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  • 2016 Immigration Politics

    With the 2016 races just around the corner, be sure to read up on each potential candidate’s history on immigrants and immigration reform.

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  • Save the Texas DREAM Act

    Republicans in Texas are trying to repeal the Texas DREAM Act and take in-state tuition rates away from thousands of DACA eligible students.  

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  • Get the Facts on the GOP Immigration Lawsuit

    Republicans have filed an anti-immigrant lawsuit against the expansion of DACA and DAPA in the most anti-immigrant district in the country. Get the facts and stay informed.

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  • Visit

    Do you have questions about President Obama’s new immigration policies? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We’re working with the leading immigration advocates and lawyers across the country to answer your questions about DAPA […]

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  • Who Are The Anti-Immigrant Extremists?

    Meet the anti-immigrant extremists in the national immigration debate. 

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04/17/15 Today, a panel of three judges at the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals heard oral arguments for an emergency stay on Judge Hanen’s injunction blocking the implementation of DAPA and the expansion of DACA. You […]
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04/08/15 On a press call today, America’s Voice released its new report on the 2016 Republican presidential field and immigration, “What They Say, What They Mean, & Why it Matters.”  The report, and detailed recaps of individual candidates’ […]
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04/21/15 Once a Supporter of a Path to Citizenship, Walker’s Current Position: Undocumented Immigrants Go Home, Executive Action Must End, Legal Immigration Should be More Strictly Limited, Border and Interior Enforcement Need to be Ramped Up […]
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04/21/15 The Arizona Board of Regents is currently considering a proposal that could make college more affordable for DREAMers. Because of a 2006 voter-passed state initiative, undocumented students are currently ineligible for in-state tuition rates. But […]
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04/21/15 SB1819, a bill to end the Texas DREAM Act, which has been a priority of Republican Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, appears to be losing some momentum. At the time of this writing, SB1819 is not […]
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English (en español al final de la página): Politico: The GOP frontrunner? It’s not Jeb Bush By Eli Stokols USAToday: Chris Christie takes a moderate stance on immigration By Bob Jordan Huffington Post: Scott Walker […] (04/21/15) »

We’re getting the distinct impression that Rep. Steve King doesn’t like legislation that benefits people of color. King is infamous for his attacks on immigrants. But, now it appears that Steve King is claiming that […] (04/20/15) »

Will the Presidential Contenders Learn the Lessons of Pete Wilson and Prop 187 or Are they Doomed to Repeat the Mistakes of the Past? As we’ve said before, the fate of California’s GOP should serve […] (04/20/15) »

The Hill: Rubio: Piecemeal immigration approach only option By Jesse Byrnes Politico: Marco Rubio: Immigration reform ‘a long process’ By Kyle Cheney CNN: Marco Rubio: Big immigration reforms impossible now By Eric Bradner CBS News: […] (04/20/15) »

Missed the #Ready4Relief rally outside Fifth Circuit Appeals Court hearing in New Orleans, LA? Here’s what Twitter had to say about it. NOLA 5th Circuit Rally Circuit Circuit (04/17/15) »

Today, over 150 immigrant families are rallying outside the New Orleans courthouse currently hearing arguments in the Texas anti-immigrant lawsuit from 26 Republican Governors and Attorneys General challenging President Obama’s immigration actions. The families impacted […] (04/17/15) »

Once a Supporter of a Path to Citizenship, Walker’s Current Position: Undocumented Immigrants Go Home, Executive Action Must End, Legal Immigration Should be More Strictly Limited, Border and Interior Enforcement Need to be Ramped Up […] (04/21/15) »

Clinton Leans in on Driver’s Licenses; Rubio Tries to Have it Both Ways on Executive Action When it comes to immigration on the 2016 campaign trail, we’re interested in having candidates from both parties clear […] (04/16/15) »

Despite Opposition from the Left and the Right, Texas Legislature Moves Forward with Efforts to Repeal State Dream Act Opposition to the Texas Dream Act repeal effort continues to mount.  In recent weeks, a growing […] (04/15/15) »

Bush’s Appearance at Fundraiser Tonight for David Vitter Raises Troubling Questions  If Jeb Bush embodies many Republicans’ hopes to soften the GOP’s harsh brand image on immigration and expand the party’s competitiveness with Latino voters, […] (04/15/15) »

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton entered the 2016 Presidential race this past weekend, and where she stands on both immigration reform in Congress and executive action by the President will determine whether Latino voters […] (04/13/15) »

Rubio’s Lurch to the Right Raises Questions of Leadership & Trustworthiness, While Alienating Latino Voters Florida Senator Marco Rubio is set to be the newest official entrant into the 2016 Republican presidential field.  Much of […] (04/13/15) »