigration Studies, once whitesplained Sonia Sotomayor‘s name and claimed that the reason why Haiti is so screwed up is because it wasn’t “colonized long enough.”  Yet despite this — and despite his ties to white nationalists — Republican members of Congress continue to regularly call CIS staffers to testify … Continue reading »

Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, February 27, 2015

Politico: 12 questions for John Ellis Bush By Nick Gass Wall Street Journal: Jeb Bush Defends Stance on Immigration, Education By Patrick O’Connor Washington Examiner: Marco Rubio would cancel Obama’s agenda, foreign and domestic By David Drucker The Hill:Cruz slams GOP leaders for ‘amnesty’ deal By Ben Kamisar Talking Points Memo: It’s Been A Terrible, … Continue reading »

Editorial Roundup: GOP is Out of Touch With America. They Need to Pass DHS Funding and Support Immigration Reform

Just before midnight tomorrow, funding for the Department of Homeland Security will run out and the GOP will be responsible for yet another government shutdown, despite promises that they will use their 2014 majorities to govern.  And why are Republicans pushing for this standoff?  Because they want more deportations, and the Obama Administration isn’t giving … Continue reading »

Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, February 26, 2015

PennLive.Com (Pennsylvania): Civil rights groups urge Rick Santorum, GOP 2016 hopefuls to cut ties with white extremist By Ivey DeJesus Huffington Post: Obama Tells Advocates He’s Still Committed To Immigration Actions By Elise Foley AP: Bipartisan deal sets up Homeland Security vote in Senate By David Espo and Eric Werner Politico: CPAC: 8 things to … Continue reading »

Daily Kos: When Birther Queen Orly Taitz Needed an Anti-Immigrant Judge, She Chose Judge Andrew Hanen

Last week, Judge Andrew Hanen of Brownsville, Texas handed down a setback for executive action when he claimed that the Obama Administration had improperly followed procedure in announcing the program.  As we and others have reported, Hanen is hardly nonpartisan — he has a long history of taking anti-immigrant positions and making anti-immigrant claims.  More evidence … Continue reading »

Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, February 25, 2015

Buzzfeed News: Inside Obama’s Campaign To Use Latino Celebrities And Spanish-Language Media To Defend Immigration Actions By Adrian Carrasquillo MSNBC: Don’t write off Marco Rubio By Benjy Sarlin Washington Post: GOP senators eyeing White House runs steering clear of spotlight in DHS debate By Sean Sullivan and Mike DeBonis  AP: Pressure centers on House GOP … Continue reading »

Mithi’s Story Explains Why GOP Should Stop Attacking Immigrants, Pass Clean DHS Funding Bill

The Republicans, it seems, are determined to drive their respectability and electability into the ground.  Four times already, they have pushed for votes on the DHS funding bill passed by the House, which unfortunately contains riders that would end DACA and DAPA — maximizing the deportations of DREAMers and immigrant parents.  National security funding is … Continue reading »