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Month: March 2017

GOP Problem with Latino Voters Is a Matter of Substance, Not Tone

A range of stories today focus on Republican problems with Latino voters. It appears that across the Party GOP leaders are finally recognizing that courting Latino voters in the fall is threatened by an anti-immigrant, anti-Latino brand that has been cemented by the Republican primary.

Democrats Take Aim at Rubio-Romney on Immigration

Democrats have a plan if Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida becomes the first Hispanic on a national ticket: wage a policy battle over immigration. The strategy has been emerging since the Cuban-American rising star was elected to the Senate in 2010, and it became more apparent after Rubio endorsed Republican front-runner Mitt Romney on Wednesday evening.

American Apartheid? The Republican “Dream” Scheme

The Senate GOP seems to be banking on the assumption that Latino voters are stupid, don’t read the fine print — or are not paying any attention at all. Panicking from a series of polls that show their years of bashing Latinos haven’t been endearing them to Latino voters, prominent Republicans are scrambling for a solution.