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Author: Van Le

First 100 Days of Immigration: The Silence of Republicans in Congress Makes Them Trump’s Enablers on His Radical Immigration Agenda

As Donald Trump’s presidency reaches the first 100 days in office benchmark, we’ve been highlighting the Administration’s disastrous approach to immigration. In this, our latest installment of our series assessing Trump’s first 100 days on immigration (full series available here), we examine how Republicans on Capitol Hill have been Trump’s enablers and abetters on immigrants. … Continue reading »

Texas Refuses to Learn from Arizona, Alabama’s Mistake, Passes Anti-Immigrant SB4

The Texas House passed its version of the anti-immigrant SB4 today, a draconian bill that would allow local law enforcement officials to ask people about their immigration status, and one that has been described as a “white supremacist’s field day.” As five sheriffs wrote in an op-ed against the bill, SB4 is likely to make … Continue reading »

Rep. Gutierrez: Sessions, Trump Want to Make Immigrants “Public Enemies #1”

This morning, Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) took to the House floor to highlight the ways in which Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Trump Administration are demonizing and criminalizing immigrants, in order to make them easier to deport. Sessions is already seeking ways to get his Department of Justice more involved with the prosecution of immigrants — … Continue reading »

People Power in the First 100 Days of Donald Trump

How People Power Has Fought Back Against Anti-Immigrant Hate Donald Trump’s first 100 days as president is coming to an end. On immigration, Trump has pursued a truly awful mass deportation agenda as his Administration detains and deports immigrants indiscriminately. Evidently, Trump doesn’t care about the separation of families or the fear of children who must … Continue reading »

Texas House to Begin Debate on Anti-Sanctuary Cities Bill Today

The Texas House will begin debate today on their version of SB 4, a statewide anti-sanctuary cities bill, just a day after a federal court ruled against the Trump Administration’s attempt to do something similar on the national stage. Yesterday, a San Francisco judge ruled that the Trump Administration could not withhold funding from cities … Continue reading »

Immigration 101: What is a Sanctuary City?

There’s no single definition of what is a sanctuary city, but generally speaking, it’s a city (or a county) that limits its cooperation with federal immigration enforcement agents in order to protect low-priority immigrants from deportation. Table of Contents Sanctuary cities: what is a sanctuary city? The case of Alex Why are sanctuary cities important? … Continue reading »

NYT: Anti-Immigrant Hate Groups Have Trump As an Ally

At the New York Times today is another great piece on the John Tanton network, how anti-immigrant hate groups have Trump as an ally, and the general incredulity (including some from the restrictionists themselves) that anti-immigrant groups have so much power. The John Tanton network, of course, refers to a group of Washington, DC-based organizations … Continue reading »