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Month: August 2017

DHS Ignores Recommendations From Secure Communities Task Forces

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) released its long-awaited response to last year’s report from the Secure Communities Task Force, and there’s little difference between Arizona’s draconian tactics and its own.

CAD Walk 2012: There Are No Coincidences

We’ve been publishing a series of posts from the DREAMers of the Campaign for an American DREAM.  In March, they set off from San Francisco to begin a 3,000-mile, 8-month walk to Washington, DC to call attention to the DREAM Act and the need for immigration reform. Today’s post is from Nicolas Gonzalez, a DREAMer from … Continue reading »

Support for SB 1070, Self-Deportation Not Something Romney Can Etch-a-Sketch Away

The general election has started in earnest, which means the etch-a-sketching has begun. Last week on CNN, Anderson Cooper 360 aired a segment probing into Mitt Romney’s recent (and changing) positions on immigration, and what he has said about the subject as he travels from conservative South Carolina to Latino-vote heavy Florida.  He’s said that … Continue reading »